Top Ten Most Hated People

The people who changed the world with their screwy ways and sick minds or just plain evil.
The Top Ten
1 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of the Holocaust.

This man was an evil person, he caused the biggest and most unforgettable event in human history, WW2. Unbelievably sick, he murdered people who were "Different", he must've had a crazy mind. People will never forget him, and there will never be anybody like him, not one person. This man had made his mark in history. Responsible for more than 60 million people, A lot of families lost their sons, fathers, cousins & uncles because of this German maniac.

Let me get this straight. Justin Bieber is worse than this guy? If you lived in the WWII timeline, and you lived in Germany, you were pretty much screwed. You're LGBTQ? You die or go to a concentration camp. Same if you're a Jew, or if you are handicapped, or if you speak out, or anything besides what Hitler called "the perfect German person". He killed over 11 million people. What did Bieber do? Become well known on the internet and started making songs? He's gone to jail, but he hasn't ordered one execution. It's hard to believe that people are actually voting for Justin Bieber more than this guy.

He's heavily publicized... Practically everyone in a developed country knows about him. Most people would agree his actions were "evil" and unnecessarily brutal. Lot's of people died, lot's of innocent of people who did not even deserve a sliver of the pain. You can't really even say anything that could be a good aspect about him, besides maybe his "help" towards his country, but even his country despises him. People might say he had a rough uprising and a misunderstood person, but a tainted childhood could never justify a war that killed tens of millions.

Alright, let me set some things straight.
This man ordered the killings MILLIONS of people and made many Germans believe that the Jews were inferior, and that it was the Jews fault they had lost World War I. This man spread hatred. This man was SICK. If any person in the world truly deserved hatred, it was Adolf Hitler.
As "suck-y" as his music is or however "feminine" he may look, Justin Bieber is not even close to being worse than Hitler, and he sure as heck does not deserve death.
It's awful that this type of thing actually has to be made clear.

2 Osama bin Laden Osama Bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian-born stateless terrorist. He was a founder of al-Qaeda, the organization that claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets worldwide.

Osama Bin Laden Hated Americans so much he Bombed them because he was a Terrorist. He was another Ruthless Dictator. He Started 9/11 Which is another reason why he deserves to be Hated. He Started Islamic Terrorism. He was just a Hateful Person.

He is the reason why Muslims are hated to this day! He was the leader of al-Qaeda, the group that claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. For all we know, his death was faked and he is still out there somewhere. Wherever he is, I hope he gets what he deserves one day. And my heart goes out to the families of all those people that were in the attack. Those 200 people who were forced to jump to their deaths. And may the souls of the suicide pilots that flew those planes into the building forever stay in the deepest, darkest places of hell.

This is the kind of person I want to see on this list the most. This list should be reserved for terrorists and dictators. It shouldn't be a place for people to bash their least favorite pop stars.

Well, he's dead now so that's good!

3 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

I think it is sad Justin Bieber is even in the list of 10 most hated persons in the world. I have got to admit his music may not always be good music but so what. He made it to the top all thanks to himself. The fact that Adolf Hitler has less votes makes me sick. The guy killed over 50 million people with his stupid war and you guys are voting on a teenager that makes music you think is crappy. Well that right there is pretty sad don't you guys think? Or an other great example, G. W. B., that ass started a war that messed up a whole region killed thousands of innocent civilians and created dozens of radical terrorist groups that.

Even though Mr. Bieber did some stupid things and makes himself look like a fool sometimes you have got to show respect for the kid. You may hate as much as you want, at the end of the day he is on top and your just a jealous nerd behind your computer being jealous at what he has become, is and will be.

Please think twice before you put artists ...more

He's the stupid brat who peed in a bucket and smoked weed, like, once. What a terrible human being.
No, seriously. WHAT? He's twenty-something. He's young and obviously he wants to try new things and be stupidly spontaneous. For him, it just isn't the same as it is for every other guy his age. Someone is always watching him, just waiting for him to screw up so that people can have yet another reason to hate him. But has he really done something so bad that it makes the whole world falter? Other than some cringy songs from the past, his music is pretty popular today, some of it even good. So what is it about him? Is it just bitterness? Jealousy? What?

Justin Bieber was such a spoiled brat and evil! He was on drug influence including marijuana and smoking. He is bisexual. Bisexual is a sin! He was on DUI (driving under the influence, and driving careless, and reckless. ) His music career can ruin all people's life. He also go to drag racing illegally. Always becoming rebellious and he is trying to kill all people except music is usually killing all people. His music are terribly sucked! I wish that he would go to jail forever. His fame is making people so sick and plagued! Unluckily, he was released in jail because he paid $2500. I am so disappointed.

Justin Bieber is DISGUSTING!
He pissed in a bucket, abandoned monkeys, put his muddy dirty feet on famous sports logos, kicked an Argentina Flag off the stage because he thought it was a T-Shirt, his infamous "Baby" song, he spat at his fans and called them trash, and has a very bad Caillou-like attitude that should get him sent to Hell real easily.

4 Joseph Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.

I'm surprised to see him so low on the list. Perhaps it's because he was considered as one of "our guys" for the most part of the WW2, so no one took a closer look on what he was doing.
Hitler was a bad man, that's true, but Hitler was also delusional and might have genuinely wanted to create a good place to live for his people. Stalin on the other hand never cared for the people of Russia and never even tried to act as he cared. Plus he was absolutely aware of what he was doing and what are the consequences, which makes him bad by desin.

Let me start by saying that if you actually think that a decent president who you don't agree with and a mediocre singer are worse than some of the most despicable excuses for human beings who have ever lived, you need to seriously consider rethinking your life.

Whenever Stalin shows up on a list, there is always some level of controversy about whether or not Hitler was worse because of his ideology, the holocaust and starting WWII or weather he is worse because he had the higher death toll. Proponents of Stalin being more evil argue that Hitler is only higher on the list (and he almost always is) because he is more famous. That's not necessarily true, both of them are equally (in)famous. Both Hitler and Stalin reach a level of evil where body count alone can't determine. Both men had so little regard for human life and the common good of their people and were so out of touch with what was really going on in the world or how terrible their ideologies were that it would be ...more

If only people were a little more into research and not only believing what they see on NatGeo or the History Channel, they would understand how Stalin is Satan himself. Just check what he ordered to his Red "Liberation" Army to do against the people of Finland, Germany, Italy; they gang-raped little boys and girls, and tortured them just because Stalin wanted it. The Purges, the Gulags; for God's sake, if you don't know history, don't vote on this list!

Sheesh, Barack Obama may not be the best president ever, but at least he never killed anyone with his own hands. Joseph Stalin killed more people than Hitler, yet he is ranked below Barack Obama. Congratulations, TheTopTens, you've made this an official Obama hate website. It's mind-numbing seeing a dictator who killed his own people below a president who is actually making the right choices for his country before his second term is over.

5 Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un (born 8 January 1983) is a North Korean politician who has been Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 and the leader of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) since 2012. He is a son of Kim Jong-il, who was North Korea's second supreme leader from 1994 to 2011, and Ko Yong-hui. He is a grandson of Kim Il-sung (who was the founder and first supreme leader of North Korea from its establishment in 1948 until his death in 1994) and the first leader of North Korea to have been born in the country after its founding in 1948.

I think that he shouldn't be hated. He should be laughed at and made fun of. Just face it: He and North Korea are no kind of threat to anyone but South Korea. Kim Jong Un say he is going to destroy America, when he doesn't let anyone in or out of his country, and the farthest he could probably fire his so called "WMD" could probably be equivalent to the length of a human pinkie-finger. What's more is that the missile (if it could take off at all) would probably go about as fast, and probably the same distance, as Internet Explorer AT ITS BEST. (very slow and IE can't even load lots of pages, thus making its "range" horrible).

He shouldn't be hated, he should be laughed at, made fun of, and teased. Kim Jong Un says his millitary will destroy the USA, when it isn't nearly as powerful as even nearby South Korea and Japan. He says he is going to destroy the US, but his people are starving and can't even get out of the nation. No wonder why, if they could, North Korea would have a population of 1! (Only Kim Jong Un) The farthest he can probably fire is damaged, wrecked WMD would probably be equal to the length of a human finger, and the speed it would shoot at would be equivalent to the speed of a speeding turtle, and a span of about half the size of Vatican City. If his missiles can even leave the country unlike the residents, it would probably just splash in the sea.

Someone seriously has to put a bullet in his sick head. As if starving his nation isn't enough, making nukes that threaten the world isn't enough, he has killed his uncles, his aunts and most recently his half-brother. Anyone he perceives as traitors to North Korea is killed. It's been said that he has officials offed for not paying attention in meetings. His favorite method for finishing them off, shell them with anti-aircraft mortars.

North Korea has been made a terrible place because of him and his fellow dictators. Look up "what life is really like in North Korea" for exact details, but he spends so much money on his military he can't feed his people.

6 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Donald J Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, Donald Trump took charge of his family's real estate and construction firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, which was later rebranded as The Trump Organization. During his career as a businessman, Donald Trump has built, renovated, and managed numerous office towers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. He owned the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants from 1996 to 2015, and has lent the use of his more.

Crude, vulgar, loudmouthed, bully, has NO filter whatsoever regarding whatever he's thinking in his misogynistic, racist little pea brain spewing out of his mouth! He's never been elected to even the most benign political office, not even dogcatcher, so what in God's name makes people think he is qualified to be the leader of the free world?! He behaves like a spoiled, bratty, unruly 10-year-old who will take his ball and go home if things don't go his way. He just randomly throws out supposed "facts" about other people, Hillary in particular, who disagree with him or dare to point out one of his thousands of deficiencies, as though it is fact, when in reality there is absolutely NO basis at all for the things he says! Do people realize that during fact-checking after the first presidential debate, it was discovered that 80% of what came out of his mouth with just plain untrue?! Did ANYONE bother to pay attention to that before voting him to be their next president?! Notice I said ...more

It is my opinion that outside of his loyal followers, Trump is the most hated and evil man in America. He accuses other's of lying and he states that he hates liars which in reality, he lies about everything. He has not paid his income taxes on Federal and states that he has never declared bankruptcy which in fact some of his companies have gone through bankruptcy. He is a tyrant and a bully and has incited violence and most recently, he invited others to assassinate Hillary Clinton. He blames Clinton and Obama for being founders of Isis. He also blames the media for putting him in a bad light. He takes no responsibilities for making bad mistakes and judgement. He will be a dictator if he ever becomes president of the United States. He has no political experience. Why should he even be allowed to run for political office?

Trump is a joke. The fact that he was elected president of this country says just as much about the people of this country as it does him. There is absolutely nothing "presidential" about him. He and his cronies (Cruz, Cotton, Sanders, Paul, DeSantis, Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Guiliani. etc.) are ignorant. Ninety percent of what comes out of their mouths is lies. He was almost comical as a president. Let's see: build a wall that Mexico is going to pay for; provide tax cuts that benefitted the wealthy; ingest bleach to get rid of Covid-19, etc. What an idiot.

He is a phony with no capabilities to be president, with those around him doing what is necessary FOR him to have him appear to do the job. He is hateful, a bully, sexist and has had many female accusers of physical approach or attack. He doesn't tell the truth and always speaks in grandiose terms, as if that is impressive. He is not kind, warm, authentic or has any positive quality. The only presence he is comfortable with is when he is hollering at a rally to those who adore him, since being outwardly aggressive and boastful is natural for him. He has a negative past altogether, lying, cheating, robbing and controlling others through money. The only reason he became a big cheese is due to how he was raised by someone similar, learning to hide behind wealth, believing he is important, never developing any real, human qualities.

7 Mao Zedong Mao Zedong, also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung and commonly referred to as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary and founding father of the People's Republic of China, which he governed as Chairman of the Communist Party of China from its establishment in 1949, until his death in 1976. His Marxist–Leninist theories, military strategies, and political policies are collectively known as Maoism or Marxism–Leninism–Maoism.

Maybe my history course has biased me more against him than any other really horrible dictators, but really this guy is absolutely disgusting. His policies killed millions of people, either by famine (20 to 40 million under the Great Leap Forward), terror or otherwise. He tried to destroy man as we know it, attempting to turn the entire Chinese people into machines to serve his inflated ego and warped communist ideology. He manipulated people, drawing them in with the successes in the Long March, Civil War and first Five Year Plan, only to enslave them with destructive propaganda and fatal accusations. The Hundred Flowers campaign is a prime example, asking the people for advice, than purging those with the wrong opinions who had done as he asked and offered their opinions. Furthermore, those around him have described him as a monster, his surgeon stating that he "did not care how many he killed". Need I say more? And the fact that he's below the likes of Trump, Bieber and Kardashian ...more

When it comes to mass murderers and dictators, people usually talk about Hitler and Stalin, and rightfully so, but why don't we talk about Mao too?
Mao was the most murderous dictator throughout history, he murdered more people than Hitler and Stalin combined. He was just as evil as the two men mentioned above.
His Great Leap Forward caused the deaths of millions of Chinese, he banned the freedom of the media, the press and religion. He oppressed the Tibetians as well.
You can hate on a celebrity or Trump all you want. But it's crazy how these two are more hated than Mao. I don't care about JB but at least he wasn't a despot or maniac. Say whatever you want about Trump, but at least Trump isn't a mass murderer and he doesn't ban political opposition and he doesn't ban the freedom of religion and the press.
And also, I believe Communist crimes deserve the same amount of attention Nazi crimes get. No decent person wants the Holocaust or any Nazi crimes to repeat. It's true ...more

Are you all happy he's in Hell now? 100% of you say yes, because he killed 70 Million people, he has a higher kill count than Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Vlad Dracula, and Ivan the Terrible.

Mao Zedong created the People's Republic of China. He basically formed China. The deaths caused were bad, of course. But life's about the future. I mean, think of Emperor Qin. He may have killed so many, but he unified China. You just have to think ahead, not to dwell on someone's wrongdoings even if they did something wonderful.

8 Miley Cyrus Miley Ray Hemsworth (born Destiny Hope Cyrus), known as Miley Cyrus, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on November 23, 1992, in Franklin, Tennessee, to Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. Her voice type is Mezzo-Soprano and has 4 octaves. She became a teen idol starring as the more.

I truly do like her music and I think people should think about their opinion a little more about her because this is how she expresses herself! There are more people who hate her then like her in this world! Why would she go to all this trouble just for people to dislike her? This is her and only her! This is her life and only her life! No one should judge her for being her! I admire her for not caring what people think and just focusing on her career! GO Miley!

You can't be Hannah Montana forever. For the people who hate her, she's just grown up not changed. She is a good singer. I'm not a huge fan, but she is a good person, and if you don't believe it, you've been into the media to much, she cares about homeless and animals. In my books, that is a good person.

What she's doing and how she does it obviously doesn't appeal to everyone. I, too, find some of her half-naked adventures rather repulsing. But still, I don't think she's someone worth hating. She does weird, sure, but that doesn't earn her a spot on a list with Hitler and Stalin. Come on people.

She should have stayed the innocent funny love able Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana girl that every little girl wanted to be when they grew up, but now she is just some idiot that goes around jacked licking hammers! Hope one whacks her in the face and knocks some sense into her!

9 Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler was a German dictator, and a leading member of the Nazi party. Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and one of the people most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

To be honest, I don't understand why people put jesus and muhammad nabi saw on this list? They are good people with kindest heart.
And why people choose to bash these celebrity like Bieber, taylor swift, gaga, kanye west and many more? These celebrity just like the rest of us, all have shortcoming and makes mistake but why people don't instead vote for this evil men?
1. Justin Bieber = he just has a bad attitude, bad singing, suck music
2. Gaga = well her music is bout sex, but she's still a great singer, just creepy enough.
3. Kadarshian = maybe she doesn't has any talent
4. Taylor swift = write songs to disses ex's, arrogant maybe, a bad attitude
5. Kanye west = arrogant, can't sing
6. Rebecca black = annoying voice, stupid song
And etc...

Compare to this evil, sadistic, cruel man
What has he had done I'm sure you guys all know about this
Killing millions Jews, gyspy, and other race who didn't have blued eyed and blonde hair!
This man need to ...more

Why the heck is Himmler not in the top 10 alongside Hitler and Stalin?
This monster, or if you prefer, demon from Hell, was one of the masterminds of the Holocaust (alongside Adolf Eichmann and Reinhard Heydrich).
I don't like some singers and their music and I don't care about celebrities in general, you can say whatever you want about Trump, but how anyone can think that a singer, celebrity or president they don't like is way worse than an actual mass murderer is way beyond me.
If you genuinely believe that a celebrity or president you dislike is worse than an actual monster like Himmler, then you need to get help, for real.

Why is he so far down should be third after Hitler and stalin he masterminded the holocaust he masterminded the industrial scale mass murder of 6 million innocent men women and children a cruel evil sadistic man.P. S he was a chicken farmer before he was a Nazi.

A very well known German Nazi that I am glad doesn't exist anymore..
I hope I'm not related to hitler. I am related to bieber. Depression.

10 George W. Bush George Walker Bush is an American politician and businessman who was born in July 6, 1946. He served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. He is the eldest son of Barbara and George H. W.

GW didn't create the mess we're in today; he just exacerbated it with his tax cuts for the wealthy, starting an unnecessary war when we were already involved in one because nine months into his presidency, he failed to learn anything about foreign policy and the intelligence agencies, that were in complete disarray. He deregulated the banks and credit card companies, unleashing a army of predatory lenders on unsophisticated consumers. Thankfully, his plan to privatize social security and medicare never took off. Every time I hear the rightists criticize Obama, I have to think what would McCain and Palin or Romney and Ryan would be doing different. Nothing.

George Bush Senior was the definition of a crazy man. Everything he did was to benefit him and his fellow rich companions. His son was the same. He knew that the war was unnecessary and it was not true. Long depressing story short, he wanted to go down in history as a war hero, a Presidential hero, and the face of American hope to others. Instead he killed 100, 000, 000 people, wasted billions of dollars in tax money that we worked hard for, and put the orphan level in the world to an all time high. This is what we get when vote for a unprofessional airhead who thinks that since his father was president that he would automatically have high expectations.

"Oh! Look! Iraq! " Said Bush. "It doesn't look like they're going to hurt us." Said some important guy. "Wait! Are those WMD'S!? " said Bush. "No, they look more like pineapples." said some important guy. "No! It's a WMD! And there's more! " said Bush. "No, they are pineapples. I just went there and saw the pineapples." said some important guy. *running out of the white house like a maniac* "Everyone! I found evidence of WMD's in Iraq! " Said Bush. *nobody listens* "I'll take care of this! " said Karl Rove. "Everyone! There are giant nuclear missiles in Iraq! They have enough to bomb our country! Those pineapples are just a cover for what's under that farmers market! There are nuclear missiles in there and you should believe me without question! " Said Karl Rove. That's how it all went down. I think.

Actually, George W. Bush did create the mess that we're in, he's the true cause for ISIS. He ruined a government that we may agree on, but the military had their own structure, and most men in that country were employed. But since the U.S. came in thinking that Saddam Hussein was the cause of 9/11, and that they've obtained weapons of mass destruction, most people lost their jobs in the war. And not only that, many civilians lives were lost, and American lives as well. But since then, people had no positions, no government, and what more could they do? Well, they formed a group named ISIS after most of the U.S. troops left the country. You guys may blame Obama for forming "ISIS", but we should really blame GW and his party for having sent troops to that country with the uncertainty that they were caused of 9/11, (and in reality Bin Landen caused it for being leader of an extremest group) and with self interest that his father had long ago with oil. Honestly, from the start, this man ...more

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11 Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti was the fifth President of Iraq, serving in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003. A leading member of the revolutionary Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, and later, the Baghdad-based Ba'ath Party and its regional organization Ba'ath Party – Iraq Region—which more.

His big link to al-Qaeda was probably the fact that he gassed a bunch of those who wouldn't accept an eviction notice those same people that ripped him apart. Greedy, corrupt, morally bankrupt and above all ruthless in taking whatever he was after. I guess that's why he isn't in the top ten.

Hussein should be higher on this list too. He ordered men to kill fellow American soldiers, and he's huber 12... I don't agree with this placement

Although he murdered millions, used chemichal weapons on his own people. Iraq is way worse than when he was in charge

What?! Get him off this list! He's a great dictator! Screw G. W. Bush!

12 Kanye West Ye (born Kanye Omari West; June 8, 1977) is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer. He is regarded as one of the most influential, as well as controversial, artists of the 21st century. more.

I don't know if you guys know this, but this man is one of the greatest artists of all time. Sure, he's said some douchy moments, but let's say some rock and roll legend acts like a dick and Kanye does the same thing. It's not like people are actually gonna care about the rock and roll guy, but they're gonna criticize Kanye. Don't act like this isn't the truth. And yeah, if you do hate him, give his music a chance because that's not the reason he should ever get hate. The other reason I can at least understand.

Okay, let's get to the point: Kanye West is arrogant, we all know that. But do people like him and Justin Bieber really deserve to be on the same list as Stalin, bin Laden, Hitler, and Saddam? He has said some stupid things, and I do not support those. But his music is extremely popular and many people relish it. So, before you put two singers who have made music, not destroyed people, and a president who is actually good, and doing the best he can, think about Trump. Think about actual racists. Saddam. Mubarak. Mossilini.

If you have something to say about black people then I have something to say about white people I hate rock bands they suck and are too loud. Nirvana and all those other bands make no sense I really don't have an idea of what they are saying. And I'm not racist because I like white people I'm friends with a lot and I like 5sos and white singers too but I didn't think I needs to share what I thought about rock bands just like people don't like Kanye west no one needed to comment on that. And if Kanye west is getting awards then he apparently has talent like come on it'scommon sense. About north west someone said who would name their child that. Well Kim kardashian and Kanye west did so apparently they liked it.

He is just a small minded man, who in his own words believes he is the next "Jesus". He has little to no talent yet has the confidence to call his latest album 'the best album ever made'. If you ask me this man is rude, self centered and a disgrace to modern pop culture.

13 Jimmy Savile Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, commonly known as Jimmy Savile, was an English DJ, television and radio personality, dance hall manager and charity fundraiser. After his death hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse were made against him. There had also been allegations during his lifetime but the accusers were ignored or disbelieved. He took legal action against some accusers.

Jimmy SoVile, a truly revolting thing. Given the keys to hospitals and children's care homes etc. by the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher. Those politician enabled him to have access to the most vulnerable people.

PC prevented people from exposing this monster and allowing his evil career to continue.

Johnny Rotten warned us that Jimmy was perverted. Maybe you should've listened...

Johhny Rotten warned us that this man was perverted. Maybe you should've listened.

14 Nicki Minaj Onika Tanya Maraj, known professionally as Nicki Minaj (born December 8, 1982) is a Trinidadian/American rapper / pop music artist. Minaj is most known for her songs such as "Anaconda", "Super Bass", "Starships" and her feature on "Bang Bang". more.

Okay, I never had the guts to listen to this freak's song, but I did have the displeasure of listening to beauty and a beat and I was barely alive. Nicki might actually be beautiful if she knew the meaning of jacket and jeans and if she didn't make weird faces and if she didn't have pink hair. She has the worst sense of fashion and has no talent whatsoever.

Nicki minaj is the queen of rap right now so I don't understand why someone brought it up. I am a huge fan of nicki minaj and if she sucks and has no talent whatsoever how is she getting all these awards. She must have more awards than you if I've never heard of you.

She is like the worst! Her songs are nothing but love! Her voice is obnoxious when she raps! I prefer her to sing her lyrics instead of saying them. It terrible! Her lyrics are, I'm sad to say but, they are worse than Justin.

Don't know a thing about other than the fact that she looks like a live cartoon character (black Jessica Rabbit), but I hate that commercial she's in that I'm forced to watch ever few minutes. Yuck!

15 Kim Kardashian Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model. Along with her sisters, she is well known for her stupidity and for all the plastic surgery procedures she's had over the years. She is also known for her infamous show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" that aired on TV from 2007 - 2021.

Like Kanye, she is an idiot. A bad role model. Hell, made a porn video. So, she's a bigger idiot than Kanye. She named her child North West. But does she deserve to be on a list with Stalin, Hitler, and Bush? With racists? I mean, you put Kim, Kanye, Justin, and Miley. All of them have made mistakes, and yes, Kanye is arrogant and Kim is, well, stupid. But do they deserve to be on a list with killers? And Obama? Give me a break. America was in a horrible state when he came in and he's trying his best to fix it. Get a life before making lists.

My new improved list (not in order)

bin Laden
Ben Carson
The ISIS guy that nobody can or wants to remember

All she is talentless who happened to become famous for some reason. Despite her sheer stupidity as a person with incompetence to match, she has a cult following! More people view her nude photos than people look at relevant things, like transmissions from space, discoveries in science both here on Earth and on other planets by probes, or political/societal changes! Why do people care so much about such an insignificant person? Focus on the important stuff both in the world and in your own lives and stop being sheep!

The fact that I can't look at my news feed without seeing what her or her family are doing, despite the fact I've never seen KUWTK in my life or intend to, is enough on its own to make me hate her. On top of this, it annoys me that people are allowed to get famous like this in today's world without hard work or effort then don't doing anything productive or contribute effectively to a struggling economy. Thank you Kim Kardashian for being the symbol of everything wrong with the modern world.

Wow, she is SUCH a good role model for young women and girls. She proves that in order to be successful in life, you need to have sex with rich/famous men and marry them. Also, add a fake booty for a finishing touch. Most of her female family members are the exact same as her. Kardashians and Jenners are undeserving people. They did NOTHING to deserve becoming this famous. I feel like they should have been prostitutes, that's what they'll ever be good for. Or just regular people like us.

16 Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

So if he kills a Jew it doesn't matter?

He is killing innocent Christians!

Leader of evil isis.

Should be top ten

17 Pol Pot Pol Pot, born Saloth Sar, was a Cambodian revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1997. From 1963 to 1981, he served as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.

He totally ruined Cambodia, seen it myself, such an innocent country with lovely people ruined by this idiot, and he died in peace?! He should be in the top 5 at least!

The Cambodian tyrant. He killed over 2,000,000 Cambodians. This communist is the the reason why there are mass graves all over Cambodia. I'm glad Pol Pot is in hell where he belongs, along with Hitler and Stalin.

Why the hell isn't Pol Pot on this list he killed of 1,000,000 Cambodians as a rebel I know Vlad the Implaler did some preposterous things but without him we would all be speaking Ottamanese (Turkish) and we would be slaves!

Khmer Rouge: Did you do it?
Pol Pot: Yes
Khmer Rouge: What did it cost?
Pol Pot: 15% of my country's population.

18 Vladimir Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the president of Russia, a position he has filled since 2012, and previously from 2000 until 2008. He was also the prime minister from 1999 to 2000, and again from 2008 to 2012. more.

He HATES my country along with the entire western world.
He is extremely homophobic to he point where he persecutes LGBTs.
He supports "president" Assad in Syria, who slaughters his own people with chemical weapons.
He shot down a plane full of civilians and blamed his own allies, the pro Moscow Ukrainian rebels.
His people are living in poverty and for some reason they basically worship him.
He keeps rigging the election so he can always win (which is usually the case when a democratic candidate is in power for more than a decade).
There is no freedom of speech, press or really freedom of anything in Russia anymore because of him.
He took over the Crimea with military force instead of negotiating with the Ukrainian government, which was basically a puppet government of his at the beginning of last year anyways, and than proceeded to criticize the Ukrainian people for whining about it. He sent troops to annex Eastern Ukraine and got them all brainwashed into ...more

This Evil Son of a B#tch attacked Ukraine and left millions dead or homeless.
The Animaniacs Reboot mocked him with an Awful Stereotypical (no offense) Russian Ripoff of the show itself.

Don't Trust him! I hate him! I love the Japanese and Koreans better than him! His fans are bloody idiots! He's a threat to the world just like ISIS!

Vlad is just another miss understood drunk. Don't think too harsh of him please he's not really a bad guy.

19 Tom Brady Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., is an American football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League. Brady is known for being the only quarterback in history to win 7 Super Bowls, and is often considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Brady is also frequently more.

He would rather be on the cover of playboy than sports illustrated. When you have amazing wide receivers it's not that hard to be great.

Only reason he has passing yards is because gronk catches anything within ten yards.

Cheating brat who's shirt best represents his age.

I'm not a huge fan on sports, so I don't like him.

20 Fred Phelps Fred Waldon Phelps Sr. (1929-2014) was an American baptist minister and civil rights attorney who was notorious for forming the Westboro Baptist Church, his extreme views on homosexuality and his protests against military veterans, homosexuals and disaster victims, whose deaths (he believed) were the result of God punishing America for "bankrupt values" and tolerating gay people.

True he's a jerk, but the Westboro Baptist Church has, wait for it- all of 39 members. Big woop.
He is only famous because the media covers every single thing they do with a microscope.
They are a fly speck, just ignore them.

If you don't know who Fred Phelps is, look him up. I guarantee that when you do, you'll want to punch something (preferably Fred Phelps).

Just look at his sign. This guy is just a horrible person. And super irrational! If there is a god, why would he hate gay people?

He's not a true Christian, like the rest of us, I was taught the God loves everyone no matter what.

21 Vlad the Impaler Vlad III (Known as "Vlad the Impaler" or "Vlad Dracula", born 1431) was a Romanian monarch. He was the ruler of Wallachia a total of three times before his death in 1476/7. He is most famous for his reputation as a dictator and his gruesome torture methods and executions, in which he has served as an more.

Hitler may have shot, burned, and farted on millions of innocent Jews. Nathan Bedford Forrest may have founded the disgusting KKK that are known for their immense hatred and Racist actions on others. But Vlad the Impaler used worse methods of torture than Hitler, Stalin, Putin, and Forrest combined.
Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula, mainly tortures innocent civilians just Impaling them, hence his name, and sees torture, screams of terror and pain, blood, and violence as entertainment.

I'm a Jew and despise Hitler and Stalin, but Hitler was not nearly as sadistic and inhumane as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad took pleasure in impaling men, women and children on spikes going up through the anus and put through the mouth. He'd have them positioned around his diner table so that he'd dine while watching them scream in agonising pain and drip with blood as they slowly died. The deaths would take hours, sometimes even days. Hitler was evil, but WWII would have been far worse if Vlad took Hitler's place.

He's one of the few people I wish efernal suffering for, and I'm often a forgiving person. Death by beheading was too good for him.

It baffles me on how terrible this list is. I mean, really, why are Justin and Rebecca even on the list. Justin is progressively getting more better over the years and I think he is getting overhated. Friday is one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life, but still, Rebecca Black is now less hated and more recently, her songs are now more better.

Why is Gandhi even here? Okay, I am a Pakistani, but trust me, even I respect Gandhi. Even when he was against the making of my state, I still admire him. Whoever wrote Gandhi's name here was a complete idiot for not knowing History. Why is Muhammad here? For what I see, someone here is a complete racist for insulting my religion and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Why is Jesus and Moses here? Why is Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah here? He created a country, despite many people going against him! Really, what is Taylor Swift, Kanye West and other random singers and actors doing here? And Why Obama for the hate? He's trying to repair ...more

His behavior and reputation had some people thinking that he had sold his soul to The Devil and that Heaven would never accept him.

22 Judas

Judas is not a bad person. Yes he did betray Jesus, but nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes if you read the Bible it will tell you that God sent him down to Earth to die for our sins. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life". Even if Judas did not betray Jesus, Jesus still would have died. Judas did betray Jesus but while Jesuswas getting whipped he threw the money back at the romans and while Jesus was carrying the cross up the mountain to be crucified Judas hung himself because he felt so bad. Jesus did know that Judas betrayed him, because at the last super he said "one of you has betrayed me." But Jesus knew it was Judas, and Jesus could have stopped his crucifiction but he loves us so much he died for our sins. So its sad that he died for our sins and there are still people who don't believe in him. Jesus is not a fictional character he is real and in roman history, ...more

If Jesus was god, how could he be killed? Can a mortal person kill a god? If only Judas could kill Jesus, then maybe people have been worshipping the wrong person and people should be worshipping Judas?
Maybe people are really worshipping the wrong person. Maybe it's God the Father they should only be worshipping?

This is all a part of Gods plan of redemption. If Jesus didn't die than your sins wouldn't be forgiven. Judas also ended up killing himself out of shame. These top comments are about as ignorant as it gets saying "He is the reason our Lord is dead." That is false. I don't know what Lord you worship but my Lord is eternal.

Judas isn't evil... Think about it... Without Judas Jesus wouldn't have give us everlasting life. Judas wanted the Lord to show the Romans, who were prosecuting Jews and Christians, that he was the Messiah and to defeat the Romans... But he didn't know the Lord wasn't like that... By the way, Judas and Jesus were
Jewish so how could he hate Jews

23 Jack The Ripper "Jack the Ripper" was the alias of an unknown serial killer in Whitechapel, London who brutally murdered 5 women (mainly prostitutes) between August and November of 1888. To this day, he has remained a mysterious and popular phenomena among serial killers and popular media.

Yes, he is one of the biggest mysteries in history. In 1888 in London he killed 5 women, The women was called Elizabeth Stride, Mary Jane Kelly, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Ann Nichols & Annie Chapman

He's a mystery like the Zodiac Killer who killed 5 women. When I grow up, I'll be a detective and solve the mystery of him.

I think he is so bad that I want him to be the second people that people hate the most!

He killed a lot of women brutally, and was never found! he should definitely be on the list

24 Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is an American politician, diplomat, and former lawyer who served as the 67th United States secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, as a United States senator representing New York from 2001 to 2009, and as first lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001 as the wife of President Bill Clinton. A member of the Democratic Party, she was the party's nominee for president in the 2016 presidential election, becoming the first woman to win a presidential nomination by a major U.S. political party; Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College vote, thereby losing the election to Donald Trump.

Should be in the top ten. She lies so often too even count. Total hypocrite on women's issues of sexual abuse and pay. Her accomplishments as Secretary of State have led to the greatest humanitarian crises since WWII. (millions of families fleeing their homes to seek asylum) She ignores data security rules and uses a personal private server to handle our government information. She is responsible for labeling data confidential or classified and then says she never saw any data marked classified. She deletes 30000 correspondences without the review of any government official. Her accomplishments are non-existent.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Don't believe everything the NRA tells you. Hillary has no intention of taking hunting rifles away any more than Obama does. The NRA has been telling you for years that Obama is after your guns, and no guns have been taken, have they? Hillary is the same. What they wanted is greater ability to track guns and no sale of guns to anyone on the no fly terrorist list. Polls show support for these measures at over 90 percent, as they only make sense.

Should be number one, pathelogical psychopath. Should get an Emmy for the best actor, everything she says is scripted and tested. Learned and corrected every mis-step she made in 2008 election. Has successfully developed every trait Hitler used to get people to blindly follow and believe whatever lie she tells. Worships power and money and has sold her soul to the devil to get it. Women's worst enemy!

Like a cockroach...brings disease and hard to get rid of. Really surprised though she's not in the top 10. Probably is and you all are afraid to post it in fear that you might get whacked from the Clinton mob.

What kind of scum steals money from an organization to help a community and never gives it to them and sells uranium to our enemies? Just to name a few.

25 Lady Gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. more.

She wouldn't be as famous as she is if she wasn't all about image, hype, and wearing stupid clothes. She goes on about being proud of who you are, but probably can't leave the house without caked makeup and clothes that look like a unicorn exploded onto her. Sad thing is that she actually has talent and can sing, but her songs are all bull. Music should be purely be about the music itself, with all the outfits, fame and image put second if not at all.

She is actually known as one of the nicest celebrities, she is very kind and generous, and she has a couple good songs. It is mainly her outfits that make people hate her, but now she is actually wearing more appropriate outfits than before.

I get why people might hate her. Maybe you don't like her music, her looks, etc. But number 18? the frick? And above Nicki Minaj, Drake and Chris brown? And that's just in the music industry. What about Heimlich Himmler? He cause the death of 10 million. However, he is not NEARLY as bad as Lady Gaga. Oh god no.

Lady gaga is just weird when it comes to her fashion. She is actually a big supporter on gay marriage and stuff like that, so she is actually very nice.

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