Marian Rivera

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Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.


Marian rivera possessed the MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE IN PHILIPPINE SHOWBIZ INDUSTRY there's no doubt about that.. Her beauty is incomparable, very much international.. Even angel locsin could testify to that I doubt if she could say she's way more beautiful than our marian rivera. Toni gonzaga looks like Philippine monkey I don't know why shes even on the list. My goodness if other country will see her on this list I'm sure they will say is that the kind of beauty filipinos appreciates hahahahah

I really love Marian not only me but almost all children like her. She has a big heart especially to the sick children who always requesting for her to visit them from the hospital. And Marian is very loyal to her network where she is working unlike other stars being offered a big amount of money they leave the network who give them a break to became a star. And no doubt Marian is really pretty and sexiest among other stars.

Marian is the best of them all. She's pretty, talented, sexy, great actress, and most of all talk of the town for her billboards, magazine covers and for her interviews.. She's beautiful inside and out.. She helps other people in her own little way and we love her for that. We love her also because she's not afraid of showing who and what she is..

For me, Marian Rivera is the Sexiest... She really fit in w/ Whatever kind of Roles she Portrays, she is not Just Sexy Because she Wear some Provocative Garments.. Whatever get-ups, the way she talk, Move, smile, Laugh, the way she project, I Saw her Very Sexy...


Marian Rivera is the Sexiest Woman in Philippine Showbiz according to the list revealed by Inside Showbiz magazine on their March 2011 issue.
number 1 FHM 2008
marian rivera top 10 international beauties

No doubt about it, she's sexy and she knows it.. The queen of prime time.. An actress with flawless skin, every angle of the camera she is pretty.. With and without make up, she's beautiful.. Sexy physically and sexy in everything she does.. The true icon of sexy and beautiful women.. Well love by many so haters are jealous of her popularity.. They can never put good person down... The more they wrote bad things about her, the more, her fans adored her.. She spread love and good vibes to everybody..

This is travesty, how can non-cover girl of a men magazine gets a top 5 spot without exposing her assets. Once again, good looks prevailed again, her face is beautiful as her body, making herself holistically beautiful. It's another undeserving vote.

The most beautiful among all the contestants, very sexy, talented, humble, super down to earth, best actress, funny and most of all very TRUE PERSON... Very good personality... You're the best marian keep it up...

No one can ever beat Marian Rivera in terms of beauty and talent. No one can acquire that sense of humor. In just a span of 4 years she has reached that stardom. A lot of movies endorsements and became the GMA primetime Queen. And of course with a very loving boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.

Marian is talented a good performer a good actress, sexy, kind hearted to poor people, good Christian, a goddess beauty, loving and loyal to his boyfriend which is having same quality marian is the best we applause her because shes d only pinay on top ten international beauties 2012 yes gogogo marian

Obviously, Marian Rivera Is the most SEXIEST woman, Not only here in the Philippines but in the whole world :D Aside from Being Sexy. Marian is Beautiful inside and Out as well. Like what everybody is talking about marian Deserves to be ON THE TOP! WE LOVE MARIAN!


Of course Marian is naturally sexy. She doesn't need to go on a diet because she is already slim. And also she is comfortable in her own body so no cosmetic enhancements is needed...

Marian is the most suited of this title, we must see the reality for now a days, sorry but you have to compare Marian for the rest of Philippine artists. She is very perfect, she is so sexy, beautiful and talented. - lalainesandoval

For me MARIAN RIVERA deserves to be the sexiest women in the philippines among the other candidates here as she is not only beautiful physically but also mentally as well as spiritually, emotionally and.financially..she is the goddess of all beauty..a very good heart, funny, humble, down to earth despite of her achievements in life and became famous her feet still on the ground..her characters made you inspired and she is admired by people even her fans specially the kids like her.vry much...she has a natural sense of.humor that's make us and give love to I think that made her to be the sexiest bcos of her traits and good deeds...go marian I love you...and may god shower you more blessings in life because you r sharing it to those in needs...thank you marian..two thumbs up and keep it up...good.job!

Sexy, beautiful, talented, humble?... Hmm. Only Marian Rivera fits the bill. She will not be one of top 10 international beauties for nothing... So, go Marian, ikaw na.

Marian Rivera is very sexy. Did you not see her Rogue Magazine feature? Go my idol! For Dingdong Dantes, you are the sexiest woman not only in the Philippines, but the whole universe, galaxy even!

I vote her because shes tremendous sexy woman, nice lips and eye... Sexy butt, nice attitude, strong appeal, religious, and most of always charming to the eye of everyone...

She may not be hailed as FHM Philippines' Sexiest Women 2012, but that does not matter to me, an avid fan of the ever so gorgeous, ever so sexy Ms. Marian Rivera. Did you guys not see her June 2012 cover for the Rogue Magazine? Wheeww, that was pretty sexy; and this is coming from a straight girl, laugh out loud. Go Marian!

Marian rivera deserve to be in number 1 spot and called to be the most sexiest women because she's very sexy, beautiful and also she's lovable and humble even inside and out of her personality..

Marian rivera is the most sexiest woman in phillippine, with the way she smile, she is alway in a happy mood no matter how the thing go around her she deserve the number 1 spot in movies that come her way. Go marian

Sexiness does not necessarily refers to physical features, the curves and the like but to the character of the person as well. Marian has proven this and I am proud to say, I am one witnessed this.

Marian Rivera is one person I often ran out of adjectives in a dictionary to describe her. She's every good traits packaged in one body.Aside being the most beautiful actress pinoy ever produced, she's super talented. She pull crowd wherever she goes. People are easily drown to her because of her lively personality. She will forever remain the sexiest, most beautiful, talented, stunning, gorgeous filipina celebrity of her generation no one else

It's amazing how well proportined Marian Rivera is. Her physical attributes are not the only thing that makes her so sexy, but also her personality. She is beautiful and sexy inside and out!

I think MARIAN RIVERA is the most marvelous actress in here and she can look beautiful. People who aren't beautiful can look beautiful. She can look as beautiful as Diana Cooper, who was the most beautiful woman in the world.