Top Ten Nicki Minaj Looks In Music Videos

The Top Ten Nicki Minaj Looks In Music Videos

1 Starships

This song was a good hit it was a very fun song that when you heard it you just want to dance to it and it had clever lyrics it was not as explicit as most of her songs and she is a rapper and this is a pop song.

I like star ships I like to do the dance

I love this song it rocks "starships were ment to fly hands up and touch the sky" love it (-:

THis song was Nicki's enter into he pop world. It introduced us not just Nicki Minaj the rapper but, Nicki Minaj the pop singer. All in all its a great song, kids love it, pparents find it appropiate, and it was extremely successful. A true pop song. It was a highlight from her album, Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded. It has this undeniable catchy groove, and she stunningly gourgeous in the video. - goldnchezt

2 Super Bass
3 Fly

The dress Nicki wears on the airplane is gorgeous! She looks classy there, then kickass five seconds later in her ninja bodysuit. How can this not be #1?!

Best song ever

4 Stupid Stupid

K in some parts of her look enforced a weird sexual nature and her song also enforced a sexual nature as well but some of her outfits I liked

5 Right Through Me

It is 1 of the best tracks

6 Moments for Life
7 Va Va Voom

She looks hot in that unicorn outfit!

8 Till the World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix)
9 Your Love

The beautiful samurai look is awesome.

10 Give Me All Your Luvin

The Contenders

11 Pound the Alarm
12 Pills N Potions

Natural beauty prevails in this video.

Her natural look was beautiful!

13 Anaconda

I get chills when I see her Anaconda look. Nicki is queen forever, cardi is princess

14 Beez In the Trap

I loved her green wig.

15 I'm Out
16 Freedom
17 Lookin Ass N****

Awesome song she looked new it...

18 My Chick Bad
19 Right By My Side
20 High School
21 Stupid Hoe
22 Good Form
23 No Frauds
24 Regret In Your Tears
25 Chun Li
26 Barbie Dreams

She looked beautiful in all her outfits - Luckys

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