Top 10 Most Patriotic People

Here is your chance to display your patriotic feelings. What follows is a list of the most patriotic nationalities. Whether or not you agree with their allegiance, these people support their nations the most.
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1 Americans

Americans are definitely the most patriotic people. They are always willing to defend their freedoms. America has its flaws, and all Americans know that, but America's story is like no other.

A rag-tag team of colonists were able to defeat the most powerful army of that time. Even after a Civil War, we were able to reunite. We came out of nowhere to become the leader of the free world. America is truly the greatest underdog story of all time, and that's what gives Americans such an immense love for their country.

2 Indians

Indians are much more patriotic than Americans. Americans say, "God bless USA, we are the greatest," but that's it. They don't even know anything about their own country (most of them). Indians know the history of India and work to make India the greatest. Indians equal true patriotism. Jai Hind!

Patriotism... at a cost. Indians are severely nationalistic people who put others down. In particular, other nationalities. I don't consider this patriotism something to cheer about.

Proud to be an Indian! May India regain her past glory. We Indians have to work together for this. Come on, my compatriots, let's make an India free from poverty, corruption, and instability!

3 North Koreans
4 Canadians

I love Justin Bieber and I love Canada!

Canada is the best kind of patriotic.

Canada is really patriotic all over, and before people say, "but Quebec Separatist," well, those are hated all over the country, even in Quebec itself. It's honestly quite illogical to think Quebec should be its own country.

5 Pakistanis

Pakistani people are devoted to their country more than anything else. Our love for Pakistan is derived from our ancestors. This country was made because the people from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh combined) wanted a separate country. Only the people who were devoted enough migrated to this area and left behind their belongings, land, and anything they had with no regrets.

This explains why we love it so much, because the passion and love run in our blood. We are the children of the only brave people who had the guts to migrate, while most of the other Muslims stayed back in India.

6 French

Not French, but I think many French people love their country. After all, there's Paris, good food, and a beautiful language called French.

I am French, and I love my country. I think many other French people love it too.

7 Russians

The Russians are, by no competition, the most patriotic and devoted to their country people in the world. No other country in the world has ever been attacked so many times by so many idiotic, meaningless wars as Russia. No other people has ever fought so hard to protect their beloved country as the Russians.

They have always fought to the last drop of blood, no matter what the odds were, and they have never been defeated and never will be because they will always fight to the last man to protect their country. The Russians are stronger, braver, and harder fighting than any other people in the world has ever been, and it has always been like this.

The Russians are peaceful, caring, loving people and never start wars, but they sure know how to end wars. The Russian bear will smash anybody that tries to attack them.

8 Chinese

Does brainwashing count? Then I'm pretty sure the Chinese are the most patriotic.

As a Canadian-Chinese child, I love my country and I am a patriot.

China has a high rate of nationalism.

9 Croatians
10 Israelis

The Jewish people were always one nation no matter where or what time, even others saw this. We always helped each other, and today we are the only nation who rebuilt our ancient state and language after two thousand years! Proud to be Israeli!

We are proud of being one of the oldest civilizations and, at the same time, one of the most modern and prosperous countries in the world.

The Contenders
11 Japanese

We had many wars and fights throughout our history, and yet we still stand proud in this whole world with many inventions in our pockets.

12 Brazilians

How come they're not already here? If you've ever been there, you knew they would be top three on this list.

13 Germans
14 Greeks

Of course we are the best, just look at our history. We gave birth to philosophy, democracy, the Olympic games, tragedy, and comedy, etc. Alexander the Great built one of the most powerful armies that have ever existed. The Byzantine Empire was Greek, and we also have the most influential culture out there!

15 Native Americans
16 British

The founders of modern patriotism.

17 Norwegians
18 Turks

I'm a Turk living in Germany. I have traveled to many countries and I have never seen a nation that loves its flag more than the Turks. The flag is everywhere.

Turkish people consistently respect their country. The flag is everywhere.

Surely, Turkey is the best. How Happy Is the One Who Says, I Am a Turk!

19 Mexicans

Even when they enter illegally, they always wave the flag of their home country.

20 Irish

I can't believe we're this far down the list. I would have thought we would be in the top five. What a joke!

21 Koreans

Proud to be Korean! Let's hear it for our overwhelming Korean spirit and pride! Daehanminguk!

22 Danes
23 English
24 Australians

It's quite sad. We are patriotic in the summer but we turn into lazy, careless people in the winter. We are like bears: out in the summer and nothing but hibernating in the winter.

Australia is the best country in the world!

25 Iranians

They pick on each other like siblings, but when a stranger tries to pick on one of the siblings, a bloodbath will ensue shortly after.

Iranians are so patriotic that they put countries like the US to shame. I've seen examples of this all over the world.

Iran is mother to us all, and we will spill blood for every inch of it against the invaders. This whole nation has more will to wage wars to reclaim its former glory, even with bare hands. Hail to Iran!

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