Top Ten Non-Futuristic MMORPGs

The Top Ten

1 RuneScape

Popular game about to get nice update. - EmceeBlood

2 World of Warcraft

ew runescape... WoW pwns. - Lazerbeampewpewpew

WoW pwnage. 10mil and raising. - EmceeBlood

3 Guild Wars
4 Lineage I and II
5 Lord of The Rings Online

Based on the kick-butt movies. - EmceeBlood

6 Age of Conan

Popular game that exploded through the top ten MMORPG lists. - EmceeBlood

7 Warhammer Online

Upcoming game that might change the face of MMOs forever. - EmceeBlood

8 Dungeons And Dragons Online
9 Everquest Series
10 Ultima Online

The original, and although dated with its graphics, it's still the ONLY one that I still play... 11 years running. How can this one not even make the top ten is beyond me... Respect your history, gamers.

The Contenders

11 Dungeon Runners
12 Ikariam
13 Aion Online
14 Toram Online
15 Onigiri
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