Most Overrated Guitar Brands

This is the list for these guitars that are used by so many people but there are other brands much better.

The Top Ten

1 Gibson

Gibson's quality has gone way down hill in recent years, skating by on "The name" in my personal opinion. unless you want to drop Five grand on a guitar, I wouldn't put Gibson on the top of my to buy list.

2 Fender

Fender just gave the strat I dunno why are people so much into the brand while better choices like Washburn are ignored and un derrated and even in choosing amps marshall fender get the brandname edge while obviously btter choices like line 6 are ignored of course if you are more than willing to waste your bucks do go for brand names while you miss tge better stuff

3 Ibanez
4 Jackson

The best brand ever...its looks,sound quality, pickups, fretboards, body everything is insane...jackson guitars can drive anyone crazy 😊

5 B.C. Rich

Apart from models like the stealth I don't think because rich offers us anything which feels exclusive or superior to other brand like ibanez

7 Schecter
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