Top Ten People Who Have Portrayed Spider-Man

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite superheroes since I was a kid, and many have portrayed him in both live action and voice acting. These are simply the best ones.
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1 Tobey Maguire Tobias Vincent "Tobey" Maguire is an American actor and film producer who gained recognition for his film roles in Pleasantville, The Cider House Rules, Wonder Boys, Spider-Man, Seabiscuit, Spider-Man 2, The Good German, Spider-Man 3, Brothers, and The Great Gatsby. He was nominated for the Screen Actors more.

What puts Tobey Maguire above Andrew Garfield was his understanding of who Peter Parker was (at his core). Sure, Andrew's Spidey was more quippy and had more jokes per scene, but Tobey added a deeper level of emotion and was more relatable for the average, unpopular, sensitive, empathetic young adult. Basically, he was more genuine. Garfield was cocky, confident in larger group settings, satisfied with his (supposed to be unsatisfying) existence, and had a bit of a "too cool for school" thing going on (especially at his high school grad ceremony). And all that while still identifying in public as Peter and not Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, that all totally works and is consistent with the character's personality in the comics. But that's not who Peter is. Tobey Maguire had that down.

Before you can have a truly compelling Spider-Man, you have to have an equally compelling Peter. Tobey was an excellent Peter. For that, I completely excuse his less-than-always quippy ...more

Tobey's spidey were excellent scenes that shows Spider-Man is not just a person, he's the embodiment and heart of what New York city is supposed to be, community. People looking out for each other, helping each other, and getting each other through dark situations. No one person is Spider-Man, and Spider-man is not only one person. I love how in the original Spider-Man movies Spidey actually interacted with civilians and cared about them. He may not be the funniest incarnation of spidey but he had heart. And that's one thing the new Spider-Man films have yet to replicate.

Tobey Macquire, the original, the talent, the dream, the great geek Peter Parker owned the City of New York. He will always be the greatest portrayer of Spider Man with the two best Spider Man movies under his name.

Better Peter Parker performance? Check. Better Spider-Man performance then Andrew? Double check! He is a lot more accurate portrayal of the character then Andrew.

2 Tom Holland Thomas Stanley "Tom" Holland is an English actor and dancer. Holland is known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and starring in the 2012 film The Impossible. He started his career in 2008 when he played the lead role named Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot The Musical on Broadway in the Victoria Palace Theater, London, England.

This guy needs to be number one in my opinion. He balances out everything that made Spider-Man great, his humor and innocence make him easily more likable, relatable, and realistic. Tobey just seemed too old and was better as Peter than Spider-Man, even if he was absolutely amazing. Andrew just couldn't pull off Peter, despite perfecting Spider-Man. Tom mixes both excellently and does it better than both. PLEASE MAKE HIM NUMBER ONE.

Andrew Garfield nails Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire nails Peter Parker. Tom Holland nails both aspects of the character. I, personally, believe that Tom Holland is a "happy medium" of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

See, here's what I think: Maguire made a good Spider-Man, while Garfield made a good Peter Parker. Holland make a great Spider-Man AND Peter Parker. And, Spider-Man: Homecoming is my favorite Spider-Man movie.

Seems a lot more worthy of 2nd place then Andrew Hipsterfield. He got both sides of the character right! I wouldn't mind if he was first on this list cause he's more worthy of 1st or 2nd then 6th!

3 Andrew Garfield Andrew Russell Garfield is a British-American actor. Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Epsom, Surrey, Garfield began his career on the UK stage and in television productions. He's best known for The Amazing Spider-Man films, and The Social Network (a film about the founding of Facebook), more.

Andrew Garfield is a way better Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire. He is both incredibly funny and smart, two elements that were hugely lacking in the older Spider-Man trilogy. Sure he had a few jokes, but not nearly as many as Spider-Man should. They said that he was smart, but we never really got to see much of it. He was a nerd, sure, but not a genius. Andrew Garfield perfectly captures all of the elements that made Spider-Man great. You really see thes mart side of him, and he is perfectly sassy the way a Spider-Man should act.

Andrew Garfield deserves number 1 and you all know it! Tobey Maguire and Holland are both emotionless husks of the character known as Spiderman, Andrew is by FAR the best actor, most natural and organic acting, closest resemblence to Parker and Spiderman AND the most emotional and heartfelt of the 3. People only say Maguire wins because he is the original and people say the original always wins, regardless of if they are good or bad, which is pretty stupid. As for Holland, I can't see what people see in him personally.

I don't think Andrew Garfield gets the idea of Spider-Man right. It just seemed like he was to cool to be Spider-Man or Peter Parker. I mean, Peter's supposed to be a nerd, but he just doesn't fit that name.

For people saying that he was too "cool" to be Peter... Actually no. He was socially awkward and geeky, not exactly nerdy, but not even close to popular. He was that one random, awkward shy guy at school.

4 Josh Keaton

He is the definite voice for Spider-Man. The reason the top 3 are from movies is due to popularity and it's a shame this and some of the ones below get overlooked simply for being voice actors. Josh Keaton is to Spider-Man what Kevin Conroy is to Batman.

Everything about 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' was, genuinely, spectacular. That included the voice work of Josh Keaton. He deserves to be the highest ranking animated Spider-Man on the list.

Come on! He's way better than Andrew Garfield

5 Drake Bell Jared Drake Bell is an American actor, voice actor, and musician. Born in Newport Beach, California, he began his career as an actor in the early 1990s at the age of five with his first televised appearance on Home Improvement.

Drake Bell is a fantastic Peter Parker as he is Spider-Man. He knows the exact tone to use when he is reminiscing about previous events of superhero-ing, when he is excited about other heroes teaming up with him, and a lot other elements. I'd say he's on the level as the actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, and his dedication to this role for more than three seasons of Ultimate Spider-Man is also very good to know, because it at least shows that he enjoys playing this character.

His voice is well suited for the role, but 'Ultimate Spider-Man', as a whole, is very much lacking in a lot of departments.

He doesn't top Christopher Barnes in terms of Spider-Man voice actors, but does come close in some ways.

6 Christopher Daniel Barnes

His voice is pitch perfect, he should be second place.

He should be at 2nd place.

7 Rino Romano
8 Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, magician, and singer. He is known primarily for his comedy roles on television and his dramatic and musical stage roles.
9 Paul Soles

The original Spider-Man actor deserves more praise. Yes, he may not sound the most like a teenager but he still does a good job playing Spider-Man. He is a Spider-Man that can be both serious and funny. Plus, Paul Soles is the one who started it all so he must be respected; he's more than just a meme.

10 Robbie Daymond
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11 Shameik Moore

Miles in Spider Verse was so great.

12 Jared Padalecki Jared Tristan Padalecki is an American actor. He is best known for playing Sam Winchester is the CW series Supernatural. He grew up in Texas and rose to fame in the early 2000s after appearing on the television series Gilmore Girls as well as such films as New York Minute and House of Wax.
13 Danny Seagren
14 Quinton Flynn
15 Ted Schwartz
16 Dan Gilvezan
17 Yuri Lowenthall

Definitely my favorite

18 James Arnold Taylor
19 Xander Corvus
20 Hirofumi Koga
21 Jake Johnson
22 Nicholas Hammond
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