Top Ten Most Overpowered Clash Royale Cards


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21 Dart Goblin

It shoot farther than a musket but shoots very fast and does good damage on towers

22 Valkyrie

It is very OP (over powered) and I think that everyone should use it because it a good defense in coming with hordes.

It is the only troop that attacks enemies all around it. I use it and it is very OP!

It has the op of 100!

It is very overpowered in coming in defense. also if you get a battle rams or prince or hog pushing it, it will devistate. so use the valkyrie. I suggest it.

23 Rage

2 elixir is a low cost. If used well, rage combos may destroy all 3 towers in less than 10 seconds. - Gabriponte22

24 Lumberjack

I think lumberjack is really op because it does 200 damage every 0.7 seconds and if you have zap in your line of cards or arrows you can counter attack low cost troops


25 Poison
26 Furnace

Annoying as FUX if the spirits are the same level as your tower

27 Barbarian Hut

Sets two incredibly powerful barbarians over time and will destroy your tower

28 Skeletons

In my opinion, skeletons are op for 1 elixir ever since they spawn 4 Larrys again

29 Bowler

When you place a good push on your opponent with ground shooter troops behind a tank, your opponent places a bowler and it destroys nearly everything behind your tank. the only defense is a flying deck with all flying cards

30 Hog Rider

Best single card in the game sense day 1. Like 80% of decks in top 200 almost always include the hog rider,

31 Goblin Gang

So many goblins and cheap clones it is unstoppable

32 Three Musketeers

9 elixer rip of and can be countered very easily by a fireball. but good if locked on tower

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