Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About China

So people, mostly Americans, like to think stuff without actually knowing it or jumping to conclusion. For example, Americans think that all black people are criminals, and that all white neighborhoods are crime free, but actually that ain't true. Anyways, this list was created from real life experience living in China.
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1 Chinese people are afraid of the government

Actually Chinese people don't really give a damn about the government and break the laws all the time, this includes openly talking about how much they don't like a particular government law without looking left or right for the police.

I'm a Chinese and I can confirm that everyone I know loves and respect our government.

2 All Chinese people eat dog

This is what 99.9% of all ignorant uneducated Americans think, but in realty a lot of Chinese people think it is disgusting eating dogs and there are many Chinese organizations against eating dog (Chinese PETA). The only people who really eat dogs are from small cities and villages.

Why would anyone think that? There has been reports of some evil restaurant owners who put dog meat in the dishes, but hey, if there's one homicide in a country, does that mean everybody in that country are cold-blooded murderers? Think, people, think!

3 Chinese people are brainwashed and have no idea about the outside world

China actually has a lot of American, British, and other Western shops and restaurants. You see giant billboards of Western idols like Michael Jackson and even Metallica. They know what is happening around the world. Modern day China is not North Korea, but 1960's China was similar to North Korea.

4 Chinese people hate America and want to start a war
5 Chinese people love Communism

This is false, there are a lot of Chinese who want the country to be a democratic, but according to the Chinese government, China is way too big and has too many people, and going democratic may cause more harm than good. They need to have one government to control that many people.

6 China is not high-tech and everything is old

Big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen are really high tech and almost at the same level as S.Korea and Japan. Those cities are more high-tech than most American cities. Hong Kong (China's special region) is very similar to Tokyo and New York in terms of business and tech.

This is the exact opposite of my impression of China. In fact, this is the first time I've heard of this idea.

If China is not high tech, then what about 5G?

7 China does not like American culture

Once again this is false. Most of the popular stuff here like movies, books, and music are all famous there as well. If it is famous in America. then there is a good chance it is famous there too.

My relatives are Chinese and we like American stuff such as Vegas, sports, NYC, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc

8 Chinese people do not like heavy metal

China has a big heavy metal scene focused on Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, and everything else. Metallica, Korn, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Slipknot, and many other heavy metal bands have their own following in China. China also has many death metal bands that are pretty good.

9 China is a dangerous country

Small rural area might be dangerous if you are there alone, but big cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai are extremely safe, way safer than any city in America. A city like Hong Kong is safer at 2:00 AM than Dallas Texas at 12:00 PM. There are cameras and guards everywhere, and you can always go up to them for help if anything happens. The biggest crime in China for foreigners is scams (guy pretends to be deaf to get money from you, girls will trick single White guys into buying them lunch with the hope of having some sort of gangbang, but the girls will sneak out of the restaurant, leaving the White guy with the bill) and fake money. You really have to watch out for fake money, and try to give exact change to taxi drivers. Restaurant are usually good about it.

10 All Chinese people have Coronavirus

Chinese population: over 1.4 billion
Covid-19 cases in China: about 60,000
Does this add up to you?

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11 Chinese people are shy

Chinese people will actually talk to you first (as opposed to Japanese people who will not talk to you until you engage them first, even if they want to talk to you) and start the conversation. Chinese people will offer help and for the most part they will try to lead you to someone who can help you out. In big cities, you will find many people who speak English.

I once visited China and God! Communacting with Chinese was such a pain because eberywhere I went no one wanted to or could speak English and nobody helped me with communication.

12 All of China is heavily polluted
13 Chinese products are made to last
14 China is purely communist
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