Characters Most Likely to Have Killed EastEnders' Lucy Beale

So, members of the jury (that's you by the way) who killed pretty, young businesswoman, Lucy Beale? Although, over the weeks has collected a fair number of potential suspects. Let us weigh up the facts...
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The Top Ten
1 Denise Fox

Fed up, potential stepmother of the deceased. Lucy may have found out that Denise wants out of a loveless relationship with her Father. Could they have had an argument, and in the heat of the moment, Denise killed her?

2 Nick Cotton
3 Steven Beale
4 Ian Beale

Father of the deceased. Is he trying to stop her from becoming successful and outshinhng him? Or, since he found out about his daughter's cocaine habit, in his own way, be trying to save her from a life of drugs by killing her?

5 DS Cameron Bryant

Whoever did it obviously well known to emma summerhayes, by the way she spoke to the person on the phone.

6 Ben Mitchell
7 Whitney Dean

Friend of the deceased. A little unstable. In her mind, newcomer Lee Carter, because he kissed her, believes he is hers - that is until she learned that he spent a passionate night with Lucy in her Father's restaurant. Could Whitney, in a moment of jealous rage, have killed her friend?

8 Abi Branning

This is Michael gannon here. And just to let you that I do watch eastenders all the time. I can not wait to watch the live eposides next week and to find out who killed Lucy beel. I believe it was abi branning because She planted the evidence in the common and left it behind her and got the shovel and duc it up. from then on she was very un easy with herself and for me she was the killer

9 Shirley Carter
10 Mandy Salter
The Contenders
11 Peter Beale

Brother of the deceased. He overheard his Father praising his twin sister over him. Again, could Lucy's tragic death be the result of jealousy?

12 Bobby Beale

He is the killer

13 Lauren Branning

Friend, recovering alcoholic and business partner of the deceased. She is also the daughter of the man Lucy was having an affair with. Could messed up Lauren have killed her friend over her betrayal?

14 Lucy's Cocaine Dealer

How about Lucy's drug dealer being Emma's ex, the policeman (Cameron). I reckon he's dodgy!

Could he have killed for non-payment of drugs?

I think that lee carter

15 Max Branning

Jilted lover of the deceased. Lucy called time on their affair after her guilt that Max is her friend's Father. Max has a temper, we all know that - did he kill Lucy because of his wounded male pride? Or to cover up his affair with his daughter's best friend...

16 Cindy Beale

Teenage pregnant Half sister to the deceased. Could Lucy's death be the result of the fact that Lucy has everything that the young teenager hasn't?

17 Jay Mitchell
18 Lee Carter

Love rat. Unlikely to have killed Lucy, what do we really know about this charming newcomer to the Square?

19 Lucy Beale

Could sad, lonely, depressed Lucy have commited suicide? Did she overdose on cocaine? Is she trying to frame one of many suspects?

It is not her she is the one that got murdered so can't be From Ava Blake

20 Dot Branning

This would be a great killer, how would they script it out, why would Dot kill Lucy?

21 Phil Mitchell
22 Jane Beale
23 Jake Stone