Oddest Scooby Doo Villains

The Top Ten Oddest Scooby Doo Villains

1 The Gold Monster
2 The Titanic Twist

This was great episode, but this guy was weird

3 The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine is the scariest!

4 The Ghost of Zen-Tuo
5 The Ghost Animals of Africa
6 Ghost Clown
7 It
8 The Wax Phantom
9 The Tar Monster
10 The Pterodactyl Ghost

The Contenders

11 10,000 Volt Ghost
12 Haunted Hairpiece
13 Jaguaro

This one is really odd. This one is a lot more odd than the pterodactyl, mystery machine, and the ghost animals of Africa. This is definitely odd

14 Old Iron Face
15 The Cotton Candy Glob
16 Miner 49er

Its just an old guy with a beard. - Leapop

17 Gator Ghoul
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