The Ten Best Selling Songs in Austria in 2005

Oh, the nostalgia! For me at least.

When 2004 was the year that I started to actively listen to the charts, 2005 was when my 9 year old self started actively buying albums and singles - the start of my still growing CD collection. I owned very few CDs before though, and those were presents when my parents knew I loved a song.

2005 had an unusually high amount of popular songs by very young artists and/or having a target group younger than teenagers. Apart from the songs you see here, there were other tracks too. Apart from that, more of the usual: 2000s pop, pop rap, RnB, rock, Latin and the only emo group with massive success in Austria.
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The Top Ten
1 Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil - Schnappi

What can I say about this? It's a homemade sounding song about a crocodile toddler literally sung by a five year old girl specifically written for young children. It's cute and harmless, and has the absolute minimum of what you can call a song. It was still a number 1 hit in several European countries and that even before viral videos existed or were relevant. Can I judge this like any other regular song on the charts? No. Even if this site has an obsession with hating on stuff for pre-schoolers. I say "Schnappi" is a age appropriate for young kids and that's all I can really rate here.

2 Durch den Monsun - Tokio Hotel

I will now make a revelation that will shock you: I HATED this song back in 2005. Like, seriously despised it. Yes, me. The guy who never hates music. And who also owns and has repeatedly listened to all of the Tokio Hotel stuff years later. I can't really tell you why as it makes little sense to me retrospectively. Stylistically, it was close to Christina Stürmer who I loved, and children's vocals never bothered me.

What do I think about this song today? Some time around 2015 I discovered emo, and I loved it. Because except for Tokio Hotel, we had nothing like it: none of the tormenting emotions, the gender bending style and the edge. And this is when I re-discovered Tokio Hotel and grew to really like them. Their first album "Schrei", which also features "Durch den Monsun" is still my least favorite by them. Bill Kaulitz did not have his puberty voice change yet, and the group weren't much involved in the songwriting process unlike on all of the following albums. The result is songs whose vocals sound very young combined with lyrics either too poetic (as on "Monsun") or too edgy (as on "Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei") to sound authentic. The re-recorded English language version from 2007's album "Scream", with Bill's voice having audibly matured and having become much more sensitive in his performance, is however masterful and everything emo should be. It shows how one aspect can make a song dramatically better or worse. "Durch den Monsun" gets a 2 out of 5 from me, "Monsoon" a full 5 out of 5 - although instrumental and lyrics being almost identical (apart from the language).

3 Lonely - Akon

Sounds weird but... this is another song I HATED back in 2005. Although I loved Scooter who also used the chipmunk vocals, I could not stand the pitch voice in the chorus.

Nowadays I gotta say... it's an okay RnB song leaning towards hip hop. Akon is not a great singer, but it's fine, and the pitched sample is okay too, it's catchy and used well to work with the well produced, probably Kanye West inspired beat. It won't become a favorite of mine, but it's not half bad.

4 Ch!pz in Black (Who You Gonna Call) - Ch!pz

Ch! pz was a Dutch bubblegum dance band that aimed at a younger audience (not toddlers but not teens either). Their debut album "The Adventures of Ch! pz" has the band in different scenarios we know from movies, such as visiting the Wild West, a haunted house, outer space, a pirate ship, high school, the middle ages, etc. On "Ch! pz in Black", they essentially take the role of the Men in Black from the film of the same name, covering up traces of aliens.

Back in 2005, I LOVED Ch! pz, and even bought their singles when I already had the album. Nowadays, I can only tell you that if you have a child between 6 and 11, get them the album. It's as much fun as they can have with music. The songs are first class bubblegum dance earworms, better than the Vengaboys and more varied and exciting than Aqua (cleaner, too). There's also no shame to love them when you are older. Like every good piece of family friendly entertainment, you're never too old to like it. And the songs are so catchy, and filled with so many individual ideas (the eurodance beats always feature sounds typically associated with the respective scene - banjos for "Cowboy", witches' laughter for "Haunted House", etc.), it will be much fun for you too.

5 Push the Button - Sugababes

I often said it, and I will repeat it: the Sugababes were the best pop girl group ever. Better than the Spice Girls, better than PCD, better than Little Mix. Although they infamously had many line up changes, they were always responsible for the music they made and it had their personality written all over their songs. Even though their bandname suggests the opposite, they were very strong females, and even their more sex oriented songs - like this one - alwayd had the feeling it's about pleasing THEIR desires, not the men's fantasies. They were classier, more confident and badass in their delivery, and were never set up to represent a man's idea of being sexy. What they did was singing about men like men sang about women - and that made them positively stand out. Compare that to PCD whose dominance was mostly designed to appear erotic. Sugababes allowed themselves to be sexual, too. But it's because they want it to be that way. And all of that was delivered to top notch 2000s pop music, "Push The Button" being very much on the electronica side of that.

6 Emanuela - Fettes Brot

One of the songs you can't really describe. Every once in a while there's a song that sounds so unlike anything else you don't know where to start, and this German song can't be classified or compared to anything else. Its production and style don't fit into any categories of its time - it's nevertheless poppy and catchy, but the beat sounds completely unique.

7 First Day Of My Life - Melanie C

The light pop ballad by Ex-Spice Girl Melanie C is a thoroughly pleasant listen that's likable throughout, much like her 2000s music in general. I can't really describe what it is, but something about her feels comfortable, warm and welcoming.

I don't get why this song has no listening sample available - it's a regular song by a well known British singer with the other songs of the album having samples (the other songs without a sample are German and Dutch, I can kinda understood that, but Melanie C? ).

8 Numb / Encore - Jay-Z & Linkin Park

"Numb" is an incredible, heartfelt, rough song by one of the greatest bands of their generation, in their greatest phase, Chester Bennington's voice torn between apathetic and painfully raw, the lyrics filled with all too relatable depression.
"Encore" is a solid hip hop song.

"Numb / Encore", like the entire "Collision Course" EP, is a nice idea and gimmick, but does not make either song any better than it already is on its own. I don't mind it, but each song can't unfold its full potential. And still this was my first touch with Linkin Park. Two years later they would become one of my favorite bands.

9 Die Eine 2005 - Die Firma

Oh my, I almost forgot about this song!

It's a German pop rap song... and it's a love song, with the rapper tenderly caressing "the one" girl he loves. It feels honest because it is known he rapped about his wife, but still, this is German hip hop for people who don't listen to German hip hop - which doesn't mean it's not a solid song. Again, it won't become a favorite of mine, but it's okay.

10 La Camisa Negra - Juanes

The motto of the Austrian charts is probably: "a Latin hit song a year won't make the doctor appear"

Again, this is one of the better ones, as it's not overly reliant on clichés, and lives mostly through its Spanish guitar and the shift from minor to major between verses and chorus. It doesn't sound like a summer hit either, although it was treated as such ovee here. And this is actually something that bothers me more and more the older I grow: a song being Spanish doesn't make it a summer hit. Not all of them are about holidays and parties. Some are. I think that Latin is an accurate umbrella term, but the words aren't interchangable.