Most Overhated Megadeth Songs


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1 The Threat is Real

Oh my f n god people on this site treat this like its one of the worst songs ever made its not even that bad if you think this is the worst Megadeth song that probally means you haven't listened to Losing My Senses Burning Bridges and the bad songs on Risk and Super Collider they are ALL worse than this song is - christangrant

2 Dystopia
3 Fatal Illusion
4 Promises

Whats so bad about this song its underrated and something you wouldn't expect to hear from Megadeth - christangrant

5 Return to Hangar

People only hate it just because it's a sequal to Hangar 18 while its definitely not as good as that song is its still a great song the best on The World Needs a Hero - christangrant

6 Sweating Bullets

I kind of like this song. Might be the only one though... - Metal_Treasure

Love this song! It was my first megadeth song! - awesomedp900

For some reason people hate this - christangrant

7 Crush Em

Honestly its not that bad it's better than Most of the songs on the album - christangrant

8 The Doctor is Calling
9 Symphony of Destruction

This is a very good song - not a thrash song but pretty good. My only problem is that Dave gives me a hard time when sings certain sections, ex. "Just like the Pied Piper". When he snarls, it's great. - Metal_Treasure

Overrated does NOT mean bad - christangrant

10 Silent Scorn

It's a great instrumental and its bascially the intro track to Return to Hangar - christangrant

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11 Poisonous Shadows
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