The Ten Best Selling Songs in Austria in 1992

In 1992, the eurodance wave was inescapable as several of the year's biggest songs were part of the genre or at least featured strong elements. This year also had the special case of having an EP for a number 1 single. Also noteworthy is that "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt-N-Pepa, which spent 13 weeks on top of the charts between 1991 and 1992 is only at number 18 on this list - probably because its sales were split between the two years.
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The Top Ten
1 It's My Life - Dr. Alban

Drawing from gospel and actually being rapped very well, Dr. Alban's biggest hit song stands out among other eurodance songs with its attitude that aims for more than just being played at the next rave. Which does not mean it's catchy.

2 Rhythm is a Dancer - Snap!

Next to 2 Unlimited's "No Limit", "Rhythm is a Dancer" is the most iconic eurodance song ever made, and the top spot of any best list of the genre is usually taken by either of the two songs (on laut de's list of greatest eurodance songs, NL ranked at number 1 and RIAD at number 2). It does everything right that made the genre so big in the first place: major synth line, chorus and the stomping bass drums are all there - and I just LOVE that it does not sound uber happy at all at the same time. The singer still takes her vocal delivery seriously.

3 ABBA-esque - Erasure

4 ABBA covers in a bleeping electro style with clearly gay innuendo. Seriously, the originals may be better, but this is awesome!

Peak position: 1
The 4 track cover EP was ruled as a single for the official Austrian charts. Having spent 8 weeks on top of the charts, it was the year's biggest number 1 hit.

4 Das Boot - U96

U 96 took the most famous German film score and turned it into a eurodance club hit, full with robot vocals and an army of orchestra hits that have the same insane effect as dubstep drops. This is how I love my electronic music. The 90s had the best techno.

5 To Be With You - Mr. Big

Yeah, his vocals are really good on this one. Another song that I have heard countless times on the radio without actually realizing it.

6 Justified & Ancient (Stand by the Jams) - The KLF

This is the love child of the 70s and the 90s - in every possible way. The individual tracks of the song sound like father and son decided to make a song together. This song was unfortunately completely forgotten, and I admittedly just discovered it through this list, but... me likey.

7 Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me - George Michael & Elton John

It's two of the greatest artists of all time making a fantastic song together, I don't think it needs an explanation why it was so successful, or why I like it. People have ears.

Peak position: 2

8 Jive Connie - Connie Francis

Peak position: 2
"Jive Connie" is a medley of several songs by Connie Francis, most of which are already from the 1960s. The single was not released in her home country, the USA, and features her performing her hits in German.

Another curiosity on the Austrian charts. In 1991, an old Frank Zappa song suddenly became massive, in 1992, it's a medley of 60s songs. The songs are mostly left in their original state, but having added a simple percussion beat connecting all tracks, which doesn't sound very 90s either. The transitions between the songs are the only thing giving away it's from the 90s. The individual Connie Francis songs are fantastic of course.

The listening sample is "Schöner fremder Mann", the first song heard in the medley.

9 Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Guns N' Roses

One of the few cover versions that are on one level with the original, if not better. An extremely powerful performance by all band members. They absolutely claimed the song.

I love this cover.

Peak position: 3

10 You - Ten Sharp

Another really good pop rock song with a very memorable piano. The ten biggest songs of 1992 are thoroughly good and verd enjoyable, whether they were eurodance or rock (or jive).

Peak position: 2