Top 10 Phil Collins Era Genesis and Solo Albums

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1 Invisible Touch

This is the thirteenth album by Genesis and the seventh album with Phil Collins on Lead vocals and out of all the albums where Phil sang on, this one I find to be the best one, now yes it's not a prog album but it's a great pop rock album,it reached No. 3 on the US Billboard 200. It remains the band's highest selling album after it was certified multi-platinum for over 1.2 million copies sold in the UK and 6 million sold in the US. Genesis became the first band and foreign act to have five top five singles on the US Billboard Hot 100, with " Invisible Touch " being their first and only song to reach No. 1 on the charts.

Highlight Tracks: Invisible Touch, Land of Confusion, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Domino, In Too Deep, Throwing It All Away - christangrant

2 A Trick of the Tail

I personally prefer the Peter Gabriel era to the Phil Collins era, so this is my favourite because of their sound still being quite close to that of their last few albums. - kempokid

The first album where Phil took over for Lead Vocals after Peter Gabrel left, I'm sure many others would say this is the best album Phil on lead and I can understand why it's a great Prog album.

Highlight Tracks: Ripples..., Entangled, Mad Man Moon, Robbery, Assault and Battery, Los Endos, A Trick of the Tail - christangrant

3 No Jacket Required

This was the 3rd solo album by Phil Collins which I find this one to be the best mainly because it's his most upbeat one.

Highlight Tracks: One More Night, Sussudio, Take Me Home, Don't Lose My Number - christangrant

4 Genesis

I love this album. My father doesn't like Phill Colins but I gave it a chance anyway. Now I can't get enough of it. I love how a lot of the songs are very angular (if that's the right word to describe it), this makes the album great fun. I still prefer the Peter Gabriel era albums but there's nothing wrong with popping on a Phill Colins album and having fun jamming to it.

Mama is an incredible song - Metal_Treasure

Out of the Genesis albums, I'd say this one is their most underrated since it rarley gets mentioned despite the fact it has the song Mama which is the best song Collins ever sang on.

Highlight Tracks: Mama, That's All, Home By the Sea, Second Home by the Sea - christangrant

5 ...But Seriously

Another Day in Paradise, and I Wish It Would Rain Down are one of my favorite songs by him - Metal_Treasure

Highlight Tracks: Another Day in Paradise, I Wish It Would Rain Down, Do You Remember? - christangrant

6 Hello, I Must Be Going!

Highlight Tracks: I Don't Care Anymore, I Cannot Believe It's True, Like China - christangrant

I have this album on vinyl. - NightmareCinema

7 Face Value

Highlight Tracks: In the Air Tonight, Behind the Lines, I Missed Again - christangrant

In the Air Tonight is awesome - Metal_Treasure

8 Duke

Highlight tracks: Turn It On Again, Duke's Travels, Duke's End, Behind the Lines - christangrant

9 Abacab

Highlight Tracks: Man on the Corner, Abacab - christangrant

10 Wind & Wuthering

Highlight Tracks: Eleventh Earl of Mar, One for the Vine - christangrant

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