Top Ten Ways to Become a Celebrity Automatically

This list is not complaining it's just from what I've seen from Deez Nuts to Jacob Sartorius.
The Top Ten
1 Be hot

I'm very hot every time I go to the beach, does that count?
(Best joke ever, I know)

2 Have a big butt

Applies only to females.

3 Film a video of you saying you're suicidal
4 Have all the social media
5 Have the coolest shoes
6 Do something very stupid

Haha, martinglez, this is one of the greatest comments I've ever read. Your sense of humour is amazing, I can't stop laughing

Thanks @Metal_Treasure, lol. (I cannot reply for some reason)

I have done this many times, still not famous.

7 Say words like swag and bae
8 Have latest designer clothes
9 Say something dumb that will make everyone laugh
10 Sing using autotune
The Contenders
11 Make a crappy song that gets a lot of dislikes

Examples:mostly songs in the radio

12 Become a serial killer
13 Make a porno with 15 people of the opposite gender

Then how come still no one has heard of me?

14 Do a shampoo commercial
15 Scream really loudly

Did this and got in trouble instead of famous.

16 Diss a celebrity on Twitter
17 Open the concert of someone who is extremely famous
18 Make sure you have face tattoos and rap really badly
19 Release a sex tape involving another celebrity
20 Appear in a big movie
21 Create a YouTube channel
22 Write a hit song
23 Just Being You

Be who you are, We are born original so why we die a copy

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