Most Overrated My Chemical Romance Songs

I haven't made a list in forever haha. Also, I don't hate MCR, they're one of my favorite bands of all time, it's just my opinion of overrated MCR songs. Also, I'm not saying these songs are bad, I love them all.
(No order)

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1 Welcome to the Black Parade

This is a decent song, but compared to a lot of others on the album alone, this one doesn't really stand out to me. - kempokid

Can you please stop telling people about my previous controversy it's over- Kevinsidis

@Catacorn thanks a lot my sentence got expanded this is your fault for assuming wrong since that I'm autistic you owe me an apology thanks a lot- Kevinsidis

Overrated indeed.- Astro_Boy08

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2 Teenagers

This song may be simplistic, but I just can't deny that it's completely awesome. It deserves to be such a loved song - kempokid

My sister overplays the hell out of this song, while not terrible it's edgy as hell. - CaptainMowzker

Teenagers is a classic though, for sure - EliHbk

3 I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
4 Helena
5 Na Na Na
6 I Don't Love You
7 Sing
8 Famous Last Words
9 The Ghost of You
10 Destroya

The Contenders

11 Blood
12 Mama
13 The Light Behind Your Eyes
14 Every Snowflake is Different (Just Like You)

It's from Yo Gabba Gabba but it still counts - Catacorn

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