Top 10 Best Interpol Songs

What's your favorite song from this awesome indie rock band?
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1 Obstacle 1

First song I listened from Interpol that made me fall in love with the band, even though Evil was the first song I listened from them, it did not had the same effect. Greatest song.

Awesome song! I really love the music.

Better than evil

2 Evil

It's definitely worth your time to check out the Zane Lowe BBC version of the song. The vocals are much more raw, and it has a really haunting atmosphere.

I haven't yet ceased to masturbate.. Excellent song.

There is no other song with similar atmospheure. It's just powerful!


One of the band's more fast-paced songs that also happens to contain Interpol's signature for odd lyrics.

Easily their best song. Every single second of it is intense. And, the most epic outro ever to a song.

4 C'mere

Their best song. Period.

The trouble is, that you all voted for other songs,
It should be this!

This is their best song! It should be one!

5 Narc

Makes me cry every time

6 Untitled

Not only it begins Interpol's best album, but manages to not only mix perfectly all of the instruments, but also to create an atmosphere that is simple and yet unique, complete in itself. A perfect song that shows what music is all about.

I love how Interpol always has strong bass lines, and this song really brings that out.

This song awakened my soul. Well done boys!

7 Rest My Chemistry

Man when I fell unwanted/ depressed I listen to this song and feel much better. Ahh thanks Interpol.

8 Slow Hands

That's my second favourite song, just after "Evil".

Great slow motion song makes me happy.

Come on this song is the best!

9 My Desire
10 All the Rage Back Home

"...And I keep falling, it's all the rage back home..."
Has his signature slightly sad sounding lyrics, with a ripper of a backing guitar and base. The whole songs just rocks.

Success and this

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11 The New

Should be top 5 at least

12 Public Pervert
13 Leif Erikson

For me the most emotive lyrics in any Interpol song. Also, no guitar riff has ever made me feel so much

This song makes me think about my best friend and his relationships.

Should be higher on the list. Beautiful song

14 No I in Threesome

Is the best song.

15 Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

Coolest song name

16 Heinrich Maneuver
17 NYC

This song is extremely beautiful. Definitely their best.

18 Take You on a Cruise

Definitely an underrated song!

19 Memory Serves
20 Hands Away
21 Say Hello to the Angels
22 Barricade
23 Not Even Jail

This is truly brilliant. I keep coming back to this track. The way it plays out is beautiful. Fantastic song writing

24 Roland
25 Specialist

Surprised because this song is not considered the 8th wonder of the world!

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