Best Songs On Metallica's Death Magnetic

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1 All Nightmare Long

The only song I am really happy with. Especially the middle part with the two soli stand out, the forward riff in between kick ass, then the wah wah solo comes in, and the followingshredding riff with slow drums is a bulldozer. The Chorus is good as well. My favorite track

1. All Nightmare Long
2. Cyanide
3. The Unforgiven III
4. The Day That Never Comes
5. That Was Just Your Life
6. Suicide and Redemption
7. The End of the Line
8. The Judas Kiss
9. My Apocalypse
10. Broken Beaten and Scarred

1- All Nightmare Long
2- The Day That Never Comes
3- Broken Beat And Scarred
4- That Was Just Your Life
5- The Unforgiven III
6- Cyanide
7- Suicide And Redemption
8- The End Of The Line
9- The Judas Kiss
10- My Apocalypse

Amazing song from an amazing album. Really, really rough, and the lyrics just add to the feeling.

2 The Day that Never Comes

This is the 1st and probably my favorite out of the album, I do understand way all nightmare long is the best on this list, but to me, this song is the best, it starts off calm, and then gets all insane, this is not the only song the does this, the first time the did this was in fade to black, and after that is one, so, even though it's not as fast a all nightmare long, it's my favorite out of all of them.

Really hard to decide between this and All Nightmare Long. Had to go with this one though, it just reminds you of the greatest ballads of all time Fade to Black and One. All songs start out soft, builds up over time to get really rough, they have amazing solo's. Great song.

You know one is one of the best Metallica songs, right? Well the day that never comes is the mighty successor for it. Acoustic at the beginning, heavy on chorus, mad guitar solo and a killer riff. At about 5:42 is one of the best riffs ever made.

1 the day that never comes
2 Unforgiven 3
3 Cyanide
4 All nightmare long
5 suicide & redeption
6 the end of the line
7 that was just your life
8 my apocalypse
9 the judas kiss
10 Broken, beat & scarred
Album average: 9.5/10

3 That Was Just Your Life

Another masterpiece from Metallica. The Riff and the vocal from James is awesome. Should be at the first place. Like A Siren In My Head That Always Threatens To Repeat.

Some of Metallica's greatest riffs ever are on this song, particularly in the intro. This song proves that Metallica can make good thrash metal.

This song is Awesome whit the Riff and the vocals
I just love it. This song shoul br in the to of the list.
I think it's on it own way one of the best Metallica songs
Ever made.

Love the Unforgiven I - Moody and Depressing, but That was Just your Life is the one you crank up to anoy the neijbours - Pity the Fool who can't hear Metallica!

4 The Unforgiven III

Are you kidding me? It's the best song in this album... It won Metallica a Grammy too... Okay it may not have such a good riff like All Nightmare Long but still it's the best one in the album...

My mom hates metallica, but even this song she likes! I love metallica and this is my favorite by them! And I seriously think this whole album is underrated!

The lyrics of this song really resonate with me. I currently consider it my favorite Metallica song. (Sorry, Hero of the Day. )

All time favorite unforgiven is there life from there starting album to there last album in different parts

5 Cyanide

My first one from this album was The Day, but when I heard Cyanide, I knew one of the greatest songs of 2000s! It is absolutely fantastic, more than other songs from this album!

Very energetic and well made song, Lars does a really great job with the drumming too in particular, but I was a bit disappointed with the basslines from Robert

The Drums in this song are amazing
this is a real good song to bang your head to
my favorite off the album

Amazing work with the bass, and an all around masterpiece of metal! Don't know why it's not higher up on the list.

6 Suicide & Redemption

The thing about this album, is that there isn't a massive gap between the best song and the worst, unlike some of their other albums.

Metallica's instrumental songs are always fantastic this should be # 3 at least. One of their best songs out there

How is this at number 10? This is their best instrumental. (though I like Orion better)

One of my favourite instrumentals and a very underrated song, love the riffs

7 The Judas Kiss

Only loses to All Nightmare Long.
Great song, with a kickass riff and everything.
I don't really like The Day That Never Comes, its a good ballad, but nothing compared to stuff like Fade to Black and One.

Unforgiven 3 is the best Metallica song from any album. The feels, the solo, the touching vocals. Should be number 1 on any Metallica related top ten.

Personally All Nightmare Long is my fave on DM but this is an easy second. The entire album is amazing not a single second of it I don't like

The riff during the chorus is one of Hetfield's best and one of the best Metallica riffs of all time.

8 Broken, Beat & Scarred

This song gets me pumped up like nothing else. It literally makes me want to break my body when I'm in the gym doing a high intensity workout. Amazing filling.

One of the few songs in Death Magnetic not related to attracting death, but repelling death. A song about the challenges of the everyday world.

Godly track, one of the best choruses and second halves by Metallica. In fact, the entire album is brilliant

This, judas kiss an all nightmare long are the Best songs from this album in my opinion.

9 My Apocalypse

Lol this song is the thrash that metallica fans we're requesting since 1991
Won a grammy and its here...
Since this albums have no bad songs I'm ok with it
Personal ranking:
1- the day that never comes
2- all nightmare long
3- my apocalypse
4- cyanide
5- suicide & redemption (my favorite tallica instrumental)
6- unforgiven III
7- that was just your life
8- the end of the line
9- broken, beat & scared
10- the judas kiss (not a bad song but I would put "hate train" instead)
Also this albums have the best kirk's solos overall

this album is very strong. The Day that Never Comes and All Nightmare Long are the 2 best songs for sure but other 8 are also great. I can't even name the worst song on this album cause they're all at the same level.

A true thrasher with guitars at a blazing 200 bpm for 5 minutes of bliss. Gets very tight from the middle to the end. Lars Ulrich sneaks some double bass near the end. Great riffs by Hetfield and Hammett, and a chaotic solo. Even then, this song checks the album title with "Death Magnetic, pulling closer still".

The tempo of the song really gets me going.. I like this one better than all others in the album... Really energizes me.. hats off the to the drumming towards the second half of the song

10 The End of the Line

While DM doesn't really have a bad song on it, and some song has to be #10, it should not be this one. It begins by establishing the riffs in the song, then goes into the sick riff that sounds like a metal version of the riff in Pearl Jam's Even Flow. The lyrics are absolutely astonishing. The chorus is very catchy. After a guitar solo where it sound like the guitar is going to explode, it drops to an interlude, then revs back up to full speed before halting to a sudden finish because the song has reached the end of the line.

HOW THIS IS N10 man that's my second best song only loses to that was just your life listen to the interlude it's so emotional please vote for this song to get it what it deserves

This is really one of the best songs from this album. It has a really nice riff, catchy lyrics and a sweet solo.

It should be at top 3 iam shocked how this master-piece is at 10th place. Electrifying work of guitar and hard lyrics

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