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1 Surrender

A list most obviously voted on by post-menopausal women. The Flame? My Obsession? Top Ten? Where is The House is rocking' (with Domestic Problems) or Heaven Tonight? I'm telling you it's an all chick list.

Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weir
Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away

Cheap trick always great listening; great show band: and if you understand music you understand why they're great.

Great chorus and sructures. Where is this type of music anymore. Music for me died in 1994 with kurt cobain.

2 I Want You to Want Me

This is clearly cheap tricks best song! It is insanely catchy and simple. Most people don't understand that even simple beats are hard to come up with especially ones like I want you to want me.

Okay, except maybe for Surrender, THIS is Cheap Trick's biggest song.

Pretty much everyone feels this way at some point in their life.

Simplicity at its finest!

3 The Flame

My two year old son danced to this one in the store and we sang it together loud and clear as we danced in the living room -- a memory I'm keeping for ever!

This is clearly the Cheap Trick's number one song, how can it be in number two. The lyric and the tune of this song is too good.

I can't even count how many times I played this within the two months since I first heard this song. Absolutely brilliant!

This is one of my all time favourite songs. Surrender isn't even that good. This is definitely Cheap Trick's best song.

4 Dream Police

This song is just magnificent. It has this amazing change of atmosphere - from totally positive to darker, almost haunting... Great song.

Just love this song and the YouTube clip of it they were a true rock band of the late 70s and Rick Neilson you still rock today.

Whenever I suffer from insomnia, I can't stop thinking about this song.

Way under rated! A Great Song!

5 He's a Whore
6 If You Want My Love

Seriously guys this is one of their underrated songs, it's one of the best power ballads of the 80's. It was huge in Australia!

This is the most Beatle-ish song sung by any band. It's catchy, a simply great to sing along to. My 2nd favorite CT song.

Awesome song with a great chorus.

Why the hell is this so low?

7 Voices

It's simply melodious, sweet and beautiful. Makes you swoon over it. You'll fall in love with this piece of amazing.

"I love everyone in this bar! "

"I'm a fool again"

8 Ain't That a Shame
9 Clock Strikes Ten
10 The House is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems)
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11 Hello There
12 On Top of the World
13 Don't Be Cruel

Great cover by cheap trick from epic Elvis song.

14 Mighty Wings

Should be higher than Surrender.

15 Southern Girls
16 E.L.O. Kiddies
17 Day Tripper

I'm listing the ones that aren't on the radio nonstop. And there better than them anyways

18 Gonna Raise Hell

The live version on Budokan took them to another level altogether!

Great Song ! Definitely Top 10 material

19 Cry, Cry
20 When the Lights Go Out

How did this song not even make the list? Definitely the most fun of their songs. Perhaps not necessarily as good as Surrender or Dream Police, but it definitely deserved to be, you know, present.

A great cover!

21 Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School
22 Tonight It's You

Great song, give it a listen.

23 Taxman, Mr. Thief

This list is crap that I'm having to try to add Downed and Taxman, Mr Thief...who are these people voting on here anyway...for newbies to Cheap Trick you must check out these 2 tunes immediately!

24 Can't Stop Falling Into Love
25 Woke Up with a Monster
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