Top Ten Paw Patrol Characters

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1 Chase

! I LOVE CHASE. Rubble is my second favourite, cause I feel like he's really underrated.

Chase is the absolute greatest he's so sweet and adorable and very so cute in his little police outfit whoever hates him doesn't have brain cells

Why I like chase is because he is a very wise he actually stopped the kitten crew. I put him in my stories which it will show it to the government. He is smart, loving and cute and I also know that Skye loves him so much. I love.

Well chase is sooo adorable and cute and Marshall and other pups they only have one main thing to do but Chase he can solve any problem and he looks so cute in his police outfit โค

2 Marshall

Marshall is the best pup because he is cute, funny, and clumsy, marshall is my mans.

Om trying to get jim and zuma up to the top and that's why I voted for two.

I love marshall bekause he is funny and I am 13 and I still like paw patrol but marshall he is my man.

I'm here to kill Chase. I've voted three times lol differents accouts

3 Skye

I like skye because she is cute whoever doesn't like skye is a fool

1)She is awesome Skye and Everest should be 1 and 2

2)She is so cute and her ultimate gear is cool

3)She is the one that knows how to fly

4)I love SKY

5) she is the only paw patrol other than Everest that is a girl

She is the best PAW PATROL character. I love
SKYE.She should be number 1 and Everest No.2 - SKYEANDEVEREST

Whoever said:"Skye is the best pup ever she needs so much more love then Everest Skye is awesome she is like the coolest and she is not a brat Skye SO STOP THE SKYE HATE hate Everest Skye is the best pup ever" is clearly WRONG. Skye is the typical girly-girl stereotype. I've watched PAW patrol and so far she is the worst member. She bullies Marshall, her voice is annoying, and instead of being a regular Cocker Spaniel, she is a COCKAPOO. Why a cockapoo PAW Patrol? Why not make a Labradoodle? Or a Goldendoodle?

4 Rocky

Marshall: Water cannons, ladder
Skye: Harness, goggles
Rubble: Shovel, dozer, crane
ROCKY: Claw, forklift, ratchet, hammer, screwdriver, blower. Not to mention he has a truck with everything in it and a FREAKIN TUGBOAT.

Chase comes close, but Rocky is the best

Rocky is the best because he is the cute he is a fixer please vote for rocky

Rocky is the best pup. Sorry, Zuma, but Rocky is my favorite. He's half of one of the show's running gags, he gets much more character reinforcement than any pup, he's not used too often or too little and he's the eco-pup of the PAW Patrol. I think the eco-pup part may be what got me liking Rocky in the first place. He should be Number One.
(I would have picked Zuma if Rocky wasn't my favorite.)

He Has unknown breeds, but he is a cool recycling dog. He recycles a lot of things, but rarely has to do anything. He is a good pup.

5 Zuma

He is underrated and I love him. Chase is used most but he is a moron. Chase is overrated
Zuma is the best he is a lab and loves the water. Zuma needs to be picked more and I ship Skuma and Evershall. Your opinions are safe with me.

I thought Zuma didn't get that much respect, so I just vote anyway-

Zuma has a good heart and she's always willing to help Ryder. If Skye was nice like her I would vote Skye instead. Whoever doesn't likes Zuma is a pink mean.

Zuma is the best pup ever! He's so cute, and his toys are great! He should totally be number one! I love, like, and adore Zuma! He should go on every rescue, cause he's amazing and so darn cute. Zuma is sweet and the cutest puppy ever! I'm the Zuma #1 Fan! Biggest Zuma fan ever. If Zuma was real, I'd give anything to have him my dog!

6 Rubble

I love Rubble, he's cute and he's sensitive which makes him even cuter!

Who can resist that cute bulldog face. Plus he has a great personality.

He has a sweet side, heโ€™s cute and chubby and he loves to help out whenever he can

He is the cutest pup on the show and by far my favorite character.

7 Everest

I think if she was in from the beginning she would definitely be in the top 3 pups

I love her so much and I stopped shipping Skuma and started on Evera or Evershall. Skuma could be used still though

I think there might have a best friend with Skye. But you know what maybe it is sometimes only.

Everest has the most versatile skill set out of all of the pups in the series. She is the only oup on the mountain and how many dead people end up on the mountain? ZERO thanks to Everest so therefore she is by far the bravest pup out of the group and she has a snowmobile which is pretty amazing to be honest.

8 Ryder

He's the main character and deserves more respect

He's so funny some times

He went through a hard times

Like him a little

9 Tracker

I think the creation of his Character was a mistake. I get that they added him because "adding a new character worked out so well last season", but man did their logic backfire. The main Problem with Tracker is one Shared with Zuma and Everest: their skills are only situationally useful. The Main way this affects Zuma is that he frequently just ends up as a "tag along kid", and that is why I think they decided to have Everest live with Jake: to avoid giving her that same fate, and they repeated the same Idea, but since the jungle is far from Adventure Bay, unlike Jakes Mountain, This makes it virtually impossible for Tracker to be on call the same way Everest is. I personally find Tracker's degree of exclusion compared to Everest to actually be histerical, and the fact they deliberately try to hide his breed. Overall, I don't think Tracker has succeeded in being the Character he was intended to be.

Tracker is not my favorite but he is cute and I do like that he is bilingual I think they did this to help teach the younger viewers some Spanish

Why is tracker lower than Alex? I mean really!

Tracker is a mistake. He doesnโ€™t do a thing. Much worse than all other pups.

10 Mayor Humdinger

The definition of savage.

The show's main antagonist. - girlcool

That isn't even entertaining to watch, though child-friendly as the show is intended for. - Kwaysar

name is funny

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? Ella

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11 Chickaletta

Cluck-Cluck (vote for me or I will go to your house)

Chickaletta is a great chicken

Best chicken ever!

The worlds most famous chicken.

12 Cap'n Turbot

Very important to the show and funny, I don't see why he's not more popular! He deserves to be the first character on this list. Even his fishing outfit is cool

Best voice ever and super funny!

SO funny, and I love his voice.

Capt'n Turbot is hilarious! He has the best jokes in the whole show. He is also the smartest human resident in Adventure Bay. Plus, he cooks... well, dehydrates squid into jerky, but surely that counts for something!

13 Francois

Most hilarious character on the whole show, he should get a spinoff. I love whenever he bickers with Cap'n Turbot (which is a lot)

Great accent and personality.

14 Sweetie

Possibly the best character in the entire show. She's intelligent, she is very condescending, convincing, and manipulative. She just takes advantage over the fact that her owners are morons and easily tricks the Paw Patrol more than the incompetent cliche', Mayor Hundinger.

She's the best, but not that good. I'd say she's nicer than the pups though

Why is sweetie lower than alex

Sweetie sucks I hate her

15 Alex Porter

He is he sucks and this stupid kid won the pup's great race with his stupid tricycle because cali the cat didn't want to go in to her bath and made bubbles accidentally go everywhere and all the pups lost control to fast speed but alex had slow speed so he won't go out of control too and the pups had to go for a mission and when they were finished alex was near the finish line and when he was about to win chase was about to win but alex won but if there were bubbles there it would be a bad race with no winners.

Horribly annoying "character," rarely ever seen in the episodes and quite possibly the most useless person in Adventure Bay.

My god he is so annoying!

I love him. He's cool.

16 Jake

Barely ever in the show at all. Why is some minor character on the list.

17 Robo-Dog

Better than Mayor Goodway.



18 Arrby

You have any questions!

19 Katie

Made the entire show good even though she should be in a bit more

Katie, the cutest, smartest, and kind hearted girl ever. (Even the best love team ever)

20 Dimensional Ryder

I don't know who this is

Unfunny joke

Based on shadow the hedgehog the apperence is Ryder the warrior season 4 finale and the video game


21 Apollo the Super Pup

Apollo is the top dog!

He's white

22 Cali

I love cats and cats are better then dogs

Cats are better than dogs

The best cat ever!

23 Wally

He is very cute and nice

His a walrus

24 Farmer Yumi

She is nice and I love her so much

She helps her amials at her farm

Very nice

25 Mer Pups

Merpups are cool and magical

Mah 5 yr old votes this.

26 Uncle Otis

He's the man

27 Tuck

Great new pup

28 Mayor Goodway

She is clumsy but funny and her humor is

29 Precious

Cutest cat ever easily the best character - ChaunceyButler

She is really funny

I hate her and she is not cute at all.

30 Daring Danny X

He's so active and funny and daring

31 Walinda
32 Arby

Arbies has the meats

33 Farmer Al

Farmers are on your side

He loves Bettina. She is lit so Farmer Al is lit

34 Mr. Porter

He was not on the list



35 Julius

He is a super funny character with a very underrated role in the gang

They are so derpy

They talk at the same time

They are?

36 Moo Moo

Moo Moo is the teams oc dective and is so cute! She always knows how to make people laugh! Check out her page by googling "Paw Patrol Moo Moo" for more info! Moo Moo out!

37 Ace Sorensen

She's a great role model for girls

She's cool

She would be your substitute for penny if you hate Miley Cyrus Julianna Paul voiced her not Miley Cyrus. So she deserves to be top 5! Also she looks very nice and kind. I even have imaginary adventures and races involving her. If you have no idea who she is here's what she is: she is a stunt pilot. Guess what I'm gonna do: create a list that says top 10 reasons to love paw patrol and put ace in #1. Ace is like ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ›ฉ

38 Princess of Barkingburg

Nearly as good as ace Sorensen.

Shes snobby

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