Top 10 Best Indian Comedians

India has a rich tradition of humor, from the witty storytellers of old to the hilarious comedians of today. So, if you're ready to laugh your socks off, get familiar with this amazing lineup of side-splitting stars. These comedians bring unique styles and perspectives, keeping audiences in stitches across the nation and sometimes, around the world.

Their jokes tickle our funny bone with relatable stories, clever observations, and sometimes a dash of social commentary. They prove humor has no language barrier.
The Top Ten
1 Johnny Lever

Taking into account every aspect of comedy, he is by far the best comedian the Indian film industry has ever produced. He is even better than the late Mehmood Saab.

Never seen a person who can make you smile with tears in your eyes with his acting skills.

The best comedian who makes your body laugh and cry at once... I think no one can replace him.

2 Kapil Sharma

His perfect timing, spontaneous personality, and that huge sense of humor make him the best comedian in India!

Kapil is a very talented person and king of comedy. I've seen all of Kapil's videos that are available on YouTube.

No one can make you laugh like Kapil does. By far the best Indian comedian! I think.

3 Paresh Rawal
4 Kader Khan
5 Brahmanandam

Best comedian! There were days when people came to the theaters only because of Brahmanandam, and the movies were blockbusters.

There are two types of comedians in this world: one is Brahmanandam, and the rest.

Brahmanandam is the best Indian comedian and a legendary comedian.

6 Rajpal Yadav

He is really the best comedian in Indian cinema. He is the comedian of God for the whole world.

7 Govinda
8 Mehmood
9 Shakti Kapoor
10 Vadivelu

If the top 9 are kings of Indian comedy, then definitely Vadivelu must be the god of them.

The legend... I feel sad for those who can't understand Tamil, because you can't enjoy Vadivelu's comedies.

You don't need to know Tamil. Just look at his walk!

The Contenders
11 Raju Shrivastav

Indian comedy has changed a lot since "Laughter Challenge" first came out. Raju became a household name with this show, but he isn't just a comedy show winner. He is brilliant. If you don't believe me, then go ask your elder brothers and parents.

Wherever he goes, people love him. His comedy is relatable. From young people to middle-aged men to old uncles and aunts, they all laugh every single time he's on TV. There's scripted comedy and then there's stand-up. Raju Srivastava truly cracked the code of how to make everyone laugh.

12 Akshay Kumar Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, better known by his stage name 'Akshay Kumar', is a Canadian actor, producer and martial artist who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films.
13 Goundamani

Such a legendary comedian... Really, the northern people are unlucky. He'll make you laugh with every dialogue in every movie. No matter how boring the movie is, he'll make the scene wonderful.

The legend of Indian cinema... He became number one.

14 Krushna Abhishek

I don't know what the reason is, but even though he was ranked 33rd, he is the most entertaining and outstanding comedian I've ever seen. He should be in the number 1 position. Guys, keep voting please!

15 Bharti Singh

Oh my god, Bharti ji, you are the cutest and best comedian in this whole universe. We all love you.

16 Arshad Warsi
17 Ali Asgar
18 Santhanam
19 Javed Jaffrey
20 Jagathy Sreekumar
21 Vivek
22 Sudesh Lehri

The best multi-talented person. If he joins Kapil, that would make them invincible. Krishna brings him down a grade.

23 Ali
24 Gaurav Gera
25 Laxmikant Berde
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