Top Ten Most Overrated Battlebots

Battlebots is a very popular TV show about fighting robots. Some of these robots are talked about as if they're some of the best (But not necessarily) by the announcers and fans but don't really perform well in fights

The Top Ten

1 Overhaul

Chris Rose talks about this team as if they have been dominating, even when they were sore losers because of a late hit, and have only won one fight in the last two years - TheInsomniac

2 Chomp

Chomp won a lot of fights and got into the quarterfinals in 2017 because of lucky shots. The design is top-heavy, and the weapon is flimsy and small. - TheInsomniac

3 Mohawk

Fire shouldn't be your main weapon in a robot fighting competition - TheInsomniac

4 Bombshell

Bombshell does have a pretty powerful disc spinner, but it's design means if it is flipped, it's pretty much done for immediately - TheInsomniac

5 Warrior Dragon

It's... Ok, I guess - TheInsomniac

6 Hypershock

It was said to be one of the best before getting ripped open and it's guts ripped out in the first minute of it's first fight of this season - TheInsomniac

7 Double Jeopardy

This bot is a pretty small cannon with one shot, which in my opinion, is kind of pathetic - TheInsomniac

8 Brutus

Brutus isn't bad, but it has a similar design to a lot of other bots, and is talked about the most out of all of them, despite being smaller - TheInsomniac

9 Skorpios

Skorpios won one fight this year and suddenly it's the main event and unbeatable. It barely won to ice wave, but only because their spinner broke - TheInsomniac

10 Huge

Huge is a great powerful bot, but it has not faced any horizontal disc spinners this year that could potentially destroy it's wheels - TheInsomniac

The Contenders

11 Witch Doctor

I know I initially said Witch Doctor was overhyped and rarely delivered, but after seeing it's performance in the Battlebots Amazon Re-Mars challenge I may have to retract my earlier statement.
My god, what a performance. Having seen it's previous seasons I would have never believed it was capable of such feats, and against two of the elite bots nontheless. Initially I didn't see it as a potential series winner, but in the latest series I think it could be a real dark horse for the giant nut. So colour me impressed Witch Doctor. - SuperSonic17

Witch Doctor reminds me of the early seasons of Razer or Killerhurtz from Robot Wars. Very popular amongst audiences and raved about by the presenters as being one of the elite, but their career record is not good. They lost most of their fights and the best bot they've beaten is Blacksmith. - SuperSonic17

As much as I want to agree with you, (since I am ashamed of my selfish comments on your list), I have to disagree. I personally believe Witch Doctor has a good chance of winning the championship. Though I should add Blacksmith, I forgot about them. - TheInsomniac

12 Blacksmith
13 Monsoon

This might just be because I really don't like robot wars, but I think that maybe they should have been in the last chance rumble instead of the tournament.

14 SawBlaze
15 Bronco

This one is only slightly overrated, as Bronco is a fantastic robot, with a hugely powerful flipper, and one of the most seasoned teams. Unlike most people however I don't see this as a championship winning robot. It's biggest problem is maneuverability (it's so long it struggles to turn), and despite this it always seems to get seeded above Bite Force (even though that bot is better in my eyes).
Look, Bronco is a great robot and Battlebots best flipper bot, but put it against some of the UK's best flippers (such as Eruption or Apollo), they'd just run rings around it. - SuperSonic17

16 Bite Force
17 Red Devil
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