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1 Chanbaek (Chanyeol + Baekhyun)

Okay, so for me, the reason why I ship Chanbaek is not because it's "popular" or it's the EXO ship, but there's something that really got me believing in them. In the small things they do. In the small glances. Small messages. All of that! They all show me what a true and healthy relationship is like. The thing they have, I wish to have that kind of relationship if ever.

Chanyeol feels like he has to protect Baekhyun, even if it's the last thing he does. Baekhyun asks every single person he can find just to know where Chanyeol is when he loses him. Those really warm my heart. They have a good - no, scratch that - an AMAZING thing going on, and I wish for them to stay together till the end.

2 Hunhan (Sehun + Luhan)

In my opinion, the best and the cutest couple is HunHan. Sehun oppa and Luhan oppa have similar faces. They like to be together and play together. When they are together, they always have such a nice time and they always have the real smile from their heart. And they are always happy when they stand close to each other. I can see the natural smile from them when they are together. HunHan is my beloved couple. I love them so much. Nothing can change my love for them. HunHan fighting! Saranghae yo. We Are One forever. I'll be here for you and support you forever, HunHan oppa and EXO oppa! Stay healthy and happy forever.

3 Kaisoo (Kai + D.O.)

Among all other EXO couples, I love Kaisoo the most. I'm not really fond of fan service because most of the time it always seems so unnatural, that's why I'm not exactly enthusiastic about other EXO ships. But these two are an exception for me. Of course, I notice that they do fan service too, and I appreciate that (as well as the other couples' fan service, yes). But they also have tons of videos online to prove how real they are. On stage and backstage. Even off cam, you can see countless videos taken by fans of how sweet they are <3 and it seems to be the only couple where one is ALWAYS caught being jealous haha.

4 KrisHan (Kris + Luhan)
5 Sekai (Sehun + Kai)

I like how they are opposites but similar at the same time. They've gotten accustomed to each other's habits to the extent that they've started to acquire them. Also, you can clearly see how they trust each other, no matter how dumb the suggestion may be, just like how idiotic best friends are. Still, their relationship is quite mysterious and most of their moments are found through the eyes of fancams, but they truly love and support each other. It comes up time and time again whenever Sehun or Kai talk about each other. They adore each other and I am majorly smitten.

6 Krisyeol (Kris + Chanyeol)

In my opinion, they are very close to each other. Their smiles are so sweet when they look at each other. When I watch Krisyeol moments on YouTube, I feel like they're real. Whatever, Krisyeol is my favorite couple.

Ever after I watched EXO Showtime, I saw their closeness. I don't know why, but I think Krisyeol is much more obvious than Chanbaek (sorry to say, but I think that's true). It's just so sad that Kris has now left EXO :'(

7 KaiLu (Kai + Luhan)
8 Xiuhan (Xiumin + Luhan)

They're always so close like holding hands and hugging. They think alike and they have a lot of things in common. I think they look at each other with so much love and admiration. They seem to be really close, emotionally and physically. The way they hug each other and touch like they have been doing since they were little. They're always playing around and they have the cutest smile on their faces. Occasionally I see them sneaking glances at each other and reaching up to touch each other. I think they really connect and they will be a really cute couple that will support each other and will be honest and trustful. In my opinion they are the cutest couple in EXO.

9 Taoris (Tao + Kris)

To be honest this ship is like one of the realist ships in Exo. It's obvious the two are the closest in Exo, especially when Tao first came to Korea he would always follow Kris around and ask him for help when he didn't know how to say anything. Remember the time when the manager called Kris because Tao was screaming that he saw a ghost in the shower and Kris had to stand next to him in there for half an hour? That was how strong their relationship was, and Kris would always yell at anyone who told a scary story to Tao and make him cry, whether it was Luhan or Baekhyun. It's sad to see this ship sink because the two don't talk anymore after their argument.

10 Lulay (Luhan + Lay)
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11 Xiuchen (Xiumin + Chen)

I feel like Xiuchen is one of the most real ships in EXO. Even though they may not be over the top like ChanBaek, Xiumin and Chen share a strong bond. They clearly really like each other as they always spend time together and those small moments when they hug each other or one of them looks at the other lovingly. Xiuchen is hands down one of the cutest ships in EXO, they are both too cute and when you put them together it's like cuteness has exploded everywhere. They definitely admire each other which adds another point to their amazing relationship. <3 XIUCHEN FOREVER

12 Sebaek (Sehun + Baekhyun)

For me, it's the small things. Sehun making sure that Baekhyun has water, when they pass water or microphones they graze each other's hands. The way they look into each other's eyes, they never say a word but you know in that look they said a million things.

The biggest reason I believe, is after they show affection, SM gets involved. Suddenly you get a ton of ChanBaek moments. During performances, you get Seso moments. But in those quiet moments, you see the sadness in their eyes.

It's the way they look at each other when one or the other is talking. It's the way Sehun always makes sure Baekhyun is drinking water. It was the tears in Baekhyun's eyes when Sehun showed up to his CBX fan sign. I love their smiles when they play on stage. It's always bigger than with the other members. If any relationship is real, I believe this one is real.

13 Chansoo (Chanyeol + D.O.)

Chanyeol Oppa always teases Kyungsoo Oppa because he loves him! They are perfect! Ever since before their debut, they were the best couple...

Chansoo is my favorite OTP. I have loved this Tom & Jerry couple the most in my life. And I believe that Chanyeol loves Kyungsoo (D.O.) the most among all EXO members. You can tell by his eyes that D.O. loves Chanyeol so much.

This is actually Chanyeol + D.O (Kyungsoo). Anyways, I love their friendship a lot.

14 BaekSoo (Baekhyun + D.O.)

I've always liked the idea of BaekSoo. Their moments together are adorable to me and when they sing, their voices suit each other. It's been one of my top ships for a while because even though Baekhyun is more outgoing and could seem annoying to Kyungsoo, they both bring out the best in each other if it were a real thing. Thinking of their personalities.

I haven't even been a Stan for that long, but I absolutely love them. It's just their dynamic that makes me so attracted to the ship. Baekhyun being so outgoing and clingy with Kyungsoo, who is so shy and ends up either hitting Baek or just *melting*... I just think they are so precious even though they're a small ship.

15 Chanhun (Chanyeol + Sehun)

At first, I shipped ChanBaek like many people because they are really close to each other. I don't remember when, but one day, I discovered ChanHun and I was like... damn why did they look so real? The way they look at each other, the little things they do, some "strange" things they said (like when Sehun was saying that just looking at Chanyeol makes him happy or something like this). And even if they are not a couple, I think they are really cute together and they make me laugh a lot.

16 ChanSoo (Chanyeol + D.O)

Chansoo's voices match so perfectly! Their music tastes are so influenced by each other. And have you seen their moments on stage? They are just so cute and comfortable beside each other, and I love it most when Kyungsoo smiles almost every time he's with Chanyeol. Every time he hits Chanyeol or holds Chanyeol's arm, my heart flutters a bit. Their personality difference and height difference just adds to the ideal "opposites attract" relationship. Oh my god. In other words, this ship is just amazing and perfect for me. I'll forever be on this ship.

17 Suhun (Suho + Sehun)
18 Sulay (Suho + Lay)

I ship my bias and bias wrecker.

19 Hunlay (Sehun + Lay)

Just search Hunlay on YouTube or Google and see how cute they are. This couple is one of the realest couples because SM never forced them to stay together to attract fans. They are just so close... They are always together in the background of fancams that focused on other people, like every time, and it's just so charming to see them holding hands during Playboy or talking closely during Ments. They are always so sweet, and they are still together after all these hard times.

20 Chenmin (Chen + Xiumin)
21 Suhan (Suho + Luhan)
22 Baekhan (Baekhyun + Luhan)

They are both so cute and together they are adorable.

23 Krisho (Kris + Suho)

I'm so into this ship. Suho, after talking, be like Krease... I just love this good-looking eomma and appa of EXO. It's sad that Kris left, and Suho is paired with Lay, but I'll never stop shipping and loving EXO's original mama and baba.

Suho is like the mother of the EXO family, and Kris is the father. They're both leaders and take care of all their children just like parents.

Mom and dad of EXO! Kris is just like the grumpy dad and Suho is like the caring mom! They are one of my favorite couples! Just too cute! And their forever baby is the maknae Sehun!

24 SeHo (Sehun + Suho)
25 Setao (Sehun + Tao)

Search for hztwxs / Ayana on Twitter and you'll get crafted into the TaoHun ship after scrolling through her threads.

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