Best Peep Show Episodes


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1 The Wedding

The whole episode is comedy gold, and the scene with Jeremy pissing himself in the church is the best moment of the show - Zohaib

2 Shrooming

The ending of this episode with Mark in the toilet is one of Mark's lowest points in the show but it is hillarious to watch - Zohaib

3 Holiday

The 2nd half of this episode revolving around Mummy the dog is pure comedy gold - Zohaib

4 Seasonal Beatings

This episode is painfully akward to watch, and the interactions between these characters are also hillariously akward, from the dinner scene to "The Christmas Joke" is amazing - Zohaib

5 Nether Zone

This episode should be bad in theory, just two characters stuck in one small location, yet somehow it works really well. The whole episode has a very claustraphobic feel and is very funny - Zohaib

6 University Challenge

Seeing Mark travel all the way to this University to see April, and pretending to be a student is hillarious and entertaining to watch, and the ending is painful, and funny at the same time - Zohaib

7 Quantocking

It's very entertaining seeing Mark And Jeremy lost in the countryside trying to find their way back to any sign of humanity, with Mark being incredibly lost. The ending is painfully ironic and funny as well. - Zohaib

8 Gym

The end of this episode is hillarious, and poor Matt gets screwed over by both Mark and Jeremy, which is really funny to see, also Matt is definitely one of the funniest one off characters "Do you want it? " - Zohaib

9 Threeism

The reveal of April is very suprising, and the whole episode is really funny, especially at the diner table with Megan and Joe. It's incredibly akward yet funny to watch - Zohaib

10 Local Zero

This episode is just hillarious, and Mark being mistaken for an alcoholic is really funny to watch, and how can you forget about "Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink" - Zohaib

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