Talking in a Theater is Annoying and Rude!

MegaSoulhero I can’t hold it in any longer! After the backlash I received from ranting about a trip to Disneyland, I decided to not do anymore rants that involve people I encounter in real life. I WAS gonna do another Disneyland rant because of another terrible trip I recently had that involved seeing Gwen Stefani perform in the park, but I’ve had worse trips. So I decided to let it go. But THIS thing that happened to me on Saturday night this weekend I cannot let slide! Don’t worry, it’s not about Disneyland. I will tell you what happened.

I went to see Wicked again, this time with my family, and we had really great seats in the orchestra section. Unfortunately, there were these women sitting behind us who were just so annoying! The kept on talking during the show and kept on laughing during serious moments! Look, talking during a movie is one thing, but talking during a stage musical is absolutely absurd! Our seats cost a lot of money. So having these girls be loud and obnoxious ruins the entire experience! This isn’t just about me. There were other people around too and they were watching the show very quietly. These girls apparently had no respect for the others around them! Throughout the show, they kept on making comments about certain scenes in the musical. They weren’t even whispering. They were talking pretty loud. There was one thing one of the girls said during the show that actually made me laugh, but I still though it was very rude to be doing this. Even less than a minute into the show they were already getting on my nerves. Also, one of the dropped their phone during the first act. First of all, why would you have your phone out during the show? Second, I was able to hear them trying to find it even going as far as to having one of them take out their phone and turn the light on to search for it! Wow! I’m surprised they didn’t get kicked out just for that. Also, I don’t see why they needed to find the phone while the show was going on, considering they could’ve waited until intermission. When the theater lights turn back on. No common sense.

As I stated before, they also kept on laughing during moments that weren’t supposed to be funny. Like during Defying Gravity. One of the girls couldn’t stop laughing! There was nothing funny that was happening! Another moment where the girls were laughing and talking was during the song “For Good”. That’s supposed to be such an emotional moment, but I couldn’t focus on it because of the annoying people behind me! I kept on hearing this one girl say that she has a crush on Boq. That’s nice, but everyone around her was able to hear it. Which isn’t a good thing. They even kept on constantly talking about him in one of his scenes and, sorry if I keep repeating myself, it’s just so annoying. While watching the show, I was sitting next to my sister and I could see that even she was getting annoyed. Even though she also has a habit of talking in theaters. But at least she whispers when she does. I can tolerate that. Especially if it only happens very few times and not constantly. This is one of those instances in which people decided to be loud and have it happen constantly. Why pay all that money just to ruin other people’s experience. Then after the show, I turned around and noticed that there were empty cups on the floor in front of the seats they were sitting in. I’m guessing those cups were filled with Wine or something. This means they must’ve been drunk. Which makes a lot of sense. Still, why would anyone want to get drunk knowing that they’re gonna watch a Broadway musical? It’s just so stupid!

This was one of the worst theater experiences I’ve had in my life. It was so horrible having to listen to these girls talk throughout the entire play! Wicked is still a great musical, but the experience would’ve been better if I was able to focus more on what was happening on stage rather than what was happening behind me. On the bright side, Kara Lindsay likes one of my posts on Instagram. So that kinda made things better for me.


Why would they go to Broadway and get drunk? Waste of money. - iliekpiez

I agree 100%. I'm trying to watch the movie god dangit - visitor