Top 10 Reasons Why Pop Music is Awful

I get a headache every time hear pop music for over 10 minutes. The simple notes, the bad singing, the stupid lyrics. It just hurts my brain.

And here I wanna list the top reasons why I think it's awful.

I mostly listen punk rock, hard rock and metal; and with metal I mean everything in this huge genre that is good from melodic metal to thrash and progressive metal to metalcore and numetal.
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1 Bad singers

Let me just share my opinion: I don't think they're bad singers. I just don't think their voices are good. That's why I stopped liking this type of music and became more into hip-hop and rap. I find those voices more attractive and likable. No hate toward them. It's just my opinion.

There are lots of good pop singers too, to be honest. Melanie Martinez is a really good pop artist, but like every good pop artist, she's ignored, while no talents like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are noticed.

2 No instruments are played

It's not necessarily that there aren't any instruments being played. It's that there is no longer any creativity or attempt to make anything other than overly simplistic, market-driven formula drivel. A computer can be an instrument too. It's all about how you use it. Unfortunately, especially varied or creative instrumentals don't sell to the lowest common denominator, resulting in the constant generic spiel emanating from your typical Top 40 radio station.

3 Hard sexual themes

For example, Montero: Call Me By Your Name. The censored version is good, but when you listen to the original version, boy, it's really about sex, and the music video doesn't help a single bit.

A lot of pop songs these days aren't kid-friendly, and many music videos have strong sexual themes. Not all of them, though. Some songs aren't sexual but may still be about love. Examples include Carousel by Lauren Taylor, Life Is Rosy by Jess Penner, and Strong Woman by Arden Kaywin. Those three songs focus more on love than on sex.

4 It's more for the money

Warner Bros. Music rejected Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco just because it didn't have the potential to be commercially successful. Money-hungry idiots.

They make popular songs sound good and the same so many people will buy them instead of seeking a variety of music and creativity.

5 Almost always about love

Most of the listeners are teenagers, but very few are between 18-50. In Western cultures, parents think teenage relationships are necessary, but as an Indian, it's not important for me to fall in love. If singers include anything unrelated to love, teenage listeners might not like it. That's why almost all pop songs are about love. Another reason is that the singers are usually around 13-17 years old. These are the reasons why love songs dominate pop music.

To be fair, The Beatles also sang about love, yet they are considered the greatest band ever. I like The Beatles. However, nowadays, there are too many songs about heartbreak or love. Not all of them are bad, though. Pop singers who don't sing about love aren't mainstream.

6 Stupid lyrics and messages

Some of the worst lyrics, in my opinion:

- "I was busy thinking about boys, boys, boys."
Who cares if you werethinking about boys? It's like some stranger coming up to you and suddenly saying, "Hey, I was busy thinking about boys!" What would you do? You'd probably keep walking, pretend you don't hear, walk away, or listen and then angrily say, "I don't care!" or "You're wasting my time!"

- "Till I find someone I love, kissing strangers."
The songwriter must be abnormal. A normal person would never kiss strangers. Can you imagine the disgusted reaction from strangers if you suddenly kissed them? I can guarantee they'd think you were crazy. I've never tried this, but I can use logical thinking.

7 No talent

I don't think all pop music is bad, but it is definitely overrated. Singers in this genre don't even need to make a song that sounds good, and it instantly becomes a hit with hundreds of millions of views. Compare Justin Bieber to Sum 41 or Green Day. While the latter two put their talent into their songs and music, all Justin has to do is try to sound sexy, and his fans go crazy.

People have their own preferences, but it's not a coincidence that everyone only likes pop. To all the pop fans out there, take some time to listen to other genres like pop punk, alternative rock, soft rock, hard rock, post-hardcore, etc.

8 AutoTune

I'd rather listen to AutoTune than listen to the same guy break his voice every two seconds. Teenage girls aren't listening for the voice, so producers are doing us a favor by making it more tolerable. The problem is that when you can hear the AutoTune, it's too much. You don't sound good. You sound like a heartless robot. If AutoTune could be used with actual passion and emotion, it wouldn't be half bad.

Once, I cheated on a biology test and got caught. I felt ashamed, but I learned from that mistake that it's better to naturally get a D than to unnaturally get an A. I can relate this story to Auto-Tune. Singers who rely on it are technically cheating, trying to trick us into thinking they can actually sing.

It's clear that people in the past could really sing because the lack of technology made them work harder. Of course, there are singers I recommend like Adele, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse (RIP), John Legend, and yes, Taylor Swift. But it's rare to find many of them nowadays.

9 Only thing that plays on the radio

I agree. I wish I could find a radio station that didn't play pop music, which, these days, is always love songs. That's why I listen to the soundtrack I bought from iTunes on my phone, or I go to YouTube and find a good song. Even if it's mainstream, it's not always a love song. Usually, it's something like a nightcore version of Can't Hold Us by Macklemore.

Okay, I like pop music, but it's the only thing that plays, along with country, where I live. Seriously, we need some rock stations like Linkin Park and Green Day. If they have a station for all genres, I'm happy.

10 You hear it everywhere you go

I agree. I liked listening to one radio station, and there was this one song... Oh, what was it called? Yes, I remember: "Welcome to the Black Parade." I loved that song, but the station just kept playing it, so now I can barely listen to it. Isn't it hard to believe that a rock/alternative song is being overplayed? *sarcastic voice* Yeah, idiots, it's all about what station you listen to. If you don't like the songs being played repeatedly, don't listen to that station.

It's really frustrating that it's all most people listen to. The majority of Western folks just consume everything the mainstream gives them and never venture out, mostly because they want to fit in by listening to the same 15 or so songs that play over and over in every public place, thanks to the radio. Long story short, this is why I bring earbuds everywhere I go.

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11 The songs are inappropriate

Pop music is supposed to be universal, yet nearly every pop song has an explicit version. It's too bad because when a kid hears a cool song on the radio, they might want to listen to it again elsewhere. Unfortunately, it often has explicit lyrics. Explicit lyrics don't bother me, but pop stars should really try to keep it clean. Who else will want to listen to modern pop besides the kids?

Example: Unholy is literally about a man cheating on his wife to go to a strip club, where he then gets hooked.

12 It's corporate

It's completely processed, made with a team of audio engineers to clip the sound and beat-correct the instruments. There's no musical talent or effort shown.

Most of them are either made by phony SoundCloud rappers or Scandinavian ghostwriters (no racism intended). I'm actually glad to be an electronic teen because people write their own songs.

Most pop music nowadays is literally made by the same two people and is created just to sell.

13 Most lyrics are written by ghostwriters

Ghostwriters cause pop songs to become repetitive. They follow a formula aimed at the masses.

No wonder I cannot tell Katy Perry and One Direction apart.

Max Martin and Dr. Luke, along with two others, write like 90% of pop music.

14 Lack of creativity

There is a total lack of creativity. Songs are being made with computer-based software, making people famous who have no real talent to begin with. Vocally, we now have so-called "singers" who are nothing more than "noise makers" (Adele, Rihanna, Adam Levine, and many others).

Using computer-based software to make music is not a problem. It makes the process faster and frees up time for those with real instrumental talent, like Prince. However, it also allows talentless "cockroaches" to infiltrate genres that were once considered great, such as Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, and R&B. Heavy Metal is now basically forgotten, and that's sad.

To me, music creativity peaked in the 1970s, mainly between 1975 and 1979. Everyone brought their best, their A-game, and their unique style. If you tried to copy an established artist, you simply couldn't compete. In short, today's mainstream music is irritating and has no redeeming value.

15 Songs are overplayed

Radio stations should play a wider variety of music. It's probably been like this for decades.

16 Idiots like it

Not in all cases, but "pop" music is "popular" because it requires no thought to listen to. It's a dumbed-down genre. It's quite obvious that its sole purpose is to dance to in a club or use as background noise while performing a repetitive task. Most intelligent people prefer music that has depth and provokes actual thought. Jazz, metal, and classical music are for the thinking person, and even some classic rock. Pop is for the average bonehead (mostly).

Bruce Dickinson has a Ph.D. in both music and history (and is a pilot and a fencer), and Brian May has a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Almost every rock or metal star is well-read or highly intelligent.

Did Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or any other pop star attend university or earn proper degrees?

I think the music reflects the listener, just saying.

17 Male popstars are weak

I somewhat agree with this. I don't listen to many male pop stars or male singers anyway.

Yeah, not only can they barely lift a weight, but they can also barely read a children's book.

18 No passion

Music is meant to be passionate. Artists compose, play, and sing about a topic because they feel a connection, a passion. They sing with all their heart to convey a message. They play an instrument until their fingers are sore. They compose until day turns to night.

However, pop music lacks passion. Its creators only care about money, and even songs about that are rubbish. Ask pop music fans if they've ever cried to a piece of pop music. Their answer will most likely be, "No, but... I thought..." or "Umm... Yeah..." (lies).

19 Most of the songs are about the artist themselves

It's true. Most artists don't care what their fans think. They don't sing from the heart, and that's the most important part. I don't blame anyone who's attracted to the music, but the only artists I know of who still sing from the heart and don't focus on sex are Adele and Janet Jackson. That's pretty much it. Pop music today is the worst in the history of... music!

Modern music artists need to stop putting their personal lives into their songs.

20 No variety

Every pop song that has ever existed is about relationships. Every pop song is either "My girlfriend is mad at me, and I want to make amends" or "I love my girl." It is the most unoriginal, exhausted, overused, and unrelatable subject to write a song about, and it needs to stop.

Subgenres of pop? Um... pop.
Subgenres of metal? Thrash metal, black metal, death metal, Christian metal, speed metal, heavy metal, doom metal, stoner metal, etc.

Dig a bit into the independent music scene. The artists listed on my "homepage" button on my profile are a good starting point.

21 Lyrics about drugs, partying, and sex

Style - Let's have sex!

Take Me to Church - You're my girlfriend, and I worship you. Let's have sex!

Blank Space - Let's have sex because "we're young and reckless, and we'll take this way too far" and get STDs and pregnant!

22 - Let's get drunk because we're 22, and everything will be fine. Fines for drunk driving!

Music is no longer family-friendly except for the songs that are exclusive to family-friendly movies, an example being Run Like the River by Meghan Trainor from Playmobil: The Movie.

Distract the vacuous. Circling the drain. When did self-destructive behavior become "the real hip culture?" Your behavior reinforces their false stereotypes.

22 It's too simple

Electronic artists use a month to combine various sounds and create a truly amazing track, often without getting much attention. Meanwhile, those pop "artists" spend an hour writing a song with meaningless lyrics, sounds, and juvenile delinquency. Hopefully, more electronic artists can gain popularity and show people what true music is (in my opinion).

As a music reviewer, I pick apart the songs and analyze them. I can get everything out of a pop song with my first listen. Why would I want to listen to something as simple as a baby's lullaby when I can listen to less commercial music, perhaps prog rock/metal, which provides so much more? This also causes pop songs to get old fast.

23 It's more famous

That's because modern people are too ignorant to look up some real, real music.

Why do you overshadow amazing songs?

24 Creepy lyrics

I dare you to translate Despacito to English!

And Zayn Malik can't write two songs without using the F-word!

All their songs are about how much they want to mingle with a random woman they see!

25 No poetry
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