Top 10 Best Reasons to Like an Artist's Music

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1 Their music pleases you

This is the basis for every other reason one can have for liking the music an artist makes. Ultimately, the impression you have of the band or artist overall must be positive before you really find out why. You hear their music and it gets to you, and you want more.

2 You can feel the music

Once the music starts, you can feel emotion in each note and second. For a more "serious" artist, it might be desire, misery, concern, or overwhelming beauty, among others. For simpler artists, it might be the sudden urge to dance or sing along.

Blues is the only music that has this effect on me.

3 You can relate to their music

Some artists and bands sing about what they feel and what they think, and that might well be what you feel and think at the moment.

4 They are unique

Sometimes, you simply enjoy that an artist is completely different from what you're used to and offers something you have never heard before.

5 Their music is heartfelt

Whether you agree with their points of view, when an artist is 100% authentic, it almost always comes off as something positive compared to artists who simply deliver what others want to hear.

6 They make catchy music

Never underestimate that aspect. When you want to hear several songs by one artist again and again and get hooked on their melodies and hum them all day, it is very likely you enjoy them simply for that.

7 They stand for something

Often, artists want to get a message across and want people to rethink some of their opinions. And it often turns out that they are right. And when an artist has their heart in the right place, it's hard to hate them.

8 Their lyrics are outstanding

Whether visceral and heartfelt, poetic and lyrically complex, or simply creative and fun - good lyrics can make an artist's music a lot more enjoyable. But sometimes I think people overrate them and hate songs with bad lyrics even though they are musically good.

9 You respect their ambition

You know, sometimes artists have limited technical ability and are flawed, but the ambition and idea behind it are so exceptional and sympathetic that you still like them and support them.

10 They are talented

I know many people will vote for this item. But while talent has to be acknowledged and highly respected, it can also happen that an artist is very gifted and has perfect techniques, but the music itself does not touch you. On the other hand, bands and artists can have limited abilities, but still, the overall package is more pleasing to you.

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