Best Things About Bella Thorne

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1 Her Acting

She can't act. She's irrelevant and stupid.

She is a fake! Acting is for her!

2 Her Singing

Bella Thorne can't sing. She has one of the worst voices on this planet

Really? Her voice is ducks

3 Her Looks

If my dog was half as ugly as her, I'd shave is butt and tell him to walk backwards.

4 Her Dancing
5 Her Writing
6 Her Personality
7 Her Hair
8 Her Fake Butt

Her butt is real! It is a big, circular butt! Please switch this reason to "her real butt"! It is a true fact! She has thick, feminine thighs that show us so.

She is fake to be loved! She said I was stinky because I'm not as pretty as her

9 Her Charming Smile
10 Her Face
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11 Her Intelligence
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