Top 10 Reasons Why Pop Music Is Awful

I get a Headache every time hear pop music for over 10 minutes. The Simple notes, the bad singing, the stupid lyrics. It just hurts my brain.
And here I wanna list the top reasons why I think its awful
I mostly listen Punkrock, hardrock and metal, and with metal I mean everything in this huge genre what is good, from Melodic metal to trash and progressive metal to metalcore and numetal.
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1 "Singers" need AutoTune

Back in the 80s and 90s, pop singers could actually sing and never used autotune. New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys are incredibly cheesy but at least they could actually sing and sang naturally with their real voices. Modern top 40 pop stars are addicted to autotune. Don't get me wrong, autotune can be used in an artistic way like 2000s Lady Gaga and Daft Punk, but top 40 pop singers who can't sing use it to trick people into making them think they can sing. There are even singers who don't need autotune and just use it anyways.

One time I cheated on a biology test and got caught. I definitely felt ashamed but I learned from that mistake that it was better just to naturally get a D than to unnaturally get an A. Thus I can relate this story to autotune. Singers who rely on it are technically cheating just to trick us into thinking they can actually sing. It is obvious people back then could really sing because the lack of technology made singers work harder. Of course, there are singers I can recommend like Adele, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse (r.I.p), John Legend, and yes Taylor Swift. But it is rare to find many of them nowadays.

Made for inept trash rappers and pop harlots to give an illusion of talent to kids who can't differentiate between actual singers and Industry frauds.

This happens in like 1/5 cases, and who cares? It's better than screeching at the top of your lungs while banging on things and calling it "rock and roll" (which by the way is still a good music genre)

2 No instruments are played

I would like to elaborate that it's not necessarily that there aren't any instruments being played, it's that there is no longer any creativity, or any attempt at making anything other than overly simplistic, market-driven formula drivel. A computer can be an instrument too, it's all in how you use it. Unfortunately, especially varied or creative instrumentals in music doesn't really sell to the lowest common denominator, resulting in the constant generic spiel emanating from your typical Top 40 radio station.

Pop songs mostly have no instruments played at all. A single boring beat, and the same 5 same computerized notes played over and over. There is simply no soul left in today's music, and anyone who hasn't lost their taste in culture or enlightenment can agree with my claim, while brainwashed sheep follow and listen to whatever they're told because they can't comprehend that the computerized garbage they relish in consists of no instrumental soul, emotional movement, or varying sound.

Playing one requires talent, which diametrically opposes the principles of rap and contemporary pop that glorify image to compensate for lack of ability

If you play an instrument, even if you're a very average player, you still have your own sound. Pros elaborate on that further and further, and if they throw in some improvisation, they pretty much create new music every time they play a song. Computer just repeats the same patterns over and over again, which simply strips music of its humanity. And nope, its'n not complaining about a book not being handwritten. It's more like comparing a drawing by hand with a Corel Draw template collage.

3 Almost always about love

Yup. If you look at some Taylor Swift lyrics: "My ex man brought his new girlfriend she's like oh my gosh what the heck" and then you look at some U2 lyrics: "I can't believe the news today Oh, I can't close my eyes
And make it go away
How long? How long must we sing this song? How long, how long? 'Cause tonight, we can be as one
Tonight Broken bottles under children's feet Bodies strewn across the dead end street But I won't heed the battle call It puts my back up
Puts my back up against the wall Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sunday, Bloody Sunday,
Sunday, Bloody Sunday" there is no comparison. Same thing with, I don't know, Katy Perry and The Clash. Or, say, Justin Beiber and R.E.M.

Songs like Willow Tree March, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Bohemian Rhapsody, Evelyn Evelyn and Wolf have nothing to do with love! They are all amazing, too. Not saying that love songs are bad-- El Tango De Roxanne, King and Sacred Heart are also of equal greatness. However, a little variety in the pop industry would be nice.

I feel extremely ashamed remembering the times I used to listen to crappy mainstream pop songs lacking variety, depth, skill, intelligence etc, and also those so called "music artists" are incapable of delivering a good line without using auto tune to death.

Jesus this is the worst. I turn on the radio and what do I hear? LoVE sEx BaBY YOu Are MInE! Holy crap this annoys me to no end. At the very least make it so its not a blatant love song without spewing out any words such as Love, Baby, or even YOU

4 It's corporate

It's completely processed. Made with a team of audio engineers to clip the sound and beat-correct the instruments. There's no musical talent, and no musical effort shown.

Most of them are either made by phony SoundCloud rappers or Scandinivian ghost writers (no racism intended). I am actually glad as an electronic teen because people write their own songs.

Most of the pop music nowadays is literally made by the same 2 people, and just made to sell.

The fast food equivalent of music, only more fake and worthless.

5 No talent

This really annoys me, every singer has talent. People just enjoy pointing out mistakes. For instance I thought that Katy Perry was an untalented pop artist who couldn't play an instrument if you paid her. Then I suddenly found myself on YouTube bawling my eyes out at one of the most emotionally deep and vocally impressive performances I have ever seen. (Funny, huh? ) Anyways Justin Bieber has a much different problem, he doesn't quite have ENOUGH talent. There are plenty of boys that sound just like him and are hardly recognized. Not to mention all the trouble he has gotten into, but you still can't say he is untalented. And by the way, I think it's ridiculous how people constantly say that pop music isn't REALLY music and that it's all horrible. That's your opinion and you need to label it that way. For instance, I don't like Adele that much, this is how I should point this out, "I think Adele is a really good singer, but I personally don't like her music," and here is how many ...more

I don't say that pop music is all that bad, but it is way too overrated. The singers of this genre don't even need to make a song that sounds good and it becomes a hit instantly and gains hundreds of millions of views. Compare Justin Bieber to sum 41 or Green Day. While the last two pit their talent into their songs along with their music all Justin has to do is try to sound sexy and all his fans go crazy. People have their own preferences but it isn't coincidence that everyone likes only pop. To all the pop fans out there, give some time to listen to other genres like pop punk, alternative rock, soft rock, hard rock, post hardcore, etc.

In most cases, barring looks (which is the most important factor here) these pop "artists" could be anyone. Most use auto tune, post-production manipulation, and lip sync anyways, not to mention having their music written by a board of producers.

All singers have talent. Maybe some like Jacob Sartorious (I dunno if I spelled his name right) don't, but others do, Ariana Grande can hit notes without autotune that are quite hard to hit, Taylor Swift is actually quite creative when writing her songs, and Adele has a beautiful voice. Most talent in pop is stuff you're born with. Talent in rock is stuff that takes time to learn. There are different types of talent. And there are more talents then just singing. Drawing, Dancing? Anyone forget those? You can't just go around saying folks have no talent.

6 Stupid lyrics and messages

Some of the worst lyrics in my opinion :
- "I was busy think about boys, boys, boys"
Who tf cares if you were busy thinking about boys? It's like some stranger walk to you and suddenly say "Hey you know, I was busy thinking about boys! " What you would do? I guess you would keep walking, pretend you don't listen, walk away, listen but then angrily say "I don't care! " or "You're wasting my time! " or something similar

- "Till I find someone I love, kissing strangers"
The songwriter is 100% abnormal. Normal person will never kiss strangers. Can you imagine disgust reaction from strangers when you suddenly kiss them? I can guarantee they'll think you're a crazy person. I never tried this but I use my logical thinking.

Don't get me wrong but I think this website takes rock too far. I mean it's okay to like it but you're just making every other good genre invisible. What about Jazz? You guys just shame pop because of its stupid songs even though certain songs are stupid and repetitive but really you going to diss long time classics like Janet Jackson over rock? Are you serious? I mean rock is good but you just make everything else invisible. You know that some of the crappy pop songs could have meanings and I don't mean messages like get a new boyfriend or get over your heartbreak but messages that really stand out but you just compare that to rock. It doesn't make any sense. Fine, thumb down my comment I don't care I'm making a point here. Attack me all you want, it's a shame and you just hate people that don't like rock. Seriously.

Some of the comments on these points are stupid.
Songs have always been about love ever since the Beatles became popular in the early 60's.
And even before that people have been about "their love" or whatever.

The thing I agree with though is that especially some new-school mumble rappers and
corporate / soft core porn artists like Nicki MInaj and talent less #relatable artists like
Taylor Swift are a serious problem in the music industry.

But just give it a couple years, punk-rock will make a comeback I promise you...
As people are getting more and more the same every day there is just bound to be an opposite party who is going to be even more rebellious then any previously seen group/movement. Just give it time...

"But I set fire to the rain/Watched it pour as I touched your face/Well, it burned while I cried/'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name! ", "But piece by piece, he collected me up/Off the ground, where you abandoned things/Piece by piece he filled the holes that you burned in me at/Six years old...", "Even angels have their wicked schemes/And you take that to new extremes/But you'll always be my hero/Even though you've lost your mind", shall I list more examples of good lyrics, stories, and messages?

7 Songs are overplayed

That's just radio music in general. The fact that people hate on songs based on how often they're played is just questioning my faith in intelligence.

Radio stations should play a wider variety of music. It's probably been like this for decades.

Yeah it's probably because you're listening to a station that only plays rap or pop. Just change the radio station or somethih

Remember when Justin Bieber's song named ''baby'' come out? god dammit this song was overplayed everywhere.

8 Lack of creativity

Total lack of creativity indeed. Songs being made off of computer based software making someone famous who has no real talent to begin with. Even vocally, we have so called "singers" who are now nothing more than "noise makers" ( Adele, Rihanna, Adam Levine, and so many more)
Now there's nothing wrong with making music with computer based software. It makes the process faster and frees up time for someone with real instrumental talent, ie: Prince. But it also allows talentless "cockroaches" to infiltrate their way into genres that were once considered great like Rock, Hip Hop/Rap, R&B. Heavy Metal is basically forgotten now and that's sad.
To me, music creativity reached its peak in the 1970's, mainly between 1975-1979. Everyone brought their very best, their A game, their own style to the table and if you tried to copy or sound like someone else, like an established artist, then you simply couldn't compete. In a nutshell, today's mainstream music is irritating and has no ...more

Just look back at music in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Each musician had their own style and each song was different. The melodies, the harmonies, and the layers of instruments and vocals all fit together like a giant puzzle and created something extraordinary and unique. Now in pop music, there is no more creativity. Every song feels the same with barely anything changing. It's truly sad.

Bobby Womack once said: "In my day, everybody wanted to sound different, individual. Nowadays, seems like everybody wants to sound like everybody else." Creativity uses influences, but is more than just copying what you admire.

Exactly! all I hear in pop songs are lyrics like: "I love you so MUCH! " "lets get. it. on! " "I'm sorri baby that I broke your heart! " "LETS DRINK ALL DAY AND PARTEHKKNBJ! " (the bad spelling is for a bit of comedy). what I am saying is that most pop music are about the same things OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! at least a few good bands are coming back! (though the only one that did not change to pop music is radiohead). I also hate that my fellow LPS (littlest pet shop) tubers are using SOULLESS TRASH for their videos! that is why I am ENCOURAGING these LPS tubers to get out of their comfort zone and make some good mvs with better music!

9 You hear it everywhere you go

Okay I won't lie cause this is a huge problem for ALL modern music, NOT JUST POP. That's why people, including myself tend to listen to stuff we grew up with because it never plays anymore. I was born in 99 but I can't stand modern music because of the radio. I mean the 2000s could also annoying at someways but never has it become this painful. we've come a long way with technology in the past 16 years, so now it's even worse to hear the same old annoying song from a car, a phone,etc.

It really does suck that it's all that most people listen to. The majority of Western folks just eat up everything the mainstream gives them and never bother to venture out, mostly because they want to fit in by only listening to the same 15 or so songs that are played over and over, in every public place thanks to the radio. Long story short, this is why I bring earbuds everywhere I go.

Today I heard crappy K-pop on the MTR! What the heck! I mean, it is just dancing, plastic surgery, looks, autotune (by singing softly and connecting the mic to autotune before connecting to the stereo) and brainwashing teenagers. The mainstream media praised them as "youthful and cute". What is that, music is music, not looks, plastic surgery, dancing, videos and all that bullcrap!

It's like hearing hell! It's always on the radio, grocery store, public places in general, school it's unavoidable! My god I like Rock music, but at least Rock music isn't played non stop, every 2 seconds you're in public. Honestly I'm just glad to be a rock teen.

10 Bad singers

Not true!

Michael Jackson is a great singer and he was really talented and emotional. He wad also a grear dancer.

Rihanna uses a lot of styles for her songs and use Auto Tune but her live performances can at least be decent.

There are pop singers that are good.

There's lots of good pop singers too to be honest. Melanie Martinez is a really good pop artist, But like EVERY good pop artist she's ignored and no talents like Justin Beiber and Katy Perry are noticed.

Ok heres the thing, people are listening to the most popular artist hen they could just dig a little deeper and find amazing singers. now not all music is bad these days, try listening to This wild life, D at Sea, Neck deep,Relient k, NF and so many more. this music has a point to it, it means something. it tells a lesson or somebodies life! Music is good today you just have to find the god music that is out there.

Look at how many people hate Justing Bieber and Rebecca Black. You listen to their songs and then listen to Taylor Swift. You cannot tell me you don't see any similarities.

The Contenders
11 Hard sexual themes

Um, yeah. So, ahem, Taylor Swift... If you know kids who are like 9 are going to be looking at your music videos.. I dunno, maybe DON'T put a clip of you in the nude...?
It kinda ruins songs when it's too sexual.

No, not all of them are sexual. Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Alessia Cara, etc are not sexual. Besides what's wrong with being sexual? They have a right to embrace it. If they want to be provocative, LET THEM! Who are you to judge? NO ONE!

What about Michael Jackson, what about Adele, what about Taylor Swift, what about Alessia Cara, what about current Lady Gaga, what about most of Ed Sheehan?

True, its hard to find music on the radio that is really appropriate for kids. Not that they completely focus on the lyrics, but they may repeat words they hear

12 Idiots like it

Dumbed down music for a dumbed down society. Music for people who have no interest in music besides signaling to others that they keep up with celebrity trends, or besides using it as background music. In most cases, this music is the textbook definition of vapid.

Not in all cases, but the reason "pop" music is "popular" is because it requires no thought to listen to. It is a dumbed down genre. It's quite obvious that it's sole purpose is to dance to in a club, or to use as background noise while performing a braindead, repetitive task. Most intelligent people prefer music that has depth and is going to provoke actual thought. Jazz, metal, and classical is music for the thinking man. Even some classic rock. Pop is for the average bonehead (mostly).

Bruce Dickinson has a phd in both music and history (and is a pilot and a fencer) Brian May in astrophysics, almost every rock or metal star is well read or is very intelligent.

Did Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or any other pop star go to university or get proper degrees?

I think the music reflects the listener, just saying.

Not all pop fans are idiots, but this is unfortunately true. In my school there are almost only idiots: bullies, mean girls etc. They all listen to pop

13 Only thing that plays on the radio

I agree. I wish I could find a radio station that didn't play pop music, which these days, are always love songs. This is why I listen to the soundtrack I got from iTunes on my phone, or I go to YouTube and find a good song, and even if it's mainstream, it's never a love song, usually like a night core version of Can't Hold Us by Macklemore.

I like a few pop songs, but my favorite genre of music is rap. I don't think I've ever heard a rap song on the radio. I don't think I've even found a rap station. "Panda" by designer, was recently the #1 song in the country. Never heard it on the radio.

I'm only 10 years old, but I'm pretty sure all the adults hate this even more than I do.

Everywhere I go nowadays I hear a lot, and the worst part is that it is continuously playing on the radio 24/7
I mean what the hell happened to rock and metal? And by the way no, take me to chair is not a rock song just because it has a piano in it...

Okay, I like pop music, but it's the only thing that plays along with country where I live. Seriously, we need some rock stations like Linkin Park and Green Day. If they have a station for all genres, I'm happy.

14 It's more for the money

Warner Bros music legit rejected Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco just because it didn't have the potential to be commercially successful. Money hungry idiots.

They Psychologically make popular songs sound good and the same so many people will buy it instead of a variety of music and creativity.

15 Auto-tune

There is nothing wrong with autotune - when used in moderation as mean to add an specific atmosphere to a song. In pop, however, autotune is just used as a way to make mediocre singers sound acceptable. It's a waste of a potential tool...

Auto-tune is a tool, not meant to be used as a vocal effect. Period! Used sparingly, it can help correct difficult notes. My advice as a vocalist... If you have any, use your talent to fix the notes. If you can't, take vocal lessons.

Most rock bands use auto tune to fix a sharp or flat. But the pop artists I see use it as if it were that pill to keep you alive that doesn't do much.

It can apply special effects if used correctly, but the pop "artists" use it to hide the fact that they are talentless losers... just makes me feel dead inside

16 No variety whatsoever

Every pop song that has ever existed is about relationships. Every pop song is either "My girlfriend is mad at me and I want to make amends" or "I love my girl". It is the most unoriginal, exhausted, overused, unrelatable subject to write a song about and it needs to stop.

Subgenres of pop? Um...pop.
Subgenres of metal? Thrash metal, black metal, death metal, Christian metal, speed metal, heavy metal, doom metal, stoner metal, etc.

Dig a bit into the independent music scene. The artists listed on my "homepage" button on my profile are a good starting point.

No variety at all. Rock has punk, alternative, heavy, scream-o, but pop is just, you know, POP!

17 It's more famous

"It's more famous" may be a bit of a bad reason, sure but I think you might just be using the wrong term. Overrated would be a better way to put it, in my opinion.

Seriously? You're going to hate something because it's popular, and for no other reason than that? I disliked this list in the beginning, but now I hate it.

That's because modern people are too ignorant to look up some real, REAL music.

I think that "It's more famous" is a bad reason. "It's oversaturated" is the term I believe you were looking for

18 No poetry

Why does music have to be poetry? If you hate pop music, just stop listening to it. You can't force people to listen to "poetry" songs

You call Nickelback and Skrillex "poetry" then?

Why does it need to be poetry?

19 It's repetitive

To be honest I don't know if this is a fair reason... I mean early Beatles stuff (I Want to Hold Your Hand, She Loves You, etc.) are quite repetitive, and yet it's considered classic. I do dislike modern pop (with some exceptions), but I don't think repetition is really the problem.

Yes! The music is the most annoying music ever! They really Shame the legendary artists like MJ, Janet, Whitney and even people of other genres like The Beatles, Elvis, and many more.

Rihanna has repetitive lyrics in some of her awful tracks (Birthday Cake, S&M, Work...), but she has great music that isn't repetitive (Love the Way You Lie, Disturbia, Love on the Brain), so what is the issue with this?

Baby now we've got bad blood... yeah shut the hell up Taylor at least you have blood

20 No passion

Today's music has no soul. Look at Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In, Light My Fire, Saturday Night Fever, Thriller, Hotel California, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. That was real music. Where is that kind of music today? Nowhere--it gets pushed right out of existence by the whole system. You have another Thriller, another Dark Side of the Moon, another Saturday Night Fever, another Led Zeppelin IV, it gets put in the rubbish bin.

Any wonder why people would rather download classic rock, classic disco, classic soul, classic country, classic R&B, classic pop? Even the Beatles, who were lambasted for "debauched music" back in their day, are far superior to today's lame, soul-less robots that make what we take for music. And, where are the comments of today's music being debauched, as opposed to being soul-less?

Music is meant to be passionate. The reason many artists only compose, play and sing to one topic is because they feel a connection. A passion. They will sing with all their heart and lungs to get a message across. They will play an instument until their lungs are ready to burst and their fingers are sore. They will compose until day turns to night. Pop music, however, is not passionate. They only care about money, and even songs about that are rubbish. Ask pop music fans if they've ever cried to a piece of pop music. Their answer will most likely be "No, but... I thought..." or "Umm... Yeah... (lies)".

Yeah, most of them just care about how much money they make. When they sing, they sound like robots: flat and emotionless. Now, not ALL of them are like that, I do know a couple of pop singers who put their heart and soul into the lyrics they belt out, and some older singers sing/play instruments emotionlessly. But majority of them don't really have passion in music and that sucks.

Not only all those things, because I totally agree, but the most Pop performers don't even write their own music! So I feel that they have no real connection to what they're singing, even though what they were singing about is complete crap. They just pay other people to do the work for them, and it's still not even good.

21 Most of the modern Pop songs talk about Drugs, Partying, Sex, and Weed

Guys, please stop pretending that rock bands didn't sing about those things either. There are plenty of rock songs about sex and partying. Don't believe me? Listen to any KISS or AC/DC song. Songs like "Rock n Roll All Night", "Girls Girls Girls", and "Black Dog" are just as meaningless as say, all the Justin Beiber songs yall love to hate on.

Style - lets have sex!
Take Me To Church - you're my girlfriend and I worship you, let's have sex!
Blank Space - Let's have sex, cause "we're young and reckless, and we'll take this way to far" and get std's and pregnant!
22 - let's get drunk cause we're 22 and everything will be fine - fines for drunk driving!

Music is no longer family friendly except for the songs that are exclusive to family friendly movies an example being Run Like The River by Meghan Trainor from Playmobil The Movie.

Distract the vacuous. Circling the drain. When did self-destructive behavior become "the real hip culture". You behavior reinforces their false stereo- types.

22 It's too simple

You shouldn't hate something just because it's simple. Most of the greatest classic rock tunes are simple in composition, but are still great.
And I feel this list should have been named "Reasons Why MODERN Pop Music Is Awful". Modern pop may be terrible but pop wasn't a bad genre in the past. I am a huge fan of thrash metal, but I also enjoy 80s pop - MJ, Prince, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

As a music reviewer, I pick apart the songs and analize them. I can get everything there is out of a pop song with my first listen. So why would I want to listen to something with the simplicity of a baby's lullaby when I can listen to less commercial music, perhaps prog rock/metal which you can get so much more out of. This also causes the songs to get old FAST!

Electronic artists uses a month to combine various sounds to make a truly amazing track without getting much attention, whilst those pop "artists" just spend an hour writing a song with stupid lyrics, sounds and lots of juvenile delinquency. Hopefullu more electronic artists can go popular and show people what is the true music (in my opinion).

With that I mean all of it, simple lyrics, simple instruments and melodic. Its just so simple and repetitive and it hurts my brain. I just put that on the number one because it's the thing which really hurts me physical. And everything is to simple beside that's its bad. Like the lyrics are either simple or stupid or both. the instrumental is either simple or bad or not exicisting. and so on and so for.

23 Annoyingly always playing

I agree, I like listening to this one radio station and there was this one song. Oh what was it called? Oh, yes I remember it was called "Welcome To The Black Parade." I love this song, but the station just kept playing it. So now I can barely listen to it. Isn't that hard to believe, a ROCK/ALTERNATIVE song being overplayed. *sarcastic voice* Yeah, idiots it's all up to what station you listen to. So if you don't like the songs that keep being played, don't listen to that station.

For the last few months of 2017, "What About Us" by Pink was literally always playing. Tell me how many times you've heard that song. Now in April 2018 it still plays constantly, but mainly on "variety" stations (97.9 WRMF and KOOL 105.5 are examples where I live).

What's so bad about that? It's pop music because it's popular therefore it plays a lot. Now it could go two ways: it could be annoying like "Closer," or it could be really fun like "Work From Home."

Go ahead and tell me how many times you've heard "Take Me to Church" or "Call Me Maybe" or even "I Love It" or "Anaconda" - you see my point?

24 Most pop stars are fake

The guy that commented, sure Selena Gomez may not be the BEST, but shes improved singing wise. I watched her Revival concert, and she SLAYED.
But I still like her songs and at least she sounds good with autotune (because some people like jacob sartorius and bieber use autotune and even THEN they sound bad)

Tell me. What's a fake singer? Anyone can sing. It just doesn't have to be talented and you'd have to get hate.

Fake boobs, fake butt, fake nose, fake everything...

Especially K-pop. Ghost writers and plastic surgery everywhere...

25 Some pop fans judge people who listen to other genres

EXACTLY! I listen to electronic music, not like the bad trashy pop music Google calls electronic music, but stuff like dubstep or hardstyle (yes, I like hardstyle). I share what I like with my classmates, but they discriminate what I like, because they're basically brainwashed by that trashy pop music that they call is good music. Pop music is basically poison to their brains! But, fortunately, many of my classmates who listen to a lot of pop music lag behind in class. There are so many bad things about pop music, and this is one of them! Classical is healthier for your brain! (NOTE: The only way to cure the poison of pop music is to listen to good music, like NoCopyrightSounds)

Exactly, I can't even talk about my life-savers without an idiot popular trashy girl/jerkass guy calling me satanic or weird or crazy just cause my music is superior to yours out of principle of it not being pop doesn't mean I'm weird, my music is older, better and more diverse (I mean Thrash, death, Black, alternative, groove, rap, Gothic etc.- all types of metal) than yours so respect or I'll chuck you in a mosh pit for your troubles

Other way around. People who listen to pop are the ones who are judged so terribly. They ate called stupid, and told that pop is not real music, etc. People need to be open minded and less judgemental. There are MANY different types of music so people need to respect that! Whover wrote this article has it all screwed up. There are bad songs in ALL types / genres of music, not just pop. Just because someone has a different taste in music than you, you NEED TO RESPECT IT! people are different and everyone likes what they like. End of story!

Thank the Lord I am at an all boys school because holy crap was I critized by mostly 6 year olds for liking Rap God and Heathens and Stressed out over Let it Go and Shake It Off. I am a twelve year old male and they think I like song about love and princesses? Sorry, I'd rather listen to songs about someone's rap career or prison or nostalgia.

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