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1 The Joshua Tree

This album has 7 legends, 3 greats, and one bad. Unforgettable Fire has 7 legends and 3 greats. Overall, I have to give it to Joshua Tree. Here's both ranked:

1: One Tree Hill/The Unforgettable Fire
2: Red Hill Mining Town/A Sort Of Homecoming
3: Bullet The Blue Sky/Pride (In The Name Of Love)
4: Where The Streets Have No Name/Bad
5: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/Indian Summer Sky
6: With Or Without You/Wire
7: Exit/4th of July

That's the legends.

8: In God's Country/Promenade
9: Trip Through Your Wires/Elvis Presley In America
10: Running To Stand Still/MLK

Those are the greats. And don't forget the only bad song on both albums: Mothers of the Disappeared.

Both albums shine as some of the best of all time, but Joshua Tree wins it. Achtung Baby, All That You Can't Leave Behind, and Under A Blood Red Sky are good too.

2 Achtung Baby

I'm sorry, but not even close to perfection until Achtung Baby. All prior works are great, but this was the band's best effort of all time. I worked for the band from 1987 till 1998, and this was the most complete album from start to finish that they thought they had done since the start. I enjoy all their work and hope they top it one more time.

Achtung Baby has got to be my favorite U2 album of all time. Why? The tracks and the sound. So many good hits found in this album make it addictive to listen to.

I have love for all their albums, and it's hard to pick between The Joshua Tree and this, but pick I must. It just never gets old and still sounds new 20 years later!

3 The Unforgettable Fire

Every song is so perfect. This will always be my favorite by them. "Elvis Presley And America" is not the worst U2 song by far. That would have to be "The Refugee" off of War. There is just something not right about that song, as if it was not written for them to play.

But back to the masterpiece that is The Unforgettable Fire. Choosing the three best tracks is extremely difficult. If I could, I would just say the whole album, but I won't, so I'll say the three best songs are: "The Unforgettable Fire," "Promenade," and probably my favorite U2 song along with "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" and "Red Hill Mining Town," "Elvis Presley And America." If you have never heard this album, you have to, U2 fan or not. It is their absolute masterpiece. Not a bad track.

4 All That You Can't Leave Behind

This album showed everyone that U2 was still one of the best bands in the world after the disasters that were Zooropa and Pop. "Beautiful Day" and "Walk On" have some of the best and deepest lyrics the band ever composed, and "Elevation" is catchy as hell. After 9/11, this album took on a whole new meaning. Bono walking out to the Super Bowl halftime show a few months after that, singing "Beautiful Day" with the tribute to all the people killed projected behind him, is an unforgettable moment.

I love this album because each and every one of the songs is so calming and peaceful. In Beautiful Day, Bono's singing is just incredible.

5 War

Great album. Every song fits the overall theme of Ireland being divided. However, many of the songs could have more than one meaning. It just depends on how you want to interpret the song. This album had a musical freshness to it that they never duplicated, but they have had several high-quality albums since then. The Joshua Tree is a great album and much more polished, but I think in many ways this album is their best.

Best album of theirs in my opinion. Anything before The Joshua Tree are my favorites. I sort of fell off the bandwagon with that album, but War is an amazing album which you should listen to. I just wish Bono would've never become the United Nations. He was good back then, but yeah, check this album out.

6 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

I grew up listening to this, but everyone knocks it for being the end of classic U2. Miracle Drug, Original of the Species, and Crumbs From Your Table got outshined by Vertigo and Sometimes You Can't Make it. The B-Side, Fast Cars, is really good also.

There isn't a single song on this album that I don't like. This should definitely be number 1! Or at least number 2, with The Joshua Tree at number 1!

Awesome album, all the songs are good!

7 No Line On The Horizon

This album really is underrated. If you took out Get On Your Boots and Stand Up Comedy, it might be considered one of their best. Songs of Innocence is pretty damn good too!

Lyrically, some of the best pieces ever by Bono and the boys!

Criminally underrated. I ask you to listen to this one again.

8 Boy

This isn't my favorite, but it should be higher. The first three are spot on, but this should be at least six.

9 Rattle & Hum

So underrated. This roots exploration album is pure energy and passion. Desire, Love Rescue Me, Angel of Harlem, and All I Want Is You. Not merely a great U2 album, but a classic rock album.

This is a good number two right under Joshua Tree. It has just great energy and should be well over All That You Can't Leave Behind and The Unforgettable Fire.

10 Zooropa

My personal favorite. It is so weird but really good, literally ear-pleasure. The tone is also not aggressive. The compositions are also unpredictable. Lemon is my favorite, but the whole album is really good!

At first, you'll dislike it because it's not what you expected. As you listen to it over the years, that will be precisely why you will fall in love with it.

The most experimental U2 album, with mind-blowing songs like tracks 1-10!

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11 October
12 Pop

This album is a little-known treasure which was rushed by U2, adding a sense of incompleteness to it. This album showed how far U2 would go out of their comfort zone to create new great music. If only it wasn't rushed and was the way U2 would've liked it...

Masterwork or at least it will be seen that way in the future. Even the band themselves are still struggling. Why? Because there is so much there.

My personal favorite. This album definitely is U2's hidden gem, and I wouldn't be surprised if later reviews give this album a positive rating.

13 Songs of Innocence

This may not be the best (that award will go to The Joshua Tree), but it is a great album. It is different from the usual U2. The album has energy and life in it, which is apparent from the first song "The Miracle." Some of my favorite tracks are "The Miracle," "The Troubles," "Iris," and "Song for Someone."

This U2 album is definitely a top ten worthy album. Some of the best songs in this album are The Miracle (of Joey Ramone), The Troubles, Sleep Like a Baby Tonight, California (There Is No End to Love), and Every Breaking Wave.

14 U218 Singles
15 The Best of 1980-1990

Great for casual U2 peeps like myself. I've liked U2 since 1983, but other genres got most of my attention.

16 The Best of 1990- 2000
17 Original Soundtracks 1
18 From the Ground Up: Edge's Picks from U2360°
19 U2. Communication
20 Artificial Horizon
21 U22
22 Songs Of Experience

This is a really good album. People just don't pay attention to it because Songs of Innocence was just okay. This should at least be in the top 10, if not top 5.

Listening to this album is like listening to what Bono would have said if he had died. Astonishing.

23 Under a Blood Red Sky
24 Melon: Remixes for Propaganda
25 Hasta la Vista Baby! U2 Live from Mexico City
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