Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Deserve More Attention

These members of the site are really good and have made brilliant lists and comments, but have been bypassed. I would reccommend checking some of their lists out.
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1 MoldySock

Described before as the American Britgirl; the main difference is that not everyone sees her lists and comments. Most of which are truly hilarious!

@HarCher Yep I have about 2 Worst lists so that makes me a horrible person. Just like how since I dislike The brony fandom, I hate all bronies.
Come on guys, let's get real here.

But thanks For putting me Here Wildhawk

Her comments are funny. But I feel that her lists are too negative.

2 garythesnail

Okay, so I made a comment calling Gary overrated and it's taken down, but I make multiple comments insulting everyone to the moon and back and they're allowed? How inconsistent can this policy get? By the way, I do think Gary is overrated.

I'm flattered and all, but I can agree I don't deserve 3rd place. Really, I have plenty of attention. Give this spot to Maddy or Joy or someone who's actually underrated.

I'm waiting for an updated one when everyone else who's joined recently is considered. Something tells me I'd at least be in the top 100... But not like I'd care really.

Second place? Wow! I think I have good attention, but still it's really cool to be this high up! Thanks everyone!

3 JandS3000

He really puts all his energy in list making on this site. Truly underrated.

His lists are awesome please vote on them. He deserves more attention

Good friend, funny, and good lists!

I deserve more attention

4 Epekov

What a truly brilliant list. I can't possibly decide. Epekov's a joy, I really like Beatles' lists, Keyson's a sweetheart, emraldYE and MoldySock have really great lists and comments... I'll have to remix this list. All of them bring something unique.

Well I hate to vote for myself but I just want to say thank you Positron Wildhawk and Britgirl for your lovely comments!

He's interesting, he's funny, and he's just great. A truly underrated TopTenner.

5 Ajkloth

Why not everyone sees his lists, I have no clue. They are clever, funny and intriguing! I check out a number of his excellent lists!

It saddens me how Ajkloth only has 45 followers. Let's follow him guys.

No one ever focuses on this guy. Why don't people check other people?

6 keyson

Thanks, PositronWildhawk! But maybe you should be on top here; you make amazing lists and outstanding comments!

Keyson is creative and interesting; a true defender of his principles. Has a lot of potential.

He seems a little overshadowed by Positron. He has great lists and is a wonderful person!

7 Britgirl

She Deserves The Most attention because of how Kind she is!

Her Heart made out of Gold & she's a Great Women!
Plus she's Dedicated to TheTopTens!

Sorry no hate but she already has the most attention here. I mean what is so great about her. She's just a person I'm not hating though I'm just saying

For one, her lists are good. Two, it's not just about lists, it's about the aura as a user. She is a very kind user.

8 BlueDiamondFromNowhere

She has an intelligent and enthusiatic personality, is fun to talk to, and in her first month on TheTopTens already, has become a valuable member.

She is very nice person. Also, Evanescence is one of my favorite bands.

Intelligent and very nice. One of my best friends on the site.

One of my favorite users.

9 funnyuser

She deserves attention as she is a dedicated comment writer. Her lists are great too!

She has lists that are creative and funny! Vote for her!

An amazing person. Easily one of the best users here.

10 beatles

Thanks for another excellent list, PositronWildhawk. About half of these members I'd never heard of. I'll have to look them up. And yes, I do indeed gravitate toward music. It's the only language spoken by every nation.

When it comes to music lists, Beatles is an interesting one to go to. Love his insight into various songs and artists.

Good point, Beatles. Music is a language independant of culture. But so is mathematics.
Go discover underrated members, my friend.

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? Swiftie4ever
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11 Kiteretsunu

It's clearly obvious that my vote is for him. He is a good friend and we get along quite well. His humor is pure gold, and you guys should really check out his lists! He is underrated though, PLEASE VOTE ON HIS LISTS, PLEASE! I rest my case.

Obviously I vote for him... I esp. loved the random TopTens Users Messages list - best list on this site! Plus it's neat.

He is very friendly, he's funny and makes good lists.

12 CartoonsGirl

She's pretty popular, but I still wish her posts had more attention. Surprisingly good, indeed.

She deserves way more attention then she has now.

She is cool and deserves more attention.

She deserves much more attention.

13 PatrickStar

I think he should be lower. He has the 4th most followers.

Amazing user with great comments!

14 usa123

This guy was one of my best friends. I wonder what happend to him?

A very underrated user

15 Jake09

He had his account since 2012 and he STILL doesn't even have 70 followers. Come on guys, let's all follow him!

Really like Jake09's lists. Creative and crazy (in a good way).

16 BKAllmighty

I really like this gentleman's lists: music, films and some interesting random subject lists. Definitely underrated!

17 PetSounds

Why to my understanding this used to be Beatles who is number 5 on the list. I think he deserves a lot more attention he's really great. And I don't need more attention I'm find with just my lists and I.

18 emraldYE

Really, don't leave emraldYE out. Not everyone sees her unique lists, and I can say, they're totally worth it.

19 PositronWildhawk

Pos, you're simply the best (along with Britgirl), but as Britgirl is 1st on the "top 10 TheTopTens users", you're getting my vote bro! You definitely must be at #1 here!

Pos and Tina have a truckload of attention. They're awesome, but they have plenty of attention. Even the visitors love them!

Positron totally deserves to be at No.4 at least.

20 Superhyperdude

I truly admire this guys bravery. He's ballsy enough to say his opinion on certain users. And he knows it too. I love his Controversial Corners series. Despite his bravery, he has a fun side and is someone many should admire.

He definitely puts lots of energy in his lists. And he's not afraid speak out his thoughts. Awesome guy!

I have no problem with this guy, he was one of my first ten followers!

He is one of the coolest people here. That has to be made clear.

21 happyhappyjoyjoy
22 turkeyasylum

Criminally underrated. Knows how to blend serious and funny really well.

Very full of character and a heavily devoted listmaker and blogger, and a very good friend to me.

He's one of the most creative and friendly people I've met.

Thanks to whoever added me!

23 DapperPickle

Oh... Number 160?
Boy, I'm lonely... I wonder who added me...
Unsure how toptenners far more popular than me can get higher.

24 TopTenJackson

He really does need more attention...

25 EpicJake

Wow I'm in the top 115. But I want to be in the top 50 though. I guess 113 is alright. At least I'm on this list

Even though I don't follow EpicJake he's awesome.

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