Top 10 Things in Music We Most Hope Happen in 2024

A new year in music has begun. What do you most hope happens in music in 2024? Do you wish for an artist to release a new album? Or perhaps you’re hoping for a particular change?

Just know that these suggestions are utopian, and the music landscape is unpredictable. But remember, everyone has the right to dream.
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1 Fewer samples of classic songs

2023 has seen a lot of gimmicky samples and lazy interpolations of classic hits used merely for nostalgia bait and easy money. It's time for producers and songwriters to stop relying on such samples and start writing their own material.

Also, if you want to sample a well-known song, please do it in a way that feels creative and subtle. Instead of shamelessly reusing the melody and lyrics to the point it cannibalizes the whole song (hi David Guetta), or just grossly turning the original song into a sexual fetish (Jason Derulo and Coi Leray, I'm talking to you), be more thoughtful.

I really hope this stupid trend dies down in 2024.

2 Rihanna releases a new album

She did the Super Bowl halftime show in 2023, but still, no album is on the way. There are rumors she will tour in 2024, so hopefully, she will release a new album this year.

3 A new rapper breaks into the mainstream with an innovative style
4 A new Gen Z popstar emerges

I think it's about time that a new pop star finally emerges. Tate McRae falling into this category is probably debatable. While she's had her biggest year yet, she has had a pretty decent following for a couple of years, and the Olivia Rodrigo wannabes have pretty much died off or moved on at this point.

It would also be fun if this pop star, who blows up out of nowhere, has a unique pop sound.

Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish don't have a lot of competition, but at the same time, it seems like the term pop star doesn't resonate with Generation Z. Or is it just a matter of time?

5 A legendary band reunites

I was hoping The Smiths would reunite, but with Andy Rourke's death, I doubt it will ever happen. I'm also hoping for an Oasis reunion, but it seems the Gallagher brothers still hate each other.

Which band do you wish would reunite one day? Personally, I see No Doubt getting back together for the second time. Not only is it a good time for Gwen Stefani to relaunch her career, but she and Tony Kanal seem to be getting along well since their tumultuous breakup back in 1994-95 (which created their biggest hit "Don't Speak").

6 A UK rapper cracks the Billboard Hot 100

After Central Cee and Dave, it would be cool to see another UK rapper break into the Billboard Hot 100.

7 Sinéad O'Connor is posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

She's been eligible since 2013, so now would be a good time for her to be inducted. She was a very influential artist who deserves more recognition.

Edit: She has been announced among the candidates for induction this year.

8 Miley Cyrus wins a Grammy

She has never won a Grammy, and now is her chance. She made the biggest hit of 2023, and her Endless Summer Vacation album is great, so it would be a crime for her to leave the Grammys without a single trophy.

Edit: She won two Grammys for "Flowers."

9 Maroon 5 finally calls it quits

It finally looks like The Adam Levine Experience is (hopefully) finally no longer relevant, as their latest single "Middle Ground" ended up tanking. Jordi, I think, was their worst-performing album on the US Billboard 200 (not counting their stuff as Kara's Flowers), and critics tore it to shreds.

Todd in the Shadows could possibly make a Trainwreckords video on Jordi as well.

Their 2023 single "Middle Ground" tanked hard and was not the return to form I hoped for. Also, Adam Levine's cheating scandal probably ruined the band. I guess it's time for Adam Levine's crew to hang it up for good.

10 A song from a little-known music genre charts on the Billboard Hot 100

This sounds pretty interesting. It would be cool if an artist from an extremely underground genre makes their way to the mainstream.

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11 Jay-Z releases a new album
12 My Chemical Romance releases a new album

It's been almost a decade and a half since they released their latest album "Danger Days," which did divide critics and fans when it first came out. However, they are rumored to be working on their fifth studio album, and two years ago, they released their first song in eight years, "The Foundations of Decay."

I really hope it turns out well!

13 DMX lost songs are released
14 Cher is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Her career spans more than six decades, and she still hasn't been inducted. It's about time she is!

15 Cardi B releases her sophomore album

She has been teasing that her sophomore album will come out in 2024. I remember her saying that she was scared to put it out because she was worried that it would end up tanking and that critics would not like it, but I know her fans have been waiting years for it to come out.

It's going to be six years since Invasion of Privacy was released. She's been releasing singles since 2019, but no new album is on the way.

16 A new Latin artist cracks the Billboard Hot 100

"The Warning" are a Mexican band that is absolutely amazing and are destined for worldwide fame. Their recent CDMX show was off the charts. The audience went nuts.

17 Shakira releases a new album
18 Eminem releases a new single that disses a celebrity

I would love to see Eminem diss Jason Derulo after the latter ruined "Thank You" by Dido on one of his latest singles.

19 Ariana Grande releases a new album

She did hint at us about her seventh studio album. What we do hope is that it isn't another sellout album like Positions was.

She just confirmed she will release her seventh album in 2024.

20 Boygenius wins a Grammy

They released one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2023, so I hope they will win at least one Grammy Award.

Edit: They won at least two Grammys.

21 More Afrobeats songs land on the Billboard Hot 100
22 System of a Down releases a new album

Please! It's been almost two decades since "Mezmerize" and "Hypnotize" came out, and more than a decade since SOAD reunited. No new music has been released since their 2020 single "Protect the Land," and the fans' patience is beginning to wear very thin.

If SOAD could release a new album this year, it would be awesome.

23 SZA wins a Grammy

She dominated 2023 with her "SOS" album and the hit singles "Kill Bill" and "Snooze." I hope she wins at least one Grammy.

Edit: She did.

24 Evan Taubenfeld releases his sophomore album
25 Avril Lavigne releases a new album
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