Top Ten Reasons to Love Kendrick Lamar

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1 Lyrical Content

Instead of bragging about sex, money, drugs, etc. like the rest of today's rappers, Kendrick focuses on spreading inspiration and sharing the lessons he has learned growing up in a place of danger and violence.

He's original. He's like today's Tupac!

2 He Helps His Community

He gives back to his community, He donated Money to his old high school secretly

Very nice of him!

3 His Music

One of the most creative and talented rappers alive. He has only released two albums, which have been critically acclaimed and one of which has become a modern classic.

4 He Stays True To The Culture

Rap music is in ruins and Kendrick is one of the only few artists who is producing meaningful music in the genre. Unlike Lil Wayne and the rest, Kendrick focuses on the music and the message instead of bragging and flaunting.

Proud and unashamed to be Black! 3 Amazing!

5 He's Inspirational

Kendrick's music is all about spreading positivity and inspiration. Rap was a tool that the black man created to bring light on social issues and Kendrick believes that rap artists today are misusing their influence. - winner333

6 His Personality

Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite ICONIC rappers.

Humble, generous and loyal to his fans.

He's nice to people.

7 He's Proof That You Can Be Mainstream and Still Be An Amazing, Lyrical Rapper

As long as you got a good beat and a catchy hook you can add anything in between - 4our2wen0ty

8 The Control Verse

His famous Control verse, where he lists out all the modern rappers who he wishes to surpass and vows to be the best. Many consider the verse as a diss, but it isn't. It's more like a battle-cry, Kendrick challenging his competitors. As Eminem said - Rappers are foolish if they are mad at Kendrick's Control verse. - winner333

9 He's Innovative

Kendrick is always experimenting with music. He tries to add something new, something that isn't usual, to his projects. In his first album, he narrated a whole story through the songs. In his second album, he drew heavy influence from jazz and funk music. - winner333

10 His Metaphors

Kendrick's songs are full of metaphors, symbolism and messages. Though it takes a few listens to dig deep beneath the surface into his lyrics. - winner333

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11 The Conversation With Tupac At The End of "Mortal Man"

At the end of his song "Mortal Man", Kendrick has a conversation with Tupac and they talk about music and the issues that the black man is facing. Kendrick used clippings from an interview of Tupac in the 90s to create the conversation. - winner333

12 His Hairstyle

His hair is a great way to show he is still black because some black people get some money and then want to look white

13 His Name
14 His Height

Sure why not - 4our2wen0ty

15 He is an Icon

Kendrick was granted the honour of California Generational Icon.

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