Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs That Were Ripped Off From Another Artist

I made a list “Top 10 Songs That Led Zeppelin Ripped Off”, where I listed the original songs and you can see more details. Now I am ranking the songs known as Led Zeppelin songs but these songs are actually entire ripoffs or have parts that are proven ripoffs.
The Top Ten
1 Whole Lotta Love

I've seen Anthony Fantano's rant on Greta Van Fleet's new album and this exact list is on that video. So I got excited and came here to tell you.

Original: You Need Love - Muddy Waters
But Led Zeppelin probably ripped off another ripoff: You Need Loving' - The Small Faces.

The rip off kings lol.

2 Dazed and Confused

Original: Dazed and Confused - Jake Holmes

3 Stairway to Heaven

Only the opening acoustic riff.But the solo was created by Page


No, not a rip off.

4 In My Time of Dying

Original: In My Time of Dying - traditional gospel song

5 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Original: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - The Plebs.
But Led Zeppelin probably ripped off the Joan Baez cover version.

6 I Can't Quit You, Baby

Original: I Can't Quit You, Baby - Willie Dixon

7 Since I've Been Loving You

Original: Never - Moby Grape

8 The Lemon Song

Original: Killing Floor - Howlin' Wolf

9 You Shook Me

Original: You Shook Me - Willie Dixon

10 How Many More Times

How Many More Years - Howlin’ Wolf (used in the 1st part and the title)
The Hunter - Albert King (used in the 2nd part)

How many more times can they steal songs?

The Contenders
11 Gallows Pole - Led Zeppelin
12 Hard to Handle

Original is called hard to handle by Otis Redding, same words same tune just slightly different

13 Communication Breakdown
14 Frownland - Captain Beefheart
15 Black Mountain Side
16 Your Time is Gonna Come
17 Joe's Garage
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