Most Overrated Songs In 2019

This is a list of songs that either received too much popularity it didn’t deserve, or is overly rated among fans/critics in 2019. Since any song can achieve significant popularity in 2019, any overrated song is eligible for this list and doesn't necessarily have to be released in 2019.

Vote for the song that you think is the most overrated in 2019. Thank you.

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1 7 rings - Ariana Grande

This song is horrible. It is just her bragging about how rich she is while attempting to rap.

This song is okay I guess. - sadical

Heard worse but this is a bit of a rip off.

Terrible song. - RadioHead03

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2 Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat

Yes, I'm well aware that mutually agreed garbage /=/ Overrated. But the reason I picked this song to top this list is because I was shocked to see that this song currently holds the #2 spot on the list "Best Songs of 2019". But the comments on the song were mostly negative on that list. It seems that people are just voting the song just to comment on how bad it is. - Joeljohns249

I'm tired of reading so much about this song. The YouTube video doesn't even have that many views. I think that if anyone else hates the song, they should just ignore it and let it pass until it's forgotten. - Gg2000

Why does this exist? All he's doing is taking what many people consider the "Greatest Song of All Time", and putting his own crap lyrics. It's filth like this that makes me feel a little uncomfortable with trying to get into anime - IronFist13

Not really overrated in my opinion. It's just trolled and people accidently vote for it. I think this song is just a joke and it's not like the end of the world. - Userguy44

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3 Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

Oh my gosh this song is horrible. A weird thing I have with Ariana Grande songs is that the first time I listen to them, I hate them then love them. And I'm still waiting with this one. Everything about this song is completely uncreative and is seriously nothing special. A song that doesn't deserve the hype it has. The rhythm, melody, lyrics are so bland, you all feel like zombies to me falling in love with this song. If the song wasn't so popular, I wouldn't have this problem but the fact this song is shadowing other amazing songs really annoys me and makes me hate the song more.

Honestly? Not the best song ever, but also not the worst song ever. It's a little overrated, but it's definitely not the most overrated song this year. "7 Rings" is much, much worse and a lot more overrated. And there's more overrated songs on this list that aren't ranked high enough (aka Lil' Meerkat). - tonyb500

Worst song of all time. Nothing good about it. Singing is very annoying, high-pitched and over-autotuned as usual, lyrics are hypocritical, tasteless and contain too much swearing, and the production is super duper boring and bland. Ariana should get arrested for making this "song". - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Yeah thank u, next. That was the same impression I had when I first listened to the song - Joeljohns249

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4 Happier - Marshmello & Bastille

Lately, I've been, I've been thinking, this song is getting overplayed, and so it's getting crappier. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

This song went from being an okay song to being played 24/7 on the radio to ear-rape their listeners - Joeljohns249

It's a pretty good song, just overplayed on the radio. - Userguy44

Eh, not bad. But overrated. - RadioHead03

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5 Untethered Angel - Dream Theater

This song currently holds #1 spot on the list "Best songs of 2019". It seems that the active Metalheads on the site are obsessively voting it to ensure that it stays at the top for the rest of the year like they did with that Judas Priest song last year.

Now let's get to the song. Painfully generic. It sounds like Dream Theater covered one of their older songs. Has ripped off elements from their older songs like Outcry, Home & Fatal tragedy. The thousand effects they gave to labrie's vocals clearly reduces the listening enjoyment. The guy just can't sing anymore. Overrall, the song is okay. Not bad nor great. - Joeljohns249

Hopefully, this gets taken out of the top spot on the Best Songs of 2019" list before it becomes another "Lightning Strike". By that I mean it staying at the top for the rest of the year when there's so many songs better than it.

People vote for this song just to keep Lil Meerkat's crap far from the #1 spot on the list "Best songs of 2019". And these aren't only metal fans. - Metal_Treasure

This song's really good but it gets spam voted - Demon_Kitty

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6 Dicko Mode - DJ Splash Drip

A vomit inducing parody no one likes is not overrated. Please put this song on the dishonorable mentions of your remixes. Let's not give it anymore attention - Joeljohns249

Gay - Demon_Kitty


7 Money - Cardi B

Terrible! Every time I search for Money by Pink Floyd, this "song" pops up, and I have to type Pink Floyd explicitly. This song makes Happier from Marshmello look like that Pink Floyd song. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

This song is the final single released on her latest album "Invasion of Privacy". The album that won the "Best Rap Album" award at the grammys last night. God, the grammys are a joke these days. They give awards based on popularity rather than musicianship - Joeljohns249

This isn't a Pink Floyd cover - IronFist13

You don't say? But if it was a cover of the amazing Pink Floyd song Money, I would sue Cardi. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Bad. - RadioHead03

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8 Undecided - Chris Brown

This song feels so lazy. The beat sounds like something that was put together in 5 minutes (like most of this kind of music these days) and the only reason it's catchy is because of the I Love Your Smile sample. Chris Brown should just give it up already, I thought Heartbreak On a Full Moon was going to be his last album! - DaWyteNight

9 Babyface Savage - Bhad Bhabie

How is this overrated when barely people like this. Have I missed something? - Userguy44

Bhad Bhabie sucks. Her "music" is crap from my grandma and the Cash Me Outside meme made no sense. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

10 I Love the Smelly Feet - Submarine Man

Let's not make Submarine man famous. Literally everyone hates this song and it's not overrated by any standards. Please put this song on the dishonorable mentions of your remixes. - Joeljohns249

What is that name? - TuxIsAPerson

What the hell even is this - Demon_Kitty

I hope will lose fame ASAP. - Userguy44

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11 YT Reloaded - Yung Schmoobin

Another vomit inducer that everyone hates with a burning passion. Please put this song on the dishonorable mentions of your remixes. Let's not give it anymore attention - Joeljohns249

Truly overrated - MainManJeffery

12 Dancing with a Stranger - Sam Smith & Normani

Very overrated, but not as bad as people say. I quite enjoy it. - Userguy44

Really annoying.

13 Butterfly Doors - Lil Pump
14 Get Enough - Paul McCartney

This shows where todays music is going to. A Beatles member using autotune? - Userguy44

Paul, what are you doing! I can't listen to this without laughing. I guess this is what happens when you hang around "artists" like Kanye Pest and Rihanna. - DaWyteNight

McCartney should be jailed for using that much auto-tune. - Joeljohns249

Wow, PAUL MCCARTNEY using autotune? This much? Of the BEATLES? That's...amazing! I actually really like where this song is going! 4/5 - oneshot

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15 Swan Song - Dua Lipa

I liek it. - XxembermasterxX

16 MIA - Bad Bunny

Wow. Two talentless idiots in one song. Kill me now. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva


Lyrics: MIA x569 times - Joeljohns249

17 Mo Foota - Submarine Man

Oh my - Demon_Kitty

18 Sicko Mode - Travis Scott

If you want a true cold hard look at disappointment, go to Wikipedia, search this song, and see how many songwriters it has. - Cesium

So basically Kat is the only one who likes this song? - Userguy44

Travis Scott sucks honestly, he's just a more edgy version of Drake for people who don't want to listen to Drake. - DaWyteNight

Robbed Spongebob of it's well-deserved Superbowl slot.

I'm glad they didn't put spongebob to be honest you guys need to grow up - Demon_Kitty

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19 Electricity - Silk City & Dua Lipa

Pretty mediocre song by Dua Lipa. - Userguy44

20 Oh Yeah Yeah - Maximilianmus

OH YEAH YEAH - Demon_Kitty

Good meme. - Userguy44

21 Think About Us - Little Mix

The writers of this song were probably like, "You know what we should do? Let's write a song that could serve as a sequel to Work from Home, a forgotten but over-sexualized song from 2016! ". - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Ah here we go again

This kind of music is so overdone now. - DaWyteNight

22 Without Me - Halsey

I like Halsey, but this is just... - XxembermasterxX

Mediocre at best - Randomator

I'm sorry, but I don't like Halsey's voice in this. - Userguy44

23 365 - Zedd & Katy Perry
24 Shave that Stinky Head - Submarine Man
25 Glock & Uzi - Lil Flexer
26 Bury a Friend - Billie Eilish

I'm sorry. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion. But I feel like this song is getting praise just because of how different its direction is and how creepy the music video is. Rather than how good the song itself is. - tonyb500

27 High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco

I'm getting sick of this getting played on the radio every 10 seconds. I like the song, but soon it will reach the point of me wanting to smash the radio. - oneshot

I love PATD, but this song is too overrated, as Userguy44 said. I miss their early days when they did "Death of a Bachelor" and stuff like that. They've gone too mainstream these days. - galaxyfox

Yeah, although I still like it better than most songs on this list. - Userguy44

Good song, but very overplayed by its popularity. - Userguy44

The song isn't bad but it’s so overplayed - Randomator

28 Bop! - Jojo Siwa
29 Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes

Not a 2019 song but it is atrocious. - MemeTheKeem

Better than Sicko Mode - Randomator

30 Girls Have Fun - Tyga
31 Floss in the Bank - Tyga
32 Gun Lean - Russ

People (mainly in the UK) are treating this like it's a masterpiece, when it's indeed a song I could've put together in 5 minutes. Russ sounds awful and oh god that remix. Somehow this "song" reached #9 in the UK.Ugh. I'd put it on my worst songs of 2019 remix, but this doesn't even qualify as a song - even 7 Rings, my number one pick for the list-counts as a song! This is one of the few Grime songs I find to be absolute garbage. - oneshot

Awful song. - oneshot

33 Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne

Generic Pop. What's disappointing is that now she has completely sold-out by abandoning her early Pop-Punk style of music - Joeljohns249

She has wasted herself by making mediocre Pop music. - Userguy44

True, this song's overrated but thank goodness it isn't overplayed. At least, I don't know if it is. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Honestly mediocre - Demon_Kitty

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34 Racks on Racks - Lil Pump
35 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

It's not the worst song ever, but its hella overplayed and overrated! - Userguy44

This song is annoying and I don't know why - Randomator

36 Put a Date on It - Yo Gotti

This guy is still trying to make music after all these years? Even when his last 3-4 albums have been total trash? SMH. Even Blac Youngsta is better than this and that's sad when the impersonator is better than the rapper he's impersonating. - DaWyteNight

37 Please Me - Cardi B & Bruno Mars

I'm sure this will become very overrated in the next few weeks. The good thing about it is that Cardi B has really short verses, so it's mostly just a Bruno Mars song, but still her "let me hear you say it" in the chorus will drive me insane. But seriously though, Cardi's second verse might be one of the shortest verses in rap history. I guess there were no ghostwriters available so Cardi had to rely on her own "brain" to come up with lyrics and well this is how it turned out. I can't really blame her though since we all know that the capability of Cardi's brain is that of a 5 year old's. Bruno sounds good as always which is something that will make it hard for me to totally hate this song, even if the lyrics are pretty bad. - DaWyteNight

Now when I search for Please Please Me by The Beatles, I get this junk, which is just another trap song that sounds very tedious and boring. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

38 God is a Woman - Ariana Grande
39 Havana - Camila Cabello

This song is annoying - ShrekTheGoat

Not 2019 - DaWyteNight

Not from 2019. - Userguy44

Shouldn't be here - Randomator

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40 Be Like Me - Lil Pump
41 Grow Up - Submarine Man

A song about himself? - Userguy44

42 Trombone Be Stimulated - Lil Mosquito Disease
43 Ching Chong - Lil Kolya
44 Pure Water - Mustard & Migos
45 Sucker - Jonas Brothers
46 Foot in Your Nose - Submarine Man
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