Best NPCs In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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21 Lokir of Rorikstead

Best guy in the game

The gods sent a dragon to save him, he should have waited

The divines did not help him :'(


22 Brynjolf

I love his accent, and just how ridiculous he looks in nightingale armor and how much he changed. Love that dude.

Brynjolf mays here with my falmer blood elixir


He gives you gold for framing a rando for theft so yeah that's cool I guess😐

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23 Bandits
24 Nazeem Nazeem

Why is Nazeem on this list? Everything that he says is a snobbish comment! - aldwych94

Annoying... that's all!

Nazeem- "Do you get to go to the cloud district often? No, of course you don't"
Me- "Do you like to do it with yo momma, yes of course you do."


no. - Canuck101

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25 Miraak
26 Ralof
27 Farkas

Farkas is the most good looking guy in the game and makes a decent follower

He is a savage

28 Neloth

On my Level 86 high elf account, I just spend all my time in solsteim so I can hang out with him, he's my favorite.

29 Heimskr Heimskr
30 Hermaeus Mora
31 Veezara

He was the only reason that I never chose to destroy the Dark Brotherhood, other than Spectral Assassin and Shadowmere.

32 Sapphire
33 Sven

There is nothing more amazing then having this useless piece of crab fighting people with his iron dagger

34 Tolfdir
35 Dragonborn

Admit it, you like yourself above any npc!

Shouldn't be here. He is not an npc a.k.a Non Playable Character.

36 Lucia
37 Hircine
38 Vilkas
39 Spectral Assassin
40 General Tullius

He knows what's best for skyrim! He's very practical and just in my opinion

General Tullius is hell of a lot nicer than Ulfric Stormcloak

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