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21 The Echo
22 The Kirkwood Call

One of the best, most consistent, and highest achieving high school newspapers. They publish every article online and have a free monthly printed paper.

23 The MVL Charger

Great design, especially for such a small school. Great journalists with amazing views, along with a great video team. Definitely worth a look! - Ratjjjjjjjj

24 The CSPN
25 The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

With a staff of over 90, this online newspaper looks professional and is easy to navigate. They push a lot of content, both on their website and on their print newspaper- which can be accessed online as well.

26 The Raptor Researcher

One of the greatest new online newspapers out there. Open for only two months, it has 237 daily views, and 700 average weekly views.

I enjoyed reading it, and I'll be happy to continue doing so in the future!

I liked it a lot! Beautiful styling and impressive coverage, especially in a relatively new environment!

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27 Viking Saga

Best High school newspaper... In print and on the web

28 Midlo Scoop
29 The Pathfinder

One of the best high school newspapers I've seen in a long time. The staff is consistent with their updates, there are stories on everything from the presidential election to the smallest club at the school, and they have multiple types of media. The Pathfinder also updates their twitter regularly and uses social media on a regualr basis to promote their stories. Nicely done.

30 The Voyager

Great paper at Guilford High School

31 The Foothill Dragon Press

This newspaper has won the National Pacemaker award more than any other high school newspaper. Definitely one of the best in the country.

32 Trident Online
33 Daily Oakwood Times
34 Epic News For You
35 The Schreiber Times
36 Satellite
37 The Victor Voice

Victor Senior High (NY) school newspaper

38 The SAHS Pony Express
39 The Raven Report
40 The Raven Report
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