Top 10 Best Keane Songs

If you're a fan of Keane's emotionally-charged piano rock, you'll love exploring their rich catalog of music. Their songs have a knack for digging into universal themes of love, loss, longing, and hope. The melodies are catchy, and singer Tom Chaplin's soaring vocals are instantly recognizable.
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1 Somewhere Only We Know

This is the greatest song by Keane, and the first one I ever heard. Something about the chorus really catches your attention because it sounds ethereal and magical, and makes the listener really want to continue. I first saw this song in a BBC ad, and I was struck by how wonderful it sounded. This song is definitely the top Keane song.

This song belongs at number 1. I am a huge fan of Keane, and I love all the songs on this page. But this song is best suited where it's at because it has a beautifully addictive magic within the very depths of what this masterpiece truly is. This song will always be at number 1 forever.

2 Everybody's Changing

Keane wrote this song when they were trying to discover where they were in the world. They had stopped still. All of their friends around them had moved on with life, and they were stuck. The song's meaning is to convey this, where everybody's changing and nothing feels right. It also has a part about "fading into beautiful light." I relate this to a lover I once had, and once she had gone, she began to dissolve very fast. It's an amazing song.

This is the first Keane song I have ever heard. For me, it is a masterpiece of its era. During that time, songs started to use auto-tune, electro music, etc. Most songs seemed to be similar as well. Then, Keane recorded "Everybody's Changing" in 2003, a marvel of its age, introducing piano rock, which became Keane's identity. It has a strong message and gives you goosebumps. "Everybody's Changing" is truly a powerful song of the early 2000s.

3 This is the Last Time

I really love the piano and drums, and then those lyrics in the chorus. I sometimes can't stop listening to it! This song was playing right before I was born, so it has a special place in my heart. But anyway, the song itself is the best of Keane's. No disrespect to the other songs, which are still amazing (I was stuck between this and Everybody's Changing), but this is the absolute best.

Although it is propelled by the fantastic piano like many Keane songs, this gets my vote due to the Coldplay-esque emotion Chaplin puts into singing the excellent lyrics. The high point of the band's best album, it should be number 1.

4 A Bad Dream

It is an amazing song. It makes me feel empowered. I look back at my past relationship and all the problems it brought me, and this song makes me confront them all.

Wake up and do your thing because no one will rescue you kind of song. Just beautiful.

This is the song that got it all started for me. I challenged myself to listen to all the other potential top ten songs and this one wins out easily for me. Catchy lyrics and full-bodied sound.

This song is incredibly meaningful. If I'm about to cry my eyes out, I'll listen to this song. It just feels empowering. It's beautiful, in composition and lyrically. Can't believe it's only number 10.

5 The Lovers are Losing

I really love this song. The part where the chorus starts brings me an electric feel, but the entire song gives me a strange feeling. Definitely one of the best from one of the best bands ever.

A top 5 song, if not first. Number 22? That's a joke!

6 Sovereign Light Cafe

This song definitely deserves a spot in the top 10. It has an amazing beat and a great meaning. The message is to never forget where you came from. Even though you might be born somewhere and end up somewhere else during life, you should never forget about where you came from, because that makes you an individual apart from others.

My favorite song! Best song, best music, best video, best vocals, best lyrics. Simply the best! I am a great fan of Keane and love all their songs equally except for this one. It's number 1 for me! And I'm sure it's the case with many Keaners too.

7 Stop for a Minute

It's an awesome song. It's special. It contains everything. It is also very touching. One of the best songs of Keane.

Come on, guys! Number 22 does not do this song justice! At least let's get this to number 11.

Great message, great melody, very unique!

8 Can't Stop Now

The lyrics are just magic and poetic. "I noticed tonight that the world has been turning while I've been stuck here withering away." The piano in this song is so overpowering, I love it!

9 Bedshaped

Bedshaped is the most meaningful of all of Keane's songs. The music video is so powerful and heart-wrenching. It is a classic, poignant song that will stand the test of time - absolutely number 1.

Bedshaped is the best song for me. Hopes and Fears is the best album. It is sad that they did not continue with the same style as Hopes and Fears.

Somewhere Only We Know is the most popular Keane song, and it deserves being first. But this song has magic in it. It is the greatest Keane song by far!

10 Nothing in My Way

This is very well placed in the ranks, and it shows a brilliant tune along with other great aspects. The group shows obvious talent, and the lyrics mean greatness.

The song is about having depression. For some, every day seems just the same. They are lonely, but they try to make the best of it. It gets me every time.

This deserves a lot more than four percent of the vote. My all-time favorite song. I love Keane so much but this one stands out with Tom's strong voice and such a powerful tune right from the start. I'll never get bored of this.

The Contenders
11 Disconnected

I love pretty much all the songs, but this one really sticks out. It sounds so different, yet feels similar to the rest of the band's work.

I listen to this song every day. This is my favorite!

I've been listening to this song since I was 12 years old. Awesome!

12 Spiralling

Possibly a showcase of the artistic genius behind Keane and their sound. Although it differs greatly from the rock-infused theme of Under the Iron Sea and the piano-driven pop of Hopes and Fears, this is truly one of Keane's greatest masterpieces.

This one is one of my favorites, especially because it's pretty different than most of Keane's music, and yet they do it so well!

Extremely underrated, not just on this list but in general. It should have been a number 1 hit in the UK when it first came out. It never gets old.

13 Is It Any Wonder?

It's great. It's more catchy than most of their songs and sounds more like rock. It has a great message, like peace and cooperation. It's one of those songs that just stays with you forever.

This song really drives it home. There aren't a lot of bands that can create multiple hooks within a single song. Rock solid both lyrically and musically.

Great intro, driving beat, lots of energy, and still a message with the song. I could listen to it forever, and it would never get old.

14 Bend & Break

What did I just witness? This is by far my favourite song by Keane. It should at least be in the top three.

Every time the song starts to play, it sends me goosebumps and breaks my heart to pieces. I get chills while listening to the lyrics and the dominance of the piano throughout the whole song. The sound is sweet and melancholy. It gives me a sense of vulnerability and the idea of "getting through bad times together." I will always find the song captivating and genius.

One of my favorite songs from Keane. I love the piano melody especially. Tim did such a great job, and of course, Tom's vocals perfectly match the tune.

15 Silenced by the Night

Hey man, I am a huge fan of Keane and have all their albums in the closet, but nothing comes close to this one, although it is only a part of many more masterclasses. Maybe it was part of 'Strangeland' and that's why it does not get much recognition.

This song is probably the most underrated of all. This one is a piece of art and should be among the top 3 without a doubt.

So relatable and gets me. The lyrics tell a vivid story I can feel. Each line is incredibly well thought out.

16 Crystal Ball

Come on! This is Keane's best song. I have loved Keane and their music, and I found it hard to choose a song to vote for. I would have expected this song to be at least in the top 5!

This is the best of the best after Everybody's Changing. I love it so much that I never stop singing. I love Keane. Keep singing… Indonesia loves you.

My second favorite after 'Somewhere Only We Know'. Deserves so much more attention.

17 Perfect Symmetry

Inside the mindset of a terrorist intent on an eye for an eye. Keane is just amazing at expressing these insights. Great melody, too!

As an avid, music-obsessive Keane fan, this has got to be their best. The other songs are awesome, but this is a masterpiece. Each band or artist has many 10 out of 10 worthy amazing songs, but every now and then they pop out with a masterpiece, and this song is theirs.

This song is epic and beautiful with a U2-esque vibe and an ending that gives me shivers every time. The honesty and universal truth in this song sets it apart from other amazing Keane songs.

18 Try Again

I listened to this song incessantly during some dark, sad days. It's profoundly desperate and heartbreaking. How could you possibly not like that?

Sad and touching, yet uplifting as well.

19 The Night Sky

The lines "Been cowering so long, Oh what I would give, To stand at the bus stop, Or browse in a bookshop" bring a lump to my throat every time. Listen to this song whenever you hear about the horrors of war on the news, and it will really bring it home. This is probably their best song ever, for me.

If only this song was more well-known, it would be flying a lot higher than number 39. A charity single was controversially refused chart entry because, I believe, the seven-inch single contained a poster. How stupid! It is not available on any of Keane's albums. It is a beautiful song which people should do their utmost to try and listen to. Tom Chaplin has never sounded better than this.

20 We Might as Well Be Strangers

I first heard this song in 2004 in a football compilation. Since then, I've listened to it at least a million times. It's my ringtone, my alarm, and our wedding song. It's very simple. It is the best song ever made in history. The instrumental is staggering, and the vocals are astonishing. What makes it better is that it doesn't have a music video, so leave it all to imagination. I know… I spoke too much…

This is my favorite from their first album. Heck, it's my favorite from all their albums!

This song is great. It can easily cure a heartbreak with its amazing lyrics.

21 The Frog Prince

Not so much for the subject matter as the music - this song just wipes me out and evokes memories of growing up. I haven't been this smitten with a song in many years. I had to buy the sheet music and I'm writing my own lyrics to it just for myself.

Should be in the top 5, guys. For me, it's the perfect Keane song. It uses the full range of his vocals and ends with the crescendo we love from these guys.

An all-around amazing song! Superb lyrics and the tune is unreal.

22 On a Day Like Today

The lyrics are for all of us who struggle to explain our feelings or make mistakes in our relationships. The layered harmonies and synths towards the end are simply sublime.

It might be a little repetitive, but the song has a melancholic tone partnered with varying vocals. This triggers emotions within the listener.

This is the best song in the world, full stop! Only Linkin Park's Crawling and Muse's Uprising come close.

23 Hamburg Song

This is one of the best Keane songs. The lyrics are so deep and powerful, and the rhythm is catchy along with them.

One of the most powerful tracks Keane has ever written.

One of Keane's best. It should at least be in the top 20s.

24 Atlantic

"I don't want to be old and feel alone. An empty house is not a home." Amazingly perceptive lyrics. The key change in the middle is another standout feature of this remarkable song.

I love this song with all my heart. It is probably my favorite after "Leaving So Soon," which should be number 1 by the way. Why isn't that song even on the list? Personally, "Atlantic" reminds me of the thin line between sorrow and beauty. It makes us appreciate life.

This is the best Keane song by far. A bit different from their regular stuff but excellent! Shivers every time. Can't believe this isn't number 1.

25 She Has No Time

What? This is the best song ever! This and Bedshaped are their two best songs! Why is this so underrated? I don't understand. It's amazing. Literally, the vocals make me shiver and the high note in the chorus!

This song makes me feel something. It's amazing and hauntingly beautiful. My favorite Keane song! I heard it first on One Tree Hill, and it gave me chills when I heard it the next time.

Probably Tom's best vocal performance ever. So heartfelt and an amazing middle eight. Just beautiful.

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