Top 10 Best Names for a Horse

Naming a horse is no small task. Horses are majestic, noble creatures, and their names need to reflect their unique personalities and spirit. A horse's name often reflects its character, lineage, or physical attributes. Sometimes, it's an expression of our hopes for their performance, especially if they're racehorses or show jumpers. Other times, it might be a tribute to their heritage or a nod to some quirky trait that sets them apart.

From time-honored names like 'Black Beauty' or 'Pegasus,' inspired by literary and mythological horses, to more playful or out-of-the-box choices that hint at a horse's unique personality or look, the options are endless. You could go for something classic and timeless, or choose a name that's more modern or even whimsical.

One thing's for sure, a horse's name should capture their essence and leave a lasting impression. It could be a name that highlights their strength and speed, their gentle nature, or their fiery spirit. Maybe it's a name that paints a picture of their physical attributes, like 'Star' for a horse with a white mark on their forehead, or 'Red' for a chestnut horse.

So, what do you think makes a perfect horse name? Is it the imagery it evokes, the way it rolls off the tongue, or how well it suits the horse's nature or appearance?
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1 Jasper
2 Spirit

My horse riding teacher has a horse named spirt! Even though I only saw him twice, I love him! He's so cute!

If I ever have a mustang with a yellowish coat I would name it hands down spirit

3 Misty

Misty is my favorite horse in my stables, I have Smoki, Sky, Muffin, Misty, Willow, and Dakota!

Its just really sounds like a horse name. I like it!

I really love this name and may go for it as mine!

4 Smoke

I know a horse name smoke he is a very good horse but he is 28 years old this year

5 Lucky

I love the name lucky and my friend has a horse named Lucky he is a sweet horse

6 Roho
7 Breeze

Breeze is a really good name if your hot and you get breeze on her/him

8 Lady

I had a horse named lady... she as my best friend. I think lady is the best horse name ever!

Lady is a good name as well you can have nicknames for the name Lady like Lady Bug

9 Vegas

I love the name Vegas it like the City Las Vegas I love the name so much

10 Bella

Are you kidding me bella should not be in the top ten it should be Buttercup or something cool sounding!

I've got a lovely little bayou called Bella. Its really sweet and makes her sound so cuddly.

Why name a horse after a powerpuff girl?

The Contenders
11 Raven
12 Stormy
13 Lily

I'm in many horse groups and there are always horses named Lily or Lilly or Lillie. And every time someone asks for input on what to name their horse, Lily is mentioned.

14 Commanchee

Great for a paint very beautiful. Custer Armstrong rode a horse named Commanchee. I love the name

15 Domino

My friends horse is a really pretty horse and he is a very good boy

16 Prince

If you have a very high mantnence horse and it is a gelding or a stallion ( because a prince is a boy) you should name it prince.

17 Tucker
18 Whiskey
19 Dakota
20 Rocko

My dogs name is Rocko and he is super cute I love this name and I would recommend using this name

21 Joergen
22 Black Beauty

I totally love that name and it's episodes too!

I think this is a beautiful name for a horse.

23 Quintella
24 Waves
25 Wioming
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