Top Ten Reasons to Have a Pit Bull As a Pet

This is not a list for people who want a pit bull because they are "bad ass". People who choose the dog for its unsavory image or people who see nothing wrong with keeping a dog chained up out in the yard without loving human interaction. And it is certainly not for the type of people who would unnecessarily mutilate a dog by cropping the ears or pinning the tail because it looks cool. Finally, and this should go without saying, it's not a list for people who involve their pit bull in illegal activity such as dog fighting. Basically, if you fall into any of these categories, you probably shouldn't own a dog at all, let alone a pit bull.

No, this list is for people looking to bring a creature into their household that will be cherished as a member of the family. People who, on top of providing love and affection, are willing to take the time to learn about their pet and give it proper training, care, and socialization. People who have space in their home and their heart to devote to a furry friend.

It is for this second group of people that a pit bull can be the ideal because a well cared for pit bull is perhaps the best dog in the world. And that is not just hyperbole. In its history, the United Kennel Club has recognized 99 "Super Dogs" which are individual dogs who earn the title in each of 5 all-breed competitions that test traits like obedience, agility, and strength. Of those 99 dogs, almost half have been breeds commonly considered to be pit bulls, far more than any other group in the competition.

So, if you are looking to bring a dog into your life, and are the type of person who is willing to make the investment in your dog as they progress from puppyhood to old age, here are 10 reasons why you should consider choosing a pit bull.
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1 Pit Bulls are Exceptionally Friendly

Despite the popular image portrayed in the media, pit bulls are particularly friendly. On temperament tests, pit bulls scored well above average with each of the breeds that constitute what we refer to as a "pit bull" scoring at or above what was typical of a Golden Retriever, a dog commonly considered to be among the friendliest breeds a person can own. Additionally, according to the United Kennel Club, the American Pit Bull Terrier "is not the best choice for a guard dog since they are extremely friendly, even with strangers".

2 Pit Bulls are Highly Intelligent Dogs

Pit bulls are enthusiastic and capable trick learners making them capable of learning cute tricks like roll over and high five, but also making it possible for you to teach them practical "tricks" such as not overwhelming guests at the front door, walking politely on a leash, or staying off the furniture.

I have a pit bull who knows the code to my safe.

3 Pit Bulls Love Their Owner More Then They Love Themselves

I was suicidal before my pit bull. They can detect a change in you when you are depressed, feeling anxious, and many other changes in you body and mind. That's the reason they make the best service dogs.

The way I feel about the is they don't care what would happen to them they care what happens to you.

I have a staffordshire terrier (close to pit bulls) and he is just the most loving dog I've ever met.

4 Pit Bulls are Eager to Please

The same "gameness" that makes pit bulls the dog of choice for dog fighters is what can make them an ideal pet. Gameness is simply a drive, tenacity, and willingness to do for the masters whatever is asked of them to the best of their ability. So while the exceptional spirit present in pit bulls can be used to perform great evil, it can also be used for good.

The typical pit bull owner probably won't need to make full use of this potential in pit bulls. It will likely be limited to helping in the training process since this eagerness to please makes the dog want to learn, or will make for some intense games of tug o war. That said, there are many examples of pit bulls performing heroic deeds for their families or even for their country.

5 Pit Bulls are Family Oriented

Where some breeds tend to remain outside the family circle or only form a solid attachment to one person, pit bulls ingrain themselves within the family. It's no coincidence pit bulls were once known as "nanny dogs".

No you are not true if you train them to kill and hurt then that is how it works. If you train them to love then they will.

6 Pit Bulls Will Do Anything to Protect Their Guardians

"My pit bull will literally do anything to protect me and my family. There was once a man trying to get into our house when we were not at home, she stopped him by scaring him off. I will forever love pit bulls because of their loving and puppy-like behavior. I no longer have this particular dog, but My family now has another pit bull that will do the same thing if it came to it."

I have a pitbull and I had her for more than 17 years and not once did she not be by my side when I got bullied when I was younger.

It's true. My great grandma has a pit bull/labador mix and protects and stays near her always!

7 Pit Bulls are Very Good with Children
8 Pit Bulls are Friendly to Other Dogs

Pitbulls are great dogs, they're just misunderstood and had bad ancestery from dog fights in england and america in the 1800's. they are totally friendly dogs if you treat them correctly

All dogs are friendly if raised right!

9 Pit Bulls are Clean

Because of their short coats, pit bulls require little grooming and do not shed as much as other breeds. An occasional bath and light brushing is all that's required.

10 Pit Bulls Maintain a Puppy Like Enthusiasm

More so than other breeds, pit bulls continue to enjoy playing and rough housing even as the progress through adulthood.

Definitely. My staffordshire terrier (close to pit bull) is almost 6 and he's still a definite puppy at heart.

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11 Pit Bulls Have Highly Expressive Faces

Some dogs are sharp looking, stoic, or beautiful, but always have that same look no matter the circumstance. Pit bulls aren't among them. While it is perhaps an over-personalization, it seems like when you look into the face of a pit bull you can see the feelings ranging from joy to shame to concern to curiosity. And that's just in the eyebrows.

I saw one smile in a video once! Whoever wants to ban pit bulls is an idiot.

12 Pit Bulls are Healthy

While all breeds are prone to certain health conditions, pit bulls tend to be healthier and live longer. A healthy pit bull will typically live to between 12 to 14 years which is longer than what is typically seen in comparably sized breeds.

13 Pit Bulls are Loyal

They will always be your bff, protect you in a fight, and forgive you for almost anything.

14 Pit Bulls Can Be Intimidating

You may know your pit bull is more likely to try to sit in the lap of a stranger than hurt them, but when someone sees that big square head peering out through the window, they're sure to think twice about coming into your house uninvited. It's unlikely they'll look past all the misinformation they've heard about the dangers of pit bulls and see the wagging, come play with me tail.

Dude, everything on this list is true. No, they didn't kill millions of people, yes, maybe hundreds but millions, no way. And they don't kill for fun, they're either abused or provoked. -_- Also, search up Kilo, Chief, Buddy, and Zoe the heroic pit bulls and you are sure to change your mind.

15 Pit Bulls are Nice
16 Pit Bulls are Easy to Adopt

Unless you live in an area affected by breed specific legislation, you should have little difficulty finding a pit bull to adopt.

As a result of all the irresponsible dog owners who purchase dogs for all the wrong reasons, a typical animal shelter in the U.S. contains a grossly disproportionate number of pit bulls and chihuahuas (thanks to all you DMX and Paris Hilton wannabes). So, depending on the size of your city, you should have little trouble finding pit bulls that are girls or boys, old or young, big or small, red, blue, black, brindle, altered, and so on. Of course, for any animal lover, strolling past cage after cage of these beautiful creatures discarded by the owners they trusted to care for them is an awful experience, but at least you get the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference.

17 Pit Bulls are Beautiful
18 Pit Bulls are Cute
19 Pit Bulls' Head Tilts are Cute
20 Pit Bulls Save People and Other Animals

There are many cases where pit bulls saved peoples' lives! There was a pit bull mix and other pit bulls that protected a little girl from a bear. There was also a case where a pit bull mix alerted a child's parents that she had seizures during the middle of the night. There was also that pit bull that protected a family from an armed intruder, the dog was unfortunately shot, but thankfully survived. They're for sure amazing dogs!

Search for Kilo the pit bull or Zoey the pit bull mix and you'll see what I mean. Also, I've heard of a pit bull saving a small dog from a coyote and in another case a cat also from a coyote.

21 Pit Bulls are Always by Your Side

Yep, they have no regard for personal space. And I've heard lots of cases where Pitbulls saved people, such as from an oncoming train, an armed intruder, an alligator, a bear, a seizure, a snake, carbon monoxide, a cougar, a house fire, domestic violence, and many more. I don't have one, but I still love them. (By the way, sorry for annoying you if you're reading this. Annoyed or not, have a good day. Unless you're one of those Pitbull haters.)

"if you have had a pit bull then you would know this is very true. If you have had your pit since the day it was a puppy and was nice to it and fed it right then when it is grown he or she would not want to leave you. I've had more than 5 pit bulls and every one I have had has always stuck by my side. One of the pits that I have had was with me one day and a dog ran up and tried to attack me and my pit protected me so that I wouldn't get hurt. If you still think that pit bulls are mean dogs then there is something wrong with you."
- James Reid

22 Pit Bulls are Bursting with Personality

Just like people, all dogs are distinct individuals, but Pit Bulls are usually bursting with personality and they love to make us laugh by clowning around. They are fun and playful, even as they get older.

23 Pit Bulls are Sweet
24 Pit Bulls are Lovebugs

They will do anything to get on your lap and get some belly rubs

25 Pit Bulls are Extremely Kind to Others
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