Top 10 Best Cheap Trick Songs

We are about to embark on a sonic adventure through the legendary catalog of one of the most iconic American rock bands, Cheap Trick. Known for their irresistible blend of power pop, hard rock, and new wave, this influential group has left an indelible mark on the music industry since their inception in the 1970s.

With a career spanning over five decades, Cheap Trick has blessed us with countless anthems, unforgettable hooks, and unforgettable performances. Despite their extensive discography, with your help we have taken on the monumental task of narrowing down their oeuvre to the top ten Cheap Trick songs that stand out as true gems. From their hits to some hidden treasures, this list will not only evoke nostalgia but also remind you of the sheer brilliance and versatility of this enduring band.
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1 Surrender

Cheap Trick is always great listening. Great show band. If you understand music, you understand why they're great.

Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird. Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away. YEAH YEAH...

One of the greatest rock songs ever written. Thanks Rick!

2 I Want You to Want Me

This is clearly Cheap Trick's best song! It is insanely catchy and simple. Most people don't understand that even simple beats are hard to come up with, especially ones like I Want You to Want Me.

Okay, except maybe for Surrender, this is Cheap Trick's biggest song.

Pretty much everyone feels this way at some point in their life.

3 The Flame

My two-year-old son danced to this one in the store, and we sang it together loud and clear as we danced in the living room - a memory I'm keeping forever!

This is clearly Cheap Trick's number one song. How can it be number two? The lyric and the tune of this song are too good.

I can't even count how many times I played this within the two months since I first heard this song. Absolutely brilliant!

4 Dream Police

This song is just magnificent. It has this amazing change of atmosphere, from totally positive to darker, almost haunting. Great song.

I just love this song and the YouTube clip of it. They were a true rock band of the late 70s, and Rick Neilson, you still rock today.

Whenever I suffer from insomnia, I can't stop thinking about this song.

5 If You Want My Love

Seriously, guys, this is one of their underrated songs. It's one of the best power ballads of the 80s. It was huge in Australia!

Awesome song with a great chorus.

6 He's a Whore
7 Voices

It's simply melodious, sweet, and beautiful. Makes you swoon over it. You'll fall in love with this piece of amazing.

8 Clock Strikes Ten
9 Ain't That a Shame
10 The House is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems)
The Contenders
11 Mighty Wings

Should be higher than Surrender.

12 Don't Be Cruel

Great cover by Cheap Trick of the epic Elvis song.

13 Hello There
14 On Top of the World
15 Auf Wiedersehen
16 Southern Girls
17 E.L.O. Kiddies
18 Day Tripper
19 Gonna Raise Hell

The live version at Budokan took them to another level altogether!

20 Tonight It's You

Remarkable song! The way the pace changes throughout is nothing I've heard before.

21 Cry, Cry
22 When the Lights Go Out

How did this song not even make the list? Definitely the most fun of their songs. Perhaps not necessarily as good as Surrender or Dream Police, but it definitely deserved to be, you know, present.

23 Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School
24 Can't Stop Falling Into Love
25 Taxman, Mr. Thief

This list is terrible as I'm having to try to add Downed and Taxman, Mr. Thief. Who are these people voting on here anyway? For newbies to Cheap Trick, you must check out these two tunes immediately!

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