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Why did someone not make this already! I figured I had to do it!

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1 Inanimate Insanity II

I thought I was the only one who thought Inanimate Insanity was the best object show. When Inanimate Insanity 14 came out, there wasn't much excitement on Instagram. However, when BFB 22 and 23 came out, there was so much excitement and I had lost interest in BFB. It makes me happy to know there are people who agree with me.

The character development and depth that this show gives the character is a delicious spoonful to take with each view. They really outdone the beautiful animations too and the new inclusions of song each episode reminds me of Phineas and Ferb, and I love it!
Of course, a show this good will take more time to create, hence the long wait in between each episode.

It is soooo good, you can tell because the episodes are so far apart from each other on the actual videos on AnimationEpic. Everyone knows its takes sooo long to animate.

This should 100% outrank BFDI. As good as it is, Inanimate Insanity II is better for its character development (especially the Suitloon storyline) and more creative comedy, for example, episode 9's filler jokes. Half of BDFI's jokes were about budget cuts and contestants insulting each other. All the characters have distinct voices and personalities, while in BFDI, everyone has one tone. And to add, it's the only object show I can find that's still running. Most others got bored of it or were too busy (which I can respect, but I do also respect Adam's efforts for trying to balance college and creating episodes). Overall, Inanimate Insanity is the best object show.

2 Battle for Dream Island Again

The animation improved and the new batch of contestants were delightful, tasty, and colorful. Entertaining and interesting all the way and I hope we get to see Evil Leafy again! Does Leafy act as a Evil Leafy Repellant or something?

Why does everyone like BFB better, sure bfb is good, but bfdia is hilarious and the golden coin was phenomenal in bfdia. Bfdia has amazing moments.

Overall the character designs are cool, but they could really hire some new voice actors and maybe focus more on the outcasts (The characters that didn't make the show) and add more dramatic moments.

Best object show ever! The characters are well designed, same with the background. The animation is good (except for episodes 1 and 2 of season 1), too. My favorite characters are Yellow Face, Spongy, Match, Pencil, Bomby, and Rocky.

3 Object Overload

I'm still watching it but I gotta say, the reboot is good and the characters are lovely to watch. The animation is good but gets extremely better in the reboot, though the original is cancelled and the reboot is on hiatus. I like kite.

A good object show, the reboot is extremely well animated. The character bodies and the background are extremely well designed in the reboot. Also, it has some random faces, such as when Crayon drops her phone into the water in OOR Episode 1.

I love this show, the animations great, the characters are great, although there have not been recent episodes because of the reboot, the wait will be worth it!

The object show has great effects, quality, animation and voice acting. I really liked the one BEFORE the reboot, but the reboot is even BETTER!

4 Object Mayhem

I thought the animation is choppy at first, but it developed and it becomes better

This should be higher but it hasn't finished 1 season so that is why its at 5th

It's decent animation and it at least made more than 10 episodes yea.

Eat the pineapple

5 Brawl of the Objects

The ending is perfect and I appreciated the explanation video at the end. Animation was good and it got better. It could do with some more exciting character interactions but either way, it was entertaining. Loved Shelly

Probably not my favorite, honestly, but needs more love so I'm voting for it now. also shelly is the best and I'm sad she didn't win

I love Brawl of the Objects the most because it contains really good objects. Also baguette is my favorite B.O.T.O object the most, anyone else?

The first object show I watched and personally I think it is the best. It has awesome animation, original characters that you can relate to (Boombox, Pizza, Shieldy, Scissors), more than one character to hate, and original challenges. Favorite character is sheildy.

6 Battle for Dream Island

The original, the one that started the whole object show world. Truly amazing, *cough* like the undertale alternate universes *cough* I'm a die hard UT fan*cough*

The first EVER object show. IT'S GOTTA BE GOOD! That's because it is, BFDI is a good reason for the best object show. CAUSE IT'S THE 1ST!

This is the Best Object Show Ever. It created all object shows to this day. Why is it so low?

The show that started it all. Why so low on the list?

7 Object Twoniverse

Object twoniverse is the best show ever! Better than every other object show in the universe! Window has to be my fave cause he is super cute and mostly happy

Well it's season 2 of object universe with all newbies though! Well people that are not from the original.

I like it cause it's funny and has nice contests

Object Twoniverse is cancelled

8 Challenge to Win

This is an awesome object show!
exempt that it has yellow spider which is NOT an object

This is low on the list because its animation sucked

In romania women have no rights

Yellow spider is awesome

9 Inanimate insanity

I somehow found it inspiring. A bunch of 12-year olds had gathered and made an animation that eventually got incredible. I am actually only 13, so whenever I see the old episodes, they sort of speak to me "Hey, we're about the same age as you and we could do it. Shouldn't you be doing something to accomplish your dreams right now? "

I think it is a good show but don't give me dislikes just because it is my opinion

Come on dude inanimate insanity is suppose to be #2 because have you seen ii2?

I love the development the characters got in season 2, especially painbrush

10 Strive For The Million

I really like the present's team because their is hearty present soap key traffic light cherry tomato beach ball but, the other side is the cool team[it is not my favorite team] there is hammer candle tulip glue ruler and others I LOVE STRIVE FOR THE MILLON!

I can't not hate this show, I just love it for some reason :D


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11 Object Lockdown

This is awesome!

12 22: Object Lockdown

Best non I.I and bfdi object show. Characters have lots of personality (except the y-word and skateboard of course) and lots of characters are cool, excited for the 2nd season, hope stop sign gets in, he is the best (I know thousands of little kids will hate me)

Object Lockdown has a unique twist to the elimination, or "lockdown". Certain characters have the most personality and they may even have their own plotline or conflict. Take Yarn as an example.

Get a comb, or you'll be locked down to danger team therefore cannot win the prize

Best show no bias totally isn't my show

13 Object Land

Why did they stop object land just because it was made in england really

It's a dead show I should continue it

Lots of known diamonds

Keep lollipop in :D

14 Insane Fury

Like it so much

15 Extraordinarily Excellent Entities

I recently watched eee and that show is great, hope broomer wins the show. (Why viewers, why did you guys eliminated feather & tub of lard? Iryo chocolate bar (host) actually has personality, unlike hosts like gamey (object overload) and remote (object havoc)

This is a great show! Rest In Peperonis Moonstone


And the person hoping that broomer wins, Gamey DOES have personality

This show is epic

16 Battle for B.F.D.I.

With so many new characters and awesome animations, the months long wait is worth it! It helped me realized that even rough art can be beautiful and the character interactions always entertain me.
Also, poor Dora. I wanted to see what she can do. Perhaps she knows numbers since she deals with them a lot.

I love this show! This was made the day before BFB 22 came out. It's pretty great, with animations and eliminations! I can't wait for TPOT 1!

it's obviously the best, animation is top-notch and its funny! sound mixing is amazing, and the intro is fire. definitely the best one, I dunno why it's so low

I love the art style for this show. It's simple and funny. I also enjoy the fact that they combined all the show, and added other characters to the mix. Plus, the hosts (Four and X) are comedic and interesting. The voice acting for many characters is very good. The characters seem very likable and realistic (even Fanny, unbelievably).

17 Open Source Objects

I personally agree. This show deserves some credit, including MOST object show creators who work on the show.

Okay I just love this show and also how there is different graphics for different scenes

This is a very diverse bbject show, consisting of every object show creators and fans.

This deserves higher than other object shows

18 Object Havoc

Should be top 10 it's amazing favorite the alliance and carrot

Animation is amazing for the second ep

Amazing show can't wait for episode 3

Everyone vote it

19 Battle for Object Destination

It was great

20 Object Show 87

I. ADORE. THIS. OBJECT. SHOW. <3 Keemstar is my fave because he represents me (i like to call people idiots sometimes when I feel like it)

Really cool memes listen VOTE FOR OBJECT SHOW 87
It's the best

sorry for being mean, I just hate this show

21 Object Universe

The creator couldn't cope with the current characters so he had to put a few more in and remove all the ones he didn't like to end the season lmao... Awful. Not to mention the blatant rigging for Ice Cream, the producers favourite e.e


22 Next Top Thingy

I love this show favorites are lollipop and bubble tea I hate cactus

NTT is awesome but it needs another episode, but it is so awesome

Animation is cool

You wont get another episode cus its dead

23 Object Survival Island

Object survival is the best show of all time, the characters are amazing unique and they all have different personalities. The last episodes really get deep into the plot and it still keeps the humour around

This Object show is by xXBombs_ AwayXx. Watch it. It's legit.

My favorite contestants are Compass and Lime

24 Shape Battle

This show is AWFUL PURE GARBAGE there are lines that make no sense (see episode 4). Red circle is the only one who gets screen time and the cameos are really annoying

Only made 3 episodes so far! Pretty bad but there is not much object shows and it does not have loud voices and not good animations

Actually there are 4 episodes and red circle and hexagon went home

The writing is great but the characters are bland

This show is eh

25 Object Craziness

Oh well I'm glad you made it to the list buddy! Hope the new episode comes out soon! I'm waiting

It's decent. Second text object show I think.

Infact I'm the creator of the show so its pretty obvious that I have to vote it ~Jay28jay2

Wow! It's actually you! I'm glad you made it to this list I'm waiting for new episodes! ~The creator of the list

Terrible... haha, jokes. But I hate my own show but it's better than most things. Episode 23 >>>>


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