Worst PlayStation 4 Games

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1 Call of Duty: Ghosts

Might as well have been dlc to previous Call of Duty games. It wasnt an awful game or anything but I have no idea what the designers were talking about saying that there were new features such as 'dynamic maps' 'big map changing events' etc. Not to mention the game's biggest difference was fish AI. Dissapointment is all I can say about ghosts

I'm not going to be a hipster and say "I hate it". But what I am going to say is that it was flawed to a degree. I enjoyed some aspects of it.

For a game with this name, on multiplayer, I saw no ghosts whatsoever.

This game sucks. Maps are huge, and it killed the Call of Duty franchise.

2 Knack

Don't know why infamous, tomb raider, wolfenstein, rayman legends and child of light are on the list but I know one thing: KNACK SUCKS!

This is one of the best games, you traitors.

This game mean Knack Knack in the garbage!

Even worst than Call of Duty

3 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

Under hyped. People wanted something like American Wasteland not this

My mom got this for me for christmas. I hated it.

4 No Man's Sky

No wonder I stopped playing it 20 minutes throughout the game it's just boring.

Lie lie lie all talk no substance no mans sky is all that

Promised the world and delivered jack.

Sweet sweet lies

5 Assassin's Creed Unity

This game has more bugs than that abandoned restaurant in the woods.

6 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of duty infinite warfare should be 1st place of worst playstation games but call of duty infinite warfare is worse than atari e.t, superman 64 and big rigs. Call of duty infinite warfare is WORST CALL OF DUTY GAME EVER! CALL OF DUTY INFINITE WARFARE IS WORST GAME EVER!

The only good part is the campaign but even that is limited

Kids: The best game ever, part of my childhood!

7 Fallout 4

I can't say that this game is bad, but I will say that this game wasn't anywhere near the same level of awesomeness as Fallout: New Vegas, even Fallout 3 was slightly better than this in my opinion. But I will say that the Godzilla fans need to keep their mouths shut and respect other people's opinions. - Gehenna

Worst game of 2015. Godzilla did better than this crappy game. Yes, I am A Godzilla fan. So shut up!

What screwed-over simpleton suggested this to be a bad game. I spit in your direction.

8 Killzone: Shadow Fall

Let me elaborate on why this is here.. The combat lacked any form of stealth. If you were to kill an enemy anywhere on the map, and not be seen afterwards, too bad for you.

I really don't know why people dislike Killzone: Shadow Fall. The graphics were great, the story is complex but great if you understand it, and finally the multiplayer was classic - not like Call of Duty's multiplayer that spams players with useless notification, customization-options and too many weapons.

This game is awesome just like all these others games, the only ones that deserve to be on this list are the top 2

Oh god! Shadow fall deserves like top 5 in the best games, not in the worst!

9 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Your wrong. BO3 is good. Go play minecraft.

10 Watch Dogs

Most people say it's bad because it's so much like Grand Theft Auto but actually it's completely different and a great game in its own way

The only thing I hated about this game is the missions which you have to attack a group of cars. I always die on missions like this.

This game lost most fans or people in general because of the HYPE TRAIN everyone was hopping on.

The only reason this game (and destiny) train wrecked was because it was overhyped a TON.

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11 Mighty No.9

Anyone saying this is a good game will be shot
Anyone else saying this is not a blatant megaman rip off will be shot again

This game is a fail, Mighty Fail!

12 Transistor
13 The Order: 1886

Right when I turned it on, I already beat it.

Yea this game bad not terrible

14 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
15 Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
16 Putty Squad

Except for the soundtrack everything is horrible!

How is this not at the top

It was just the worst game ever

It is terrible

17 Homefront: The Revolution

I never played it but it looks like crap

18 Child of Light

Great story and game it self

19 Bound by Flame
20 Wolfenstein: The New Order
21 Overwatch

I hate Overwatch too much because it sucks. It ripped of Fortnite

Fun but it needs internet to even open the game, got bad wifi? this game isn't for you.

22 Minecraft Ps4 Edition

Although I didn't put this option off, it deserves to stay on. Us Terraria players are always insulted by salty Minecraft fanboys. On every list of bad video games I look at, Terraria is always on there. Why? There's absolutely NO reasoning involved other than "it's 2D Miencraf spnoff".

Wasn't this already on the list?

Lamest game ever

Worst game ever

23 Battlefield 4

No its not true, the game is done and is awesome too what are you talking about.

How is this on here? Yeah, the campaign stunk, but the multiplayer still rocks.

Best shooter on the platform behind battlefield hardline!

24 Rayman Legends

Rayman is cool and awesome

This is a fun game

Why is this here?

25 Fluster Cluck
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