Top 10 Greatest Songs of 2018, According to Complex

So, on December 18th of 2018, Complex released their list of best songs of the year. Again, the year is not over yet but I can understand you already want your list out when it is not to be expected that another banger will drop. Anyhow… we should at least give the year’s final days a chance.

As always, I like Complex’s list much more than Rolling Stone’s or’s. Not necessarily because I like the songs on the list better (all three of them contained few tracks you will find on my personal list), but because it feels much more likable. Rolling Stone’s list feels little passionate about the music itself, and they pretty much wrote down what the general consensus was this year. And while kind of DOES put more thought and personal taste into their lists, it also feels quite elitist and looks down onto the public’s opinion. Now, Complex has neither of these flaws. While the magazine has a clearly preferred genre - hip hop - it feels absolutely euphoric about their selections. They do not ignore mainstream or the underground, and they pick up both hit songs and overlooked gems - that’s pretty much what I try to do too. They absolutely love their music, and you can feel that. They convinced me in the past years, and they did so this year.
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The Top Ten
1 SICKO MODE - Travis Scott, Drake, Swae Lee & Big Hawk

And THIS is a far better choice for number one than "In My Feelings" (Rolling Stone's number one of 2018). Although had the best one with Kanye's "Ghost Town", "Sicko Mode" is one of the year's most experimental and well made hip hop tracks, especially among those that were hits, and is a legit number 1 song for a magazine that mainly revolves around hip hop.

Hard to argue here. 2 Rap Legends making this song a masterpiece.

Young la flame he in Sicko Mode!

2 Nice For What - Drake

Again, like I said on my Rolling Stone list: I have no problem with Drake being high on the list. That's some really fine pop music and hip hop he released this year, and his album was absolutely good for what it is ("If You're Reading This It's Too Late" will always remain his best work though). It's just that the number one spot of the world's biggest music magazine should be reserved for special songs, musically and/or lyrically, which is what Rolling Stone did the years before. So... I'm very fine with "Nice For What" at number 2.

Probably my favorite hip hop song of 2018. So catchy!

3 Drip Too Hard - Lil Baby & Gunna
4 thank u, next - Ariana Grande

Ariana just gets better and better. This song broke records on YouTube!

5 The Story of Adidon - Pusha T
6 NO BYSTANDERS - Travis Scott

What I like about Complex is that they often pick tracks off popular albums that were neither hits nor singles. It just shows that they actually care for the music, not just the status.

7 Look Alive - BlocBoy JB & Drake
8 Last Time That I Checc'd - Nipsey Hussle & YG
9 King's Dead - Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake
10 Praise the Lord (Da Shine) - A$AP Rocky & Skepta

I love this song