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1 Don't You (Forget About Me)

One of the best songs ever made.

The greatest Simple Minds song.

Even today it sounds fantastic the pubs come alive when it,s played

2 Alive and Kicking

Much as I like Breakfast Club and Don't You Forget About Me, this is an incredible song. Robin Clark's vocals are incredible, and the video for this has some of the prettiest scenery you will ever see. This song represents everything great about 80s music.

I have liked this song since the first time I heard it. The song is on my iPhone and also the video.

Simple minds Number 1 song believe me it's such a brilliant song

3 Sanctify Yourself

Amazingly and somewhat underrated track that's arguably even better live. Say it quietly but it's better than "Don't You..." Crank it up in the car and be transported back to 1985.

4 Belfast Child

Great song, Don't you forget about me is catchy, Waterfront is a fantastic anthem, Alive and Kicking is probably for me a close second to this one but for me it doesn't get much better than this song, some day we're gonna tear the old town down!

Brilliant song. I think glittering prize should be on this list as well

5 Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)

At the moment I'm writing this the number 1 spot goes to Don't you forget about me, a song that was not even written by the band. It could only be number 1 as this is a site mainly frequented by Americans I think. Even the thumb is wrong, as this is from the band's best ever album New Gold Dream.

Can't believe that Don't you is currently at No. 1. This song wasn't even written by the band and it's just boring. Everything else from the classic New Gold Dream or Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call beats it any time.

6 All the Things She Said

This song should be number 4 on this list and the list should go:

1. Don't You (Forget About Me)
2. Belfast Child
3. Alive and Kicking
4. All The Things She Said
5. Someone Somewhere In Summertime
6. Ghost Dancing
7. Sanctify Yourself
8. New Gold Dream
9. Promised You a Miracle
10. Glittering Prize

Damn, it's sad to know that this song ain't not number 1!

Really should be much higher. Top 5, in my opinion.

7 Promised You a Miracle

Bass, guitar, vocals - the business! Ethereal Young Jimmy and little Charlie. The undoubted best SM track. 1983 live Pinkfest lovve it!

8 Waterfront

Great song, played live nothing better.

9 Glittering Prize

A couple of years ago when I was down as I have ever been in my life and I was thinking silly thought's, for what ever reason I switched over to the Red Button, low and behold there was Simple Minds doing there Acoustic Gig, I watched it over and over again until it was of air, Glittering Prize is my No1, See The Lights No2 with New Gold Dreams No3.
I then went out and bought their New CD, Jim Kerr, Charlie Buchell and the band don't know that their Gig saved my life. God Bless Simple Minds XXX Thank You Jim Kerr.
Jock Hay, Aberdeen

10 New Gold Dream

This is my favourite song of all time, I first heard it on on Radio One in the late 80s and bought the album the day after.It's brilliant live too.

Like any song on New Gold Dream, just great.

Still great live, this one grooves.

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11 Up On the Catwalk

For all the great songs they produced, this is by far their best song. A perfect masterpiece! Go listen!

12 Ghost Dancing

Fantastic song - great sang live!

13 Let There Be Love
14 Once Upon a Time
15 See the Lights
16 Hunter and the Hunted

Best simple minds song ever, never get sick of this song all time fave of any band.

Best song and my all time favourite (of all artists not just SM ) since 1982 - especially the dreamtime mix.

An earlier song from the "New Gold Dream" album, very catchy and melodic :) There is a remix out there which is AMAZING!

17 I Wish You Were Here
18 Chelsea Girl
19 Mandela Day

Iconic - does not receive the recognition it deserves.

20 Love Song

The first Simple Minds tune I ever heard, Love Song still sounds good today (unlike the rest of their songs)

21 Hypnotised

This is pure epicness, the beggining of a song is great. I just wonder how it didn't come up to top 10 because it totally deserves it. Probably one of my favourite songs from Simple Minds.

This is absolutely great. The lyrics, guitar sound, the voice of jim, the sense are something out of this world..

Slide guitar like none other. Best song by far!

22 Home

Honestly, this is there BEST song. I fell in love when I heard this.

When I am sick. I play this single every time.

23 Theme for Great Cities

Simple minds do have some great tracks,but this one is timeless.

24 Real Life

Killer song from begining to end, does deserve a top ten spot, at least though. This is quintessential simple minds

25 Come a Long Way

This one's so catchy and powerful that definitely deserves sky-rocketing to the top 10 beyond any reasonable doubt. such one of the greatest examples this band has it.

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