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1 Greg Pikitis - S02E07

Look at my profile picture. It is the picture of Leslie glaring at Greg Pikitis through the conference room window. "Pikitis! " - Kevie16

2 Leslie and Ben - S05E14
3 The Debate -S04E20
4 The Fight - S03E13

Just a really funny episode, with a well written story.

5 Hunting Trip - S02E10
6 Ron and Tammy: Part Two - S03E04

Ron Swanson with dreadlocks, haha

7 Leslie and Ron - S07E04

Perfect character-driven episode. Hilarious, touching, with great dialogue and legitmate character development. Truly Parks and Rec at its best.

8 Moving Up - S06E21/22

Best ending of the whole series. Great setup for things to come.

9 Flu Season - S03E02

I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems. - Andy Dwyer

10 One Last Ride - S07E12&13

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11 The Stakeout - S02E02
12 Two Parties - S05E10

I never realised how much I loved this episode until I re-watched it recently. Fantastic story for the guys with all the bachelor parties.

13 Andy and April's Fancy Party - S03E09

Great episode. Its always cool to see a milestone in their relationship

14 London - S06E01/02
15 Ron and Tammys S04E02
16 The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show - S07E10
17 Ann and Chris - S06E13

The saddest episode ever. I always tear up at the end!

18 Boys' Club - S01E04
19 The Comeback Kid - S4E11
20 Ben's Parents - S05E06
21 End of the World - S04E06
22 Ron and Diane - S05E09

Tammy 2’s awesome fight with Leslie made this the best episode.

23 Harvest Festival - S03E07
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1. Greg Pikitis - S02E07
2. The Stakeout - S02E02
3. The Fight - S03E13
1. Greg Pikitis - S02E07
2. The Debate -S04E20
3. Leslie and Ben - S05E14
1. The Debate -S04E20
2. Greg Pikitis - S02E07
3. Leslie and Ben - S05E14


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