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1 To Hell and Back

As a listener with a taste for melodic songs, "To Hell and Back" is one of my "prototypes for a hit." A catchy rhythm, a strong melody, and a contrasting song structure: that's all I wanted. This particular song has it all for me, so, though I reckon Sabaton has produced many good songs such as "Shiroyama," "Sparta," "Metal Crüe," or "Back In Control," there's no debate for me. "To Hell and Back" is my favorite song of my favorite power metal band (excuse me, DragonForce).

Very catchy and with a good melody, I love this song. The beginning reminds me of one of those car commercial songs, though it's still really good. I love this song, so I'm not complaining.

2 Carolus Rex

Second-best Sabaton song after Bismarck. The Swedish version is the better one by far.

The lyrics are simply just powerful. It's amazing how they get so much into character!

The Swedish version of Carolus Rex is the best song Sabaton has ever done.

3 The Last Stand

Heavy metal brutes singing "For the grace, for the might of our Lord"? What could beat that?

The one that made me discover Sabaton! Since then, I simply fell in love with the band.

It reminds me of Joan of Arc in a way (the refrain). It's still an excellent song.

4 Ghost Division

This song, Ghost Division, emphasizes how swift, effective, and efficient Erwin Rommel was, the Desert Fox of Africa, and metaphorically, the winner of the first Tour de France. He is the General Robert E. Lee of his time, an amazing general and soldier. However, he fought for the wrong side of history and is seen purely as the bad guy.

One of the more "metal" songs that I like. It has some great riffs and an awesome theme.

Enough metal to supply the Eiffel Tower for a whole year!

5 Primo Victoria

I don't know, it just feels better than all the like, 30 Sabaton songs that I've heard.

Easily the best of the many epic songs by my favorite band, Sabaton!

Primo Victoria must be first! It's the most Sabaton-ish song they made and has the best solo.

6 The Lost Battalion

This song, like Into the Fire, is told from the perspective of an American soldier. Only instead of the jungles of Vietnam, he is trapped in the Argonne Forest. He and the rest of the Liberty Division stand strong against the German attackers, refusing to surrender, choosing victory or death. This battle is why the USA chooses Spartans as symbols of freedom, because Spartans are the only other warriors that can hold that line in such horrid conditions.

The story is told along to a beat-bed of guns, bayonets, and pure Sabaton metal!

7 Night Witches

It's great to show the world things and topics that are often overlooked due to ignorance and lack of respect. I love the lyrics and music. It absolutely deserves a higher rank.

Absolutely amazing song. Powerful lyrics that really moved me. Very driving tone that really seems to put it away.

Should definitely be much higher than that. Truly an amazing song!

8 The Price of a Mile

Truly describes the horrors of World War I.

With this song, you really feel how terrible the Battle of Passchendaele Ridge was, how brutal it was with the lines "6 miles of ground has been won, half a million men are gone."

9 Uprising

A great song that tells an amazing story. What more could you ask for from Sabaton?

A beautiful song for the men, women, and children who fought for Polish freedom.

Poland's suffering in the 20th century is immeasurable, and I love the music and lyrics.

10 Shiroyama

Simply put, the amount of courage a man must have to put himself in a situation without salvation is abysmal.

I will never forget the first time I heard this song. Definitely my favorite of all time.

Anything starting with "it is the nature of time" gains a few points from me.

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11 Bismarck

This song is beautiful and perfect. I know the lyrics by heart and it is made even better with scenes from World Of Warships Wargaming. An absolute masterpiece.

Need I say it? Bismarck will always be the pinnacle of either Sabaton as a whole or the pinnacle of early Sabaton songs.

My favorite. Every time I hear it, it's just amazing. I love the story of the Bismarck, and this song has such a good rhythm to it.

12 40:1

The good song. "Baptized in fire, forty to one" - I know more, but I don't want to write it all. 10/10

13 Screaming Eagles

The story of the Screaming Eagles (the 101st Airborne Division) was so fantastic, so action-packed, and so brutal, that they not only inspired this song, making it so metal you could supply Erwin Rommel for a year, but they also led to a show about the Battered Bastards of Bastogne. These guys held off the fury of the Wehrmacht at full throttle, something France, Poland, the UK, and even the USSR failed to do. The Battle of the Bulge is the battle in WWII where Germany started taking America seriously, because you don't hear anything like "the battered bastards of Bastogne" for any other battle.

14 Resist and Bite

This song is about the stand of a Dutch battalion of soldiers. I'm still researching the battle, but the soldiers held their ground against the German war machine while it was at its best. They even held back Rommel's Ghost Division. They made the Germans think they were a unit about 40 strong, but they were only a company. They laughed at the faces of their Nazi interrogators, said they were truly the Boar versus the Eagle, and honored their last orders, Resiste Et Mords, which, in English, means Resist and Bite.

15 The Art of War

Sun Tzu was famous for his tactics. Very good song.

Best music to listen to while playing some strategy-based games.

16 Winged Hussars

Just such a great song and music. As with many of Sabaton's songs, I just had to know more about the history and battle it represented. Thank you, Sabaton's history channel.

Among my friends and I, this song inspired the most epic, if totally dumb, Age of Empires strategy. It basically became a meme for us. Also, the energy of the chorus is just nuts.

A song and a story that remind me to be proud of being Polish!

17 Panzerkampf

The end of the Third Reich draws near.
Its time has come to an end.
The end of an era is here.
It's time to attack!

It was the first Sabaton song I ever heard, and it's just epic!

More patriotic than all Russian war songs combined.

18 Coat of Arms

One of the best Sabaton songs out there. I really like the beat and the transition from the old Hellenic times of Greece to protecting their lands in WWII.

This is a song about a moment in history, unfortunately, most historians choose to skip over. The Greco-Italian War is my absolute favorite part of WWII to learn about. This song brought me to the YouTube channel Sabaton History, which introduced me to Indy Neidell. He gave me a massive interest in history and a knack to learn more about it.

19 Sparta

The Spartans never surrendered, but this song makes me surrender my vote!

It's more accurate than most documentaries, and they know it.

20 The Final Solution

So sad, yet they make an epic song. Obviously, while enjoying it, you feel the heavy weight of the mass genocide and discrimination. Very well done. I wouldn't be surprised if they were nervous about doing this song.

Where war brings out both the good and bad in men, The Final Solution tells about the very worst event to have taken place within history. Also, the lyrics and especially the chorus are amazing.

This is at 19. That should not be. Not only is it one of the best songs from a musical perspective, but the subject matter sends shivers down your spine, propelling it up to the top 5 at least.

21 Attero Dominatus

This song puts emphasis on how brutal the Soviets were to the Germans in 1945 and how brutal the Germans were to the Soviets from 1942 onward.

It is a good song. Why is it so underrated?

22 Cliffs of Gallipoli

As someone who is Australian, I can't resist loving this song. I still love it nonetheless. I don't believe in the propaganda "they fought for our freedom," but I just love how they focus on the sadness and horridness of the situation. Many of them were very young, too young, and the British wouldn't send help. What Churchill.

This and Price of a Mile both excellently capture the tragedy of the War to End All Wars. They capture the lives lost and truly show how dreadful war is.

Who said Sabaton are bellicists? Nothing speaks better of the horrors of war than this emotional song.

23 Rorke's Drift

Every time I read the name of this song, I think of the guitar at the beginning. And when I hear the song, I immediately want to watch ZULU, a movie also about the Battle of Rorke's Drift.

It's the Zulu coming down the hillside. That's it, really.

I just love the guitar work in this song. It's unlike most of their other ones.

24 Into the Fire

If you haven't heard this song, it's told from the perspective of an American soldier during the Vietnam War. While Sabaton has hundreds of songs about the World Wars, and hundreds more about periods after that, they only have one song about Vietnam, this being it. And holy crap, does it not disappoint. Just read the lyrics, and you know it's about 'Nam. "I feel! My fire starts to burn! The heat! Controlling my mind! Napalm! Is burning us alive! Within me the beast's final roar! Now I'm ready to strike!"

25 White Death

I think this song should be up on the list. It is a great song, and it is based on a real person.

I am voting for this over Coat of Arms. I am Greek.

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