Top 10 Reasons Why Judith Durham was Better than Kylie Minogue

Judith Durham was the lead vocalist of the Seekers & pioneered pop music in Australia. Judith passed away on August 5th 2022 from a 75 year battle with bronchiectasis (an extremely rare lung disease) when she was about to hit 80 11 months later (in 2023). She was just 1 month past her 79th birthday. R.I.P. (1943-2022). Kylie Minogue is Australia’s biggest popstar of our time though she’s no match.
The Top Ten
1 She was more original

She might not have been as versatile in genres as some of the artists ahead of her (she was folk & jazz), but she was truly the original lady that paved the way to global success worldwide from Australia. Without her, no other Australian artist in music would've gained global success. She was truly Australia's G.O.A.T. Kylie Minogue on the other hand is Australia's biggest living artist in Australia & has somehow gotten more popular in less time & she makes music based off of others' works.

2 She was Australia’s 1st singer to gain global success

She was the lead singer of the Seekers who became the 1st Australian band to gain success in the U.K. the U.S. & worldwide. She made it all possible. She was the 1st lady of not only the seekers, but all of pop music in Australia.

3 She paved the way for all Australian singers into worldwide success
4 She founded The Seekers

She founded the band who became the 1st internationally successful band worldwide & lead it. We can't have another legend like her. She will always be the star there we remember the most.

5 She had the best voice in Australia

She has a beautiful voice like no other there. She sang the most beautiful voice there & helped all the other legends in Australia sing. She was simply the voice of Australia.

6 She was Australia’s best folk singer

She made the best folk music Australia's ever heard & also became 1 of the best folk artists worldwide. She was the nightingale of Australia.

7 She had beautiful music

Her music was as beautiful as could possibly be. Nobody else in Australia could ever make music this good. The closest thing to a voice like that today is Joni Mitchell & she isn't Australian.

8 She had the longest music career of any Australian pop singer

She was active for 61 years until her untimely death (since 1961). Those before her time didn't go global & every other global pop artist there started later. She literally popularized Australian music worldwide in the 1st place. In other words, she was Australia's 1st lady of pop & its original queen of pop.

9 She had better morals

Her morals were more realistic than Kylie's. Kylie has a more messed up personality by comparison.

10 She didn’t go crazy

Unlike Kylie Minogue who's messed up at times (even to the point of getting banned from BBC), Judith didn't at all. She stayed true to positivity & always brought smiles to the world. Australia will never ever have another like her.

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11 She popularized Australian music worldwide
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