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1 Morteza Pashaei Morteza Pashaei was an Iranian musician, composer, and pop singer. Born and raised in Tehran, Pashaei studied graphic design and was interested in music since his childhood, when he began playing guitar.

No... The king of pop is Morteza, not Shadmehr! He can't sing! I know what I say! Morteza's fans don't know this website till they come and rate him. Let us tell Morteza's fans... If they knew, they wouldn't let anyone else be the king of pop because we know that Morteza was a real singer, not Shadmehr! He had a golden voice. I know that forever no one can be like him. His manner, voice, his work! All of them were great. I can't forget him. He should have left because this world is not a place for an "angel"! Just Morteza.

Morteza is a singer who, when you hear his songs, makes you feel a new emotion that you've never experienced before. His voice is mixed with love. He loves people and treats them with humility. He fought for people. When he passed away, Iran was enveloped in a cloud of despondency. He was a kind, modest, patient talent in pop music. He is a hero, a myth!

2 Shadmehr Aghili Shadmehr Aghili an Iranian singer composer, arranger, musician, songwriter and actress . He was born in 1973 in Tehran . He started his career with the release of several albums in Iran . His second album, his music became famous mosafer ... read more

Everybody knows that Shadmehr is the best of all time in our new pop music, even Morteza Pashaei, Mohsen Yeganeh, and many other singers, know well that Shadmehr was their pattern and they were affected by him.

When I was a child, my family listened to his songs, and I have a lot of greatly memorable experiences from that time. So most of the time, I have been listening to his songs. He is one of the best singers.

Shadmehr is the best musician in the world.

He is more than anything you think.

He is more than just a singer.

He is sense, he is reality, he is imagination too!

3 Mohsen Yeganeh

Mohsen Yar, the best ever, my boy, keep it up.

He is the best singer in the world.
Just Mohsen Yeganeh. Just.
I love him very much.

He is the best singer and composer in Iran (pop). Mohsen Yeganeh is one of the best in extending Iranian music (pop). He has the most fans in Iran. He has a special and powerful orchestra and band (Mehran Abbasi, Ali Sabet, Shahab Akbari, Firoz Veisanloo).

4 Ebi Ebrahim Hamedi is a Persian singer born in June 19, 1949, known better by his stage name Ebi.

Being born in Tehran, he is the eldest of six siblings. During a series of planned concerts in the United States, Ebi inevitably stayed there, due to the revolution of 1979.He left Iran before the Islamic... read more

He is a legend of Pop in Iran, and I think he should be the first in this rating. But Iranian people choose Morteza Pashaei because he died recently, and it isn't fair.

In his youth, he had a voice so powerful that seldom could anyone be considered a rival to such a powerful one!

I'm surprised that Ebi is in third place. He is the best. Just listen to the Roya song (a joint work of Ebi and Shadmehr) and judge!

5 Farzad Farzin

I can just say that he isn't just the best singer in Iran. His voice creates a very good feeling for you that you can never find anywhere else in the world. He is not like other singers in my country. He loves his fans and does anything to make them happy.

He believes that Iranians should listen to good music and have very special and amazing concerts in their country, and only Farzad Farzin has valuable and amazing concerts in our country. I invite you to watch his concert films to discover his differences with other singers who, because they aren't anything in music, have problems with him. He wants to show that Iranian music can be international. Farzad Farzin is the best, and I just want to say to him that I really love him.

6 Mohsen Chavoshi

He is the best Iranian singer and the only singer who has sung in several different styles. He is really the king of Iranian music.

The singer that cannot find his voice in all over the world...he is who doesn't have any concert.. But has the most listeners (my wordround is low).

My dear singer is Mohsen Chavoshi.
He is the KING of pop music in Iran...
And maybe in the world...

7 Siavash Ghomayshi

Persian music would have been so small without the knowledge of Siavash. He prefers to be remembered as a musician than a singer, although his voice can make a grown man cry in seconds. What an honour to just even listen to his music.

This must be in only 1st place. Else, this list isn't true. Why isn't Farhad here?!?!

He's surely the best Persian singer. I've got lots of memories of his songs since childhood.

8 Dariush Eghbali

Number one is Dariush. I think he is the best Iranian singer, but why don't you see him at the top? Most of his best songs were made about 20 years ago, and most of the young people of that time who really loved him don't know English. So, you're seeing the votes of people who know English. There is no doubt he is number one.

Do I need to say? #1 in Iran for Iranians. Legend forever. No other voice makes you feel like his. Dariush only and forever. Mucho respect!

The meaning of his songs is spectacular, and his voice cannot be compared to any other singers.

9 Majid Kharatha

I think he has the best voice in Iran. He is king of emotion, and I love him.

Majid Kharatha is the king of emotion. He's really the best pop artist.

No singer can be compared with Majid.

10 Ehsan Khaje Amiri

His voice is something different.

He is my love. He's the best. His voice is really perfect.

My love and I love you and have good memories from your songs, especially Naborde Ranj.

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11 Mazyar Fallahi

He is excellent both in art and in personality. He is unique... Mazyar, we love you so much.

His voice is full of beautiful feelings... Incredible voice actually! Love him.

His voice is so beautiful, a voice from heaven. The most sensitive singer in Iran.

12 Armin 2afm
13 Mohammad Reza Shajarian

He is incomparable. Although there are many notable Iranian singers with perfect and strong voices like Hayedeh, Ebi, Googoosh, and so on, M. Shajarian is an exception. He is incredible and unique. If I were to choose a second, it would be his son, Homayoon, without any doubt. He is the king of voice.

Mohammad Reza Shajarian will not repeat. He is the god of classical music in Iran. Thankfully, he nurtured his son, Homayoon, as the true and rightful heir of his voice and talent.
May His blessings be upon the Shajarians.

14 Moein

His voice is truly unique. I grew up listening to his songs and hope to have many more years filled with his new songs. A true legend.

He is really the one that makes me cry and shakes my soul with his voice. He is my shining star!

Moein's voice is far better than any other contemporary singer I know.

15 Reza Sadeghi
16 Sirvan Khosravi

He is the best in Iran, but unfortunately, people don't let him shine... Yes, shine because he is a star forever... Absolutely, he has the best fans... He is the best because he has a new kind of music in Iran... And he is too smart...

He is the best singer in Iran, I believe, because his kind of music is different from others in Iran, and he has a special and magical sound. Unfortunately, Iranians are not used to perfection... And he is the best and most special, and his fans are the best too.

There is no one better than this man...

I can't choose a word to describe him...

I miss him so much, and I wish I could see him again after 7 years of supporting him.

17 Googoosh

She is the best because she has the biggest Iranian concerts all over the world. The biggest Iranian concert so far was in Dubai by Googoosh, and it was sold out by 20,000 people. No one can beat her records.

Which singer in the world has been silenced for 21 years but hasn't been forgotten? Although she was silent for such a long time, when she sang after all that time, she became even more successful and now she is known as the best Iranian singer in all of history. According to Daily News, "She is the most stylish non-English singer and if one day she has a concert in Iran, over 1 million people will attend the concert."

18 Hayedeh

It's ridiculous and sad that she's not ranked first or isn't even among the top five. Many singers up there are not as talented. She's the best Iranian singer of all times. Even 26 years after her death, her voice soothes the soul and makes the spirit soar. May she rest in eternal peace. Amen.

When you listen to her music, it's as if she just finished singing it, always fresh and full of heart. Yet, she passed away many moons ago, in my opinion, she's #1 and there is no second! May she rest in peace.

She is the best singer of all time. Her legendary voice will remain a part of Iran's and the world's culture forever.

19 Sami Beigi

He is my favorite singer. I love his songs, but most of all, I love Majnoon and Joon Khodet.

I am an Iranian too.

20 Reza Yazdani

Reza Yazdani is the best, and I'm glad that he's supporting rock music in Iran. He's perfect, and I could never imagine a rocker better than him.

The best pop-rock in Iran. He is the one.

I think he is the best. I love Yazdani.

21 Mahasti
22 Yas Yaser Bakhtiari, better known by his stage name Yas, is an Iranian rapper. Yas is one of the most popular rappers in Iran and Middle East. He is also known for his Faravahar pedant, a symbol of Iranian nationalism and Zoroastrianism, that he wears most of the time.

Why here? He is the best rapper in Iran.

One of the first Persian singers that goes by the way of our belief.
Yes, he believes in the way of God, as we do, and I like him.

I don't like rap music, but YAS is the best.

23 Hamid Askari

Hamid Askari has a very, very beautiful voice.

He is very good! Like, he is a superstar. He's the best musician in the world. He has a very good melody. Just Hamid Askari.

24 Xaniar

The only Iranian singer/songwriter worth being a fan of. He has a perfect celebrity image. He's good with lyrics and melody, not to mention the vocals. His live performances are great. All in all, XaniaR's music style is unique and quite appealing to the young music lovers looking for fresh songs and techniques. He's always been well-liked by foreigners as well.

Haha, 28? I can't find a word to describe how amazing he is! They are the most popular. Actually, these two brothers are the only Iranian singers whose concerts I attend and cry when I listen to their songs. Love you, Sirvan and Xaniar.

25 Yalda
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