Best Songs From the Band Live

Here is a list of the best songs from the rock group Live.
The Top Ten
1 Lightning Crashes
2 I Alone
3 The Dolphin's Cry

Though equally good as Lightning Crashes, it gets the nod because it isn't overplayed on the radio!

4 Lakini's Juice
5 All Over You
6 Selling the Drama
7 S*** Towne
8 Overcome
9 Heaven
10 Freaks

The Newcomers

? Bring the People Together
? Out to Dry
The Contenders
11 White, Discussion
12 Turn My Head
13 Iris
14 Nobody Knows
15 Pain Lies On the Riverside
16 Rattlesnake
17 Run to the Water
18 Simple Creed
19 Like a Soldier
20 Dance with You
21 Sofia
22 They Stood Up for Love
23 The Dam at Otter Creek
24 Run Away
25 What are We Fighting For?
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