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1 Chase

Good leader, takes things seriously, but is still fun and likeable.
I would like to see missions or moments that show Chase's softer side. Especially since we don't get any moments on why he has high expectations for what he should be like as a leader. That part of his character has not been explained well.
Still I would like to see more of Chase's soft side

This show is SO Against cats. My cat's hate it so much! If I were a cat and if they were real and I met them in person I would shred them. If I got ahold of skye's chopper, I would use it like everybody should: Chop Up Ryder! I think these pups should use their powers to kill ryder never become mighty pups gain and lose their ability to talk and their clothing and become and fierce gang of dogs! Chase would be the pack leader. Anybody agree?

Ryder is the one who took care of all the pups... How can you even say like that.

Chase is BY FAR the best character on paw patrol! He is responsible for SO much! He has SO many different vehicles that he has to take care of!

Man Chase is my favorite character from paw patrol, he is the only character I like along with Tracker and Everest, he is cool, funny and has a nice voice can be a bit strange at times but still a good character and is better than the rest.

2 Marshall

Marshall is a breat character. Funny, hard working, has a big heart. But I would like to see him take on other serious missions. He was fantastic in Ready Race Rescue!
Would like to see this Dally get other moments in serious situations

Marshal is the best mighty pup he has the best costume he looks really cool, but he is the absolute worst player at frustration he is rubbish at it.

Marshall is super cool! I think he is a lot like me. I'm super clumsy but also friendly. I wish he was my pet. He is super sweet, and it's impossible to not love him. He is funny, too. It's just overused when he crashes in the elevator, but when he makes a joke, it's okay now.

-Pitbull Lover, Have a blessed day! ๐Ÿ’œ

Marshall is always ready for a ruff ruff rescue and always fired up that's why he should be leader and he should be top mashall is way better than Chase move mashall up to and move Ryder to second place Chase should be 3d.

3 Skye

Skye is fearless, playful, kind, and awesome. Would like a mission why she doesn't like eagles or even her helping Marshall over his fear of flying. That would be interesting

I give LOTS of credit to Skye! She is the only girl that actually is popular! She has to deal with the boys all the time! She deserves this credit!

I'm all up for strong female characters. She had to deal with boys all the time. Now, she has Everest, but she does not live with her, so it doesn't really fix the boy problem.

Skye: Ugh! Chase! Leave me alone!
Chase: sKyE!
Skye: What do you want?!
CHhase: I wAnNa bRowNie!
Skye: Ha! Good luck!
-Pitbull Lover, Have a blessed day! ๐Ÿ’œ

She's the BEST! And I'm not letting anyone tell me otherwise. Sometimes I
feel like she's under-appreciated. if u don't like skye... YOU'RE A FOOL! (also I ship skye and rocky)

4 Rocky

Rocky is socreative, but like Zuma, he doesn't get used as much. He deserves more time in the spotlight. He's really likeable too

He is the best pup tied with Rex. Rocky is an eco pup, he cares about cleaning up the world. Has the most tools, they are cool, too! I thijk he is not too overrated and not too underrated. I like him and they should have more mercandise of him.I

-Pitbull Lover, Have a blessed day! ๐Ÿ’œ

Rocky is exalalant at recycling but most of all he's best at fixing he should have turbo busters on his wings and be faster than sky because she helps him go faster

Rocky is ready to reuse mateals and he is so cute I think grey suites Rocky and he really suits green he is always ready to recyle and he's a better fixer than rubble

5 Zuma

I kind of like zuma alongside chase, Marshall, Skye, rubble and rocky, with tracker, Everest E.T.C, I love how he says dude all the time, it makes my laugh and I think he's pretty underrated to be honest and he is amazing and kinda funny.

Zuma is under-rated, but he has such a layed bavk personality. He deserves more chances since he really is a cool character. Loves the water too

He is underrated and I love him. Chase is used most but he is a moron. Chase is overrated
Zuma is the best he is a lab and loves the water. Zuma needs to be picked more and I ship Skuma and Evershall. Your opinions are safe with me.

Zuma is always ready to dive in his powers are pawsome in mighty pups I would love to control the water and would also love to have super speed

6 Rubble

Because he is the cutest and he has a good personality. I didn't vote for skye because she is stupid and ugly and she doesn't have a good voice

Rubble is never on the double he's uslas a digging and fixing Rocky could do the fixing and Marshall could do the digging and rubble should get kicked out for being a bad pup I'll call him rubbish rubble he's an iedat and a fool

Rubble is a cute bull dog but not my favorite I wouldn't call him a fool but rubble is not rubbish but ok I like his ultimate digger it's my 3d favourite his other Vehicles are 4out of 10

Rubble is the worst he is never ready to help and sky tracker and Rocky are never ready to help ether I hait rubble and I will call him a fool

7 Everest

Everest has the most versatile skill set out of all of the pups in the series. She is the only oup on the mountain and how many dead people end up on the mountain? ZERO thanks to Everest so therefore she is by far the bravest pup out of the group and she has a snowmobile which is pretty amazing to be honest.

Agh I love Everest! It kills me that none of y'all appreciate her, she's so underrated yet you continue to over appreciated chase, chase isn't cute! He sucks! He's overrated and rude to Marshall. Everest cares about every pup

I love the mountains and snow, love the colour ice blue, especially purple and I love huskies! No hate for Everest! She just wants to help others!

I love that Skye now has a girl pup that she can hang out with instead of being surrounded by boys all of the time!

8 Ryder

Ryder is a good leader, calm under pressure, and is a nice boy, but would like some moments explaining his backstory; how did he make the PAW Patrol equipment? How did he start the PAW Patrol? Who his parents are, ect.
Getting that backstory would help explain so much more about the team

Ryder deserves more credit! He is the boss of em all! I gotta say.. he is only a 10 year old boy! What 10 year old boy do you know that is that responsible?

I known a ten year old who is gonna be eleven soon. Anne is so responsible

Ryder is my second favourite character in paw patrol he is so cool who would call him a fool I especially like his which and sea patrol suit I like his other cloths to

Ryder is kind of cool and always on a roll he should always be leader and his pup pad is coolest thing he has on and he shouldn't have a eltronic because his pup pad is cooler and Ryder is one of my favourites

9 Tracker

Tracker needs more stand alone specials. I like his personality and skills, but I want to learn more about him. Or have his Spanish be useful at times in missions

I think the creation of his Character was a mistake. I get that they added him because "adding a new character worked out so well last season", but man did their logic backfire. The main Problem with Tracker is one Shared with Zuma and Everest: their skills are only situationally useful. The Main way this affects Zuma is that he frequently just ends up as a "tag along kid", and that is why I think they decided to have Everest live with Jake: to avoid giving her that same fate, and they repeated the same Idea, but since the jungle is far from Adventure Bay, unlike Jakes Mountain, This makes it virtually impossible for Tracker to be on call the same way Everest is. I personally find Tracker's degree of exclusion compared to Everest to actually be histerical, and the fact they deliberately try to hide his breed. Overall, I don't think Tracker has succeeded in being the Character he was intended to be.

Tracker is fine... I don't think he should be kicked out. But I have to admit, he is not that great. Just fine.

Tracker is the secound worst why is he in paw patrol he should be kicked out Everest was before Tracker but Marshall is my favourite so down with tracker and up with Marshall

He looks like diesel and he is so awesome more than chase fat chase eats donuts

10 Mayor Humdinger

Humdinger is the real star of paw patrol he is way cooler then those stupid stinking dogs, kick them out of the show and start calling it humdinger patrol

Humdinger is the best bad guy since darth vader, he is always scheming and I love the way he twirls his moustache,humdinger for president down with trump up with humdinger

Humdinger is turbo with his super pants it was a brilliant ieda to put the on in the race I haven't finshed whaching that episode I hope nowone knew he was cheating

Humdinger is the best bady but not the best ever I love how he twiches his muchtase mostly when he does that something bad is about to happen

The Contenders

11 Chickaletta

Chickaletta honestly I believe she causes a lot of the problems in Adventure Bay because she cannot keep her beak to herself

Chickaletta is funny. You should Watch episode 'pups save an ace' when Chickaletta stands on the wing of the plane

I ate chickaletta the other day, she was part of my kfc bucket.

Chickaletta for a little chicken she into a lot of trouble

12 Cap'n Turbot

Capt'n Turbot is hilarious! He has the best jokes in the whole show. He is also the smartest human resident in Adventure Bay. Plus, he cooks... well, dehydrates squid into jerky, but surely that counts for something!

Very important to the show and funny, I don't see why he's not more popular! He deserves to be the first character on this list. Even his fishing outfit is cool

He makes me laugh with all of his alliteration when he talks!

Best voice ever and super funny!

13 Sweetie

Everyone likes Sweetie as a villain, but her working with the pups on a mission or even using her sneaky side for good would be interesting.

She is my favorite pup. She is amazing, funny, and 100% MISUNDERSTOOD. She is called a bad guy, but the real bad guy is the princess. That princess mistreats her and everybody blames Sweetie.

She is the one who doesn't care about her owner (princess), but she did care in Jet to race rescue.

Possibly the best character in the entire show. She's intelligent, she is very condescending, convincing, and manipulative. She just takes advantage over the fact that her owners are morons and easily tricks the Paw Patrol more than the incompetent cliche', Mayor Hundinger.

She's the best, but not that good. I'd say she's nicer than the pups though

14 Francois

Most hilarious character on the whole show, he should get a spinoff. I love whenever he bickers with Cap'n Turbot (which is a lot)

Great accent and personality.

15 Robo-Dog

Robo dog is cool he drives everyone of the paw patrols vechis and he is the best flyer

Robo - dog the dog who can drive any vehicle

Robo-dog is is the best robot pooch since k-9

beep boop I am a robot

16 Arrby

Arrby may be Sid's pup, but he is cute, funny, and helpful. But I would like to see moments where he shows his more positive goid-guy side. You can tell he has good qualities but it would be interesting for him to act like a good guy for once.
Plus he's so adorable!

You have any questions!

Has rhw meats

I love him a lot but he was in one epsidoe what if he died..

17 Alex Porter

The only time a luaghed at the kid is " Alex Porter kite surfy thing champion" this dude sucks and hebis so annoying he called rider for his stupid missing peanut butter! Go ask a poor store for more

He is he sucks and this stupid kid won the pup's great race with his stupid tricycle because cali the cat didn't want to go in to her bath and made bubbles accidentally go everywhere and all the pups lost control to fast speed but alex had slow speed so he won't go out of control too and the pups had to go for a mission and when they were finished alex was near the finish line and when he was about to win chase was about to win but alex won but if there were bubbles there it would be a bad race with no winners.

He sucks. He ruins everything. The only funny moment is "Pups save the sea turtles" where he says "Alex Porter; Kite surfy thing champion!"

-Pitbull Lover, Have a blessed day! ๐Ÿ’œ

Horribly annoying "character," rarely ever seen in the episodes and quite possibly the most useless person in Adventure Bay.

18 Jake

Barely ever in the show at all. Why is some minor character on the list.

19 Katie

Katie, the cutest, smartest, and kind hearted girl ever. (Even the best love team ever)

Made the entire show good even though she should be in a bit more

20 Daring Danny X

Danny is the extremely extreme how is a boy not scared of anything he is not Ryder and dosen't go on any rescues he always trying to do stunts on his bike and he is so extreme and that's daring Danny x

Danny is the third extremely extemestest and he is so coolly extreme he is so cool who would call him a fool and that's daring Danny x

Danny is to cool to go to school that us why he never goes and that's daring Danny x

No extreme sport is too scary for Danny X although normally they do go wrong

21 Apollo the Super Pup

Apollo is the top dog!

I am gong to save tou

Apllo is the superest pup that ever lived

22 Rex

Rec lives in the dino wild which is cool and he is always ready for a dino rescue

The new poor with a wheelchair

Rex is a dino doode he knows the most about dinosaurs

Check out my commaful page. Who put my oc. Here?

23 Tuck

Tuck is a good character and it would have been interesting to see him with a job that didn't include his Mighty Pup Powers. Seriously, him and Ella deserve their own non-powers episode

Great new pup

24 Dimensional Ryder

Based on shadow the hedgehog the apperence is Ryder the warrior season 4 finale and the video game

I don't know who this is

he has cool hair

Unfunny joke

25 Mer Pups

Merpups are cool and magical

Mah 5 yr old votes this.

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