Best Ozzy Osbourne Guitarists

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1 Randy Rhoads Randall William "Randy" Rhoads was an American heavy metal guitarist who played with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot. He was killed in a plane crash.

Randy was a visionary. Of all the guitarists that played with Oz, you can assemble a timeline from the first recorded notes with Oz to the last of the final bootleg before the crash and chart his growth and development, not only technically as a player, but as a fully formed musician. Had he lived he would have certainly outgrown Ozzy. Not as a slam to Oz but Randy's desire to continue to grow and achieve as a musician would have eventually rendered his playing "off brand" for Ozzy. A brand, he single handedly created. Blizzard of Oz musically wasn't an offshoot of Sabbath (Randy despised playing the Sabbath songs). It was the music of Randy, and the Words of Bob Daisley.

Whether Randy Rhoads followed Ronnie James Dio's advice to "Die Young" (on Black Sabbath's epic 'Heaven and Hell' CD) is debatable nonsense. When Ozzy left Black Sabbath to do his solo act, I have no doubts that Randy Rhoads was his best guitarist out of all the great musicians he's performed with (except of course, the one and only Tony Iommi with Black Sabbath).

Randy's guitar playing and his song writing are legendary. He was and still is recognized as one of the best all time.

Randy was the best, he was such a unique musician. To call him a guitarist would be an insult to his real musicianship

2 Jake E Lee

Jake is a very close second to Randy. Jake is so damn good and he does not over use the damn pinch harmonics that Zakk Wylde tends to play after every 6 notes. Randy had the spark that put him at number 1 but Jake deserves much more credit than he got

I can only imagine how much more awesome Ozzy would have been had he and his wife not screwed Jake over. But we have two awesome albums to enjoy featuring the greatest of Oz's Axmen!

Randy is a legend, but I just prefer Jake, he's underrated. Great sound, rich tone, fantastic licks, musicality, songwriting, one of a kind, simply unbeatable!

Check out the band Badlands if you like this guy, the bands albums are all very good bluesy hard rock similar to Guns N' Roses's Appetite for Destruction.

3 Zakk Wylde Zakk Wylde is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and occasional actor who is best known as the former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, and founder of the heavy metal band Black Label Society.

Zakk needs to focus a little more on the music and a little less on the pinch harmonics

There is no best Ozzy guitarist. They are all talented but Zakk Wylde is my favorite

No more tears

4 Gus G Konstantinos Karamitroudis also known as Gus G, born September 12, 1980 in Greece is a heavy metal guitarist. He currently plays with his band Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne
5 Tony Iommi Anthony Frank "Tony" Iommi is an English guitarist, songwriter and producer. Best known as lead guitarist and founding member of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath, he has been the band's sole continual member and primary composer. At age 17, he accidentally lost the fingertips of his middle more.

Not Ozzy's solo band, but still better than Gus G

6 Jerry Cantrell Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr. is an American musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist best known as the founder, lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist and main songwriter of the rock band Alice in Chains.

He played the guitar on Under Cover sadly though his talented was wasted on crap covers

7 Brad Gillis
8 Bernie Torme
9 Joe Holmes
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